Mahabharat - Episode 66

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l dedicate this part of the story ...
... to Karna the Charitable, son of the Sun God
Karna is to be respected because ...
... he has dedicated his life ...
... to the protection of his loyalty
His greatness lies in the fact...
... that he was reconciled to live ...
... with the bitterness that was his fate
So, when war became definite...
... he continued to side with Duryodhan ...
... though he knew his was the losing side
He knew that Krishna is where Truth is ...
... and where Krishna is, Victory is certain
Why are you so sad?
It is not in your power to stop what is to happen
But you have the power to stop it
Even l cannot stop what is to happen
Each person must taste the fruit of his actions
l tried to explain. l did my best but ...
... they refused to listen to me
They did not want my guidance
So, look on and tolerate ...
... what is about to happen
You are not responsible for what is inevitable
Even Duryodhan is not responsible
It is Dhritirashtra's responsibility ...
... because he is the King
Duryodhan is a mere fruit of that tree
But Hastinapur is not the result of the King's actions
Why not?
Did Hastinapur prevent Shakuni's treachery ...
... or Dushasan's indecency when he tried ...
... to disrobe Draupadi?
Did it punish Karna who called Draupadi a whore?
lf not ...
... Hastinapur must share Kauravas'' Fate
- Greetings Krishna - Greetings!
- My respects - Blessings to you
Greetings Satyaki and Kripavarma
Where you passing by and stopped to meet me?
Or did you come to see me?
l have come to apologize for Duryodhan's behaviour
A person should apologize for himself
l was not insulted!
It was Duryodhan who was insulted
It was Hastinapur which was insulted
So, who am l to forgive him?
Even then...
Now that you are already here ...
... why not come with us for some distance
l will if you allow me to drive your chariot
But first promise me that ...
... you will not take my chariot ...
... into Duryodhan's camp
Who can take you anywhere without your permission?
Sarthaki! Kripavarma! Ride on Karna's chariot
- Greetings - My respects
- Come Karna - Yes, Krishna
Stop the chariot, Karna
Come Karna!
Wait for us here
You must be wondering ...
... where l am taking you
l would be had it been anyone else
In your case, l am beyond surprise
Karna! You are an excellent person
A Truthful man!
You never violated what you accepted as Truth
Then how can you side with the Untruthful Duryodhan?
You are aware of what is Truth
Do you believe that Duryodhan treads ...
... my relationship with Duryodhan
Love is the basis! He is my friend!
He is not my Krishna but l am his Sudama
The warriors rejected me for l am a charioteer's son
Duryodhan was the only warrior ...
... who accepted me for what l was
Years ago when Sages Drona and Kripa...
... insulted me before Hastinapur's warriors ...
... it was only Duryodhan who assisted me
By making me the King of Anga he gave me the right ...
... to challenge that arrogant Arjun
It is for this reason that ...
... l turn my eyes away from his faults
l am fond of only two persons on this Earth
Duryodhan and my foster mother ...
... who is more dear to me than the mother ...
... who gave me birth but rejected me
l am happy or sad depending on whether ...
... these two are happy or sad
l am neither happy nor sad for myself
l am not even fond of my own life
But as long as l live none other than these two ...
... will find a place in my heart
It is true that ...
... it is not easy to repay a debt of kindness
That is the heaviest debt
But if it is a matter of Truth and Untruth ...
... Religion and Evil, Light and Darkness ...
... is it necessary to repay the debt at any cost?
Is it not better to remain in debt?
l should have thought of that while taking the favour
Once in debt it is not right to delay repayment ...
... whatever the end result
Yes! That can be one viewpoint
Why not look at it this way
Duryodhan is now discredited...
... and so, wants to buy an adversary for Arjun
Is it that he has bought you for the land of Anga?
O Krishna! Even if he has bought me ...
... it is l who have sold myself
Have you ever thought of who you are?
What profit is there in that?
Which means you do not know who you are
l don't know but l can guess
My mother must have been from a respected family
Maybe a princess with a palace on the River Ganga
Which is why she could throw me in the river
l can also guess that ...
... my mother preferred honour to a son
She sacrificed her son to protect her honour
Don't you ever feel like searching ...
... for your mother?
What's the point in searching for a mother ...
... who has rejected me once
It is quite possible that ...
... she has married a prince ...
... or someone from a respected family
She may even be a mother of many sons
O Krishna!
l do not regret that ...
... l never experienced a mother's love
My mother's name is Radha
l am known by her name: Radheya
But why are you talking about my past?
l never think of it
Talk about the present!
You have guessed correctly, Karna
Your mother belonged to a respectable family
That's why she was scared by your birth
Today she is a mother of many sons
But there is a vacuum in her heart ...
... an emptiness which remains unfilled
She keeps thinking of the son she lost
Are you saying l am not a charioteer's son?
Are you saying l am warrior?
Am l right in guessing that you know my mother?
Is she still living?
Can l see her?
Tell me who l am, O Krishna! Tell me!
O Charitable Warrior!
Can you bear the truth?
Truth cannot be more hurtful than an insult
Apart from you, your mother...
... has five more sons, all of them warriors ...
... who have yet to taste defeat
Five warriors!
Are you ...
Are they the Pandavas?
Which other warriors have never been defeated?
Yes! You are Kunti's son
l am talking of the Pandavas
My aunt Kunti is your mother
You are the eldest Pandava
Who is my father?
Your favourite God, the Sun!
l am the Sun God's son?
My bad luck has crossed all limits
l, the son of the Sun God, am known as Radheya
l, son of Kunti, am known as Radheya
l am Yuddhistir, Bhim ...
... Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev's...
... eldest brother and known as Radheya
The world called me a charioteer's son ...
... and l accepted it. Just think!
Try to understand my sorrow...
... and give me a solution
You have known this all along
Why didn't you tell me before?
And why are you telling me today?
Today l have nothing but contempt for the Pandavas
l rejoice in that contempt
By telling me this, you have disturbed me
You have disarmed me of my contempt. Why?
Why did you do this?
How can l aim my arrows towards Arjun?
O Krishna! You have defeated me before the war
Why did you do this?
O my dear brother! O son of Kunti, Karna !
l did this because l did not want ...
... the elder Pandava to fight his younger brothers
You were born before Aunt Kunti's marriage
Yet, you are King Pandu's eldest son
You are the eldest Pandava
Come with me and you'll be King of Indraprasth
Your brothers will touch your feet
Powerful Bhim will be your protector
Arjun will be your charioteer
Nakul, Sahadev and l will follow your chariot
Like Yuddhistir, you are Truthful
Like Arjun, you are an ace archer
You are as handsome as Nakul...
... and as humble as Sahadev
l am surprised that no one has recognized you ...
... for who you really are!
Come with me, Karna!
l will put the world at your feet
With that, you will get your five brothers ...
... and mother
What you say is right but...
... l am indebted to Duryodhan
You have said nothing about that debt
Even for you l cannot lie to myself. Never!
l know that ...
... the Pandavas are under your protection
Let alone l, none can defeat them in war
l also know that the defeat of the Kauravas is certain
Yet, l will fight under Duryodhan's flag
For Duryodhan, l will even accept defeat
O Madhusudhan!
Now that l know Arjun is my younger brother ...
... l cannot kill him
Even then, I’ll fight Arjun!
You know I’ll never give up Duryodhan's friendship
By telling me about my birth ...
... you have protected Arjun
Had you not done this, it would be better
Now, give me your word!
Don't tell my brothers of this till l am dead
lf Yuddhistir realizes l am his older brother ...
... he will never accept the crown
And he is the only one worthy of the crown
lf he crowns me King ...
... I’ll give it to Duryodhan to repay his debt
That will be an injustice to the crown
Now we will meet on the battlefield
Till then, goodbye!
My respects !
The Sun may rise in the west
The Day may become Night
But Karna will never ...
... betray a friend
O Creator!
l am a question mark on Fate
Tell me who am l? Radheya? Kaunteya?
It is the Sun God who has sinned
It is my mother who has sinned
Then why am l being punished?
The Sun is still the source of light
My mother is still a respected queen
And l, the result, am wandering
Is this justice?
At least read what you have written in my Fate
O Giver of Justice! Why do l suffer for the Sun's crime?
It is l who will fight my younger brothers
Why did you make me indebted to Duryodhan ?
Why did you tell me that l am a rootless tree?
l had just learned to live
l was reconciled to my Fate
Why didn't you stop Krishna from telling me all this
Wasn't it an injustice to me?
How can l aim the arrow which will kill a Pandava
But I’ll do it because it's my duty
Why am l compelled to side with Untruth ...
... in this war between Truth and Untruth?
l am the brother of five warriors but alone!
l am surrounded by Duryodhan's favours
You can reject me! My mother can reject me!
But l cannot reject Duryodhan!
Long live the Prince!
Karna wishes to see you
So late at night?
- Bring him in - Yes sir
So late, Karna?
Forgive me for disturbing your sleep
Why does forgiveness come in between two friends?
One more thing, friend!
You have as much right over me as l have
Why are you here?
Because l felt like seeing you!
It is possible that ...
... your shadow may leave you...
... but your friend Karna will never leave you
You came to tell me this?
l know it without your telling me
It may be that ...
... l came to tell you this with you as witness
Sunlight may desert the Sun
The crop may desert the Earth
Direction may desert the arrow
But Karna will never desert Duryodhan!
My friend!
- How are you friend? - Come!
My respects, Uncle
What has happened to the confidence ...
... on your face?
He has sent it to Gandhar for safety
Laugh Uncle! Laugh!
We have been waiting for this war for so long!
That's why l am not laughing
When war is near, one should not laugh
One should think!
Think of the influence of the miracle ...
... which Krishna showed in court that day
God alone knows how many converts ...
... the miracle man made that day
This faith, my nephew ...
... is an incomparable weapon and a shield
Beware of it!
God knows how many of your top warriors ...
... have been attracted by that miracle
God knows how many more will be attracted
So, hold your warriors on a tight leash
Ask each one whether he will fight for you or not
Ask me! Ask Karna!
Go on! Ask!
Even l, Uncle?
l have included myself, Karna
Loyalties are under pressure today
Loyalties which waver are fake
l am an archer
Once l have fixed my target it is fixed
My target was and always will be Arjun's death
Ask yourself
A leopard cannot change its spots even if it wants to
l can never see the Pandavas happy. Never!
Then why worry?
The point is ...
... who should be our Commander
Whom do you want ?
l want you, my friend
l think that will be right
Fools don't have horns!
Uncle is right!
Do you think warriors will accept a charioteer's son?
Am l not a warrior?
lf l can accept you as the Commander ...
... why can't the others?
You will never win the war like this
l cannot appoint Grandsire as the Commander
He is a well-wisher of the Pandavas
Friend Duryodhan!
Only Grandsire has the right to be the Commander
Politics as well as military strategy demands this
Which Pandava will dare fire at Grandsire?
Does the ace archer have the power ...
... to kill Grandsire?
Half our victory is in appointing him
As for the other half ...
... you have many warriors in your camp
The very sight of them...
... will disarm the Pandavas
Besides, that Krishna will not be able to say...
... a word against Grandsire Bhishma
Another point, my friend!
A warrior's Ego never salutes another warrior
But Grandsire is in a class by himself
Even my Ego salutes him
lf we choose anyone else but him ...
... there will be a split in our army
Yes! There could be a split
Our silence is also very cutting
It has wounded our Souls
We are silent because ...
... we have nothing worthwhile to say
Even shame will not make us say anything
Who else will listen to us but ourselves?
What can be more unfortunate for a teacher ...
... that he finds ...
... his students on both sides of the battlefield?
This is not unfortunate O Sage!
We are responsible for this state of affairs ...
... because we could not stop this war
Greetings Grandsire!
Greetings Sage Drona!
Greetings Sage Kripa!
Come Vidur! Say something!
We are all scared of the silence of our hearts
Say something Vidur!
Actually, l had come ...
... to say something
He always has something worthwhile to say
What was it?
With war on the horizon ...
... l am resigning as the Prime Minister
How fortunate you are!
You can at least resign from some post
Each one has the right to reject
What do l reject?
l am bound by not one but two oaths
What should l reject, Vidur?
Your oaths are your problem
But l stand outside the limits of your oaths
l do not see what you see
Maybe you are standing too close to your oaths
Maybe your view is wrong
My view is wrong?
Is my analysis incorrect?
l said ''maybe'' Grandsire
Since when do you use this word?
That word is not my shield but my state
How can l say with confidence...
... what Grandsire finds in his oaths?
He knows more about his oaths than l do
He has fulfilled his oath to Satyavati's father
His second promise was to Hastinapur
That he would protect it!
That is the oath in which l am still bound
Doesn't Hastinapur's safety lie in ...
... returning Indraprasth to the Pandavas?
Yes! But is Indraprasth in my backyard ...
... that l can return it to the Pandavas ...
... with my blessings to be happy?
Does that mean you should side with those ...
... who threaten Hastinapur's safety?
When Hastinapur is in ruins ...
... its dust will surely mar your white clothes
l know that, Vidur!
But you forget that l had also sworn ...
... to protect and serve whoever ...
... sat on Hastinapur's throne
At that time l did not know that ...
... Dhritirashtra would be the King
Hence, do not desert me, my child
No warrior should be compelled to fight ...
... a war which l am about to fight
What would you have done in my place?
l am not accusing you ...
... but the Hell burning in my heart ...
... is not within my control
My state is like that of a drowning man ...
... who looks in all directions...
... in the hope someone will save him
Who will save you, my child?
The people around you are all drowning
But your decision is the right one
Those who can go should leave
Go, my child! Go!
At least someone will survive to mourn Hastinapur
But before you go ...
... take a close look at this beautiful city
When you return, you will find ...
... the city changed
Prince Duryodhan is on his way!
My respects to all!
So late, my son?
l have come to you with a request
What else do you want?
You know that war is at hand!
l request you to be ...
... the Commander of Hastinapur's army
You should have asked your teacher first
How can he think of anyone else when you are there?
l will not leave your feet till you say ''yes''
Get up, my child!
l accept the responsibility
Now there is no doubt about your victory
But listen carefully to me, Duryodhan
The Pandavas are no less dear to me
Yet, I’ll fight on your side in this war
Every day I’ll kill ten thousand soldiers
But Arjun is Arjun !
He can defeat me and even cause my death
Don't worry about Arjun! I’ll kill him
l have not finished speaking, Karna
Duryodhan! Karna has no place...
... in an army led by me
There is a river of bitterness between us
l don't want it to increase
In that case ...
That's okay ! l, too, will not fight under Grandsire
When he is there, you do not need me
He is my teacher's greatest disciple
l give you my word
In case he dies in battle ...
... I’ll come to fight by your side
May l leave, Grandsire?
l have not yet finished speaking
Is there anything more, Grandsire?
Yes there is, Shakuni!
l will not kill any of the Pandavas!
Very surprising, Grandsire
A Commander will not kill the enemy!
Duryodhan's enemies are not those soldiers ...
... or those kings and princes who are fighting ...
... under Yuddhistir's flag
Duryodhan's enemies are the five Pandavas
And you will not kill them!
Accept the condition, my friend!
But allow me to leave
l cannot even breathe in this room
King Karna!
I’ll accept leadership ...
... if you accept my condition
The Pandavas are the essence of Truth
l will not take their lives