Dendi Windrunner highlights vs MAD @ DreamHack Summer 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 23, 2012

And the chase is on shaker, he has mana but an awesome shackle!
And a solid powershot too, Leshrac can be caught aswell
Leshrac is found fast, blows up some trees to hide but no getting away
Windrunner gets the double kill
Nice shackle on ES, powershot, shaker?...nope
Almost, almost managed to escape
Dendi is simply...too stealthy
And cyclone marks the beginning of the attack
Oh, theese sweaty NaVi...
Pudge gets damage, only got 6 armor, 27% damage reduce
ARS-ART meanwhile already used his ulti on two or three
Nice echoslam, minus XBOCT, will Dendi die too?
SK nice burrowstrike, minus PPY, overextention backfires?
But Dendi here deals with one, with second one with no problem
Has mana left, tripple kill, force staff, he has everything
Windrun, he runs, 340 hp so single cast cant kill him but SK seems to have stun..
And Dendi uses Dagger to blink out! Great!