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How's the sea? - This is great.
It's really pretty.
Impressive. Those cliffs... - Look down there! It's scary!
If you fall down the current will drag you.
Are you recording, Haruko? Give it to me for a second.
- No, don't. - I'll film you. I'll film you.
Stand here by me. Our company's very own diva, Haruko-san!
And Yotchan! Yay!
What a waste being behind the camera! - It is, isn't it?
Being so pretty!
Wow, it's amazing. How high!
It's really high!
Yes, but it's beautiful. It's sparkling!
Come and look! Super scary.
It's scary looking down.
It's beautiful. So blue.
What? What?
"August 12, 2005"
"A random attack incident occurs in Myogasaki."
"Two people die, one person is seriously injured."
"3 years later."
"I began gathering info on the incident so that it would be remembered."
Stand here by me. Our company's very own diva, Haruko-san!
What about the people who were stabbed?
I don't know the exact location where they were but...
HARUKO TOYODA Filmed the incident
When I looked back from there, in this area, there was a woman...
SHINOBU KURIMURA - ASSISTANT DIRECTOR This is the spot where she was stabbed.
Satomi had a dream.
In the dream she was in Myogasaki.
"17 year old Satomi Yonehara died in the incident."
In her dream Myogasaki was so beautiful. She said that was a sign...
MIHO YONEHARA - SATOMI'S MOTHER ...that something good would happen if she went to Myogasaki.
Something marvelous.
That's what she said.
I really had the intention of going there with her but...
...the timing was bad...
...and she seemed to be in a hurry to do so...
...so she ended up going alone.
I was intending to marry her...
...so I was buying this apartment for us.
NORIKO MIGITA, 25 YEARS OLD Died in the incident"
One night three years ago, I was with Migi in her apartment.
HIDEKI TANIGUCHI Was engaged to Noriko
By Migi, I mean my girlfriend. That is what I used to call her.
Migi was looking at a magazine that had a picture of Myogasaki in it.
She was saying, "Oh, I'd like to go there."
So we talked about it and got so excited with the idea,
that we went to a rent-a-car in the middle of the night,
rented one and took off right away.
Before that I was living with my parents in Osaka,
working part time.
Back then, I thought they might think
I was fucking nuts, so I didn't dare say anything.
About a week before the incident I was laying down at home.
SHOHEI ENO, 30 YEARS OLD Injured in the incident
When I turned on the TV, a voice spoke to me.
It sounded like (beep)'s voice, and told me to go to Myogasaki.
I heard the voice say that. - What do you mean?
"Go to Myogasaki"
When you say you heard a voice, couldn't it have been a hallucination?
That's what I thought at first.
But then there was a family travel show on the TV.
The show was about Myogasaki. I was surprised when I saw that.
I thought, "There is such a place! Such a place does exist!"
So I thought something miraculous would happen if I went.
So you went to Myogasaki expecting to see that miracle.
Were there many people here that day?
Not that many.
We were walking around, looking at the ocean...
...and then I had to use the restroom.
I told her to wait a minute and went to the restroom.
It took me a little while.
I was walking around for a while, waiting for something to happen.
As I did, I started to cross the bridge...
and stopped to look at the ocean.
Then I heard a voice behind us. When I turned around...
I could hear people screaming.
When I looked behind me, he was stabbing people.
I was scared, terrified. So I tried to run away.
But my legs would not respond. I couldn't move my legs.
So I fell forward.
The man tried to run away, fell and bumped against me.
When I pointed the camera at him he screamed at me for help.
Help! Help me!
When I didn't see Migi, I panicked and started running.
I saw her lying down near the middle of the bridge.
So I ran up to her and...
...I saw that she was bleeding.
I looked backwards and saw that the man was coming my way.
He came and stabbed and slashed me in the back, around this area.
Are you alright?
Help me! Somebody, please!
Isn't that the guy? That's him, isn't it?
Oh, no!
"The killer jumped into the ocean. His body was never found."
The killer came all the way up to this area, right? - Right.
Why didn't you try to run away having seen what happened?
Well, I guess...
I thought there was something important that I...
What did you think was so important at the moment?
What did I...?
What did I...?
I don't know.
If you think about it now, you don't know.
You see, when we first started to make this documentary,
I was thinking that there was an impending importance to doing it...
...but just like you, Toyoda-san,
I don't seem to know exactly what it is.
Lately, Satomi...
...has been appearing in my dreams.
In the dreams she is ringing the doorbell.
I go to open the door for her and she is standing there.
Then she speaks to me slowly.
What does she say to you?
It probably means "I'm home".
At least I thought that's what she was trying to tell me.
I say, "Welcome back," and when I do...
Her... her mouth opens up this wide.
Her mouth? - Yes, her mouth opens up real wide.
And she laughs really hard.
Then I laugh along with her.
You see, at that time I really...
I really suffered.
But ever since I've been able to see her,
I certainly feel at ease.
You mean you're able to see Migita-san as a ghost, right?
No, not as a ghost. I can actually see her in reality.
Of course, she is dead, but I have a picture.
A pic...?
Is that like spirit photography or something?
This picture is from the time when Migi was still alive.
Oh, the young woman next to you is Migita-san.
This was taken with friends I went out to drink with.
"Picture taken one month ago"
You mean, that girl over there? - Yes.
You mean this is Migita-san?
That's right.
There is no doubt, this is Migi.
When he was stabbing me...
...he looked at me and said: "It's your turn now, okay?"
"It's your turn now, okay?"
You clearly heard him say that while he was attacking you?
Yes. Would you like to see the scar? - Yes, please.
I was the only one slashed like this.
The rest of the people were stabbed in the neck.
That is so weird. Why didn't he kill me?
Why didn't that man kill me?
What a waste being behind the camera!
THE KILLER, KEN MATSUKI 31 years old at the time of incident
When you think about the time before the incident,
do you see anything that would suggest it would turn out like this?
TATSUKICHI MATSUKI Father of Ken Matsuki
...have no idea, then.
What kind of person was Matsuki at that time?
FUTOSHI KONDO High school classmate of Matsuki
He was a really...
...normal and kind person.
KEN MATSUKI IN HIGH SCHOOL - He was into supernatural topics.
You know, things like ghosts.
Supernatural abilities, UFOs.
He used to talk a lot about those kinds of things.
Did you hear him say he saw a UFO?
Yes, he was pretty blunt about having seen a UFO.
Oh, and how was that?
He said that at night there was an object shining
outside his window.
He said it was flying in a strange angular motion.
At first he seemed to be seeing this continually.
"Right after the incident Shohei Eno witnessed a UFO too."
After the attack, I woke up at night in a room in a hospital.
There was a window and there were trees outside.
On top of those trees there was a huge UFO.
You are saying that you saw an unidentified flying object? - Yes.
I think it was about 30 or 40 meters long.
It was casting a pale orange light on me.
It stayed there for a few seconds, and then disappeared into the sky.
My mother saw it too.
FUMIE ENO - SHOHEI ENO'S MOTHER - You mean the UFO we saw?
Yes, that's right. The UFO.
I was watching it above me.
As I watched, it suddenly disappeared.
"We asked if he had any knowledge about Eno-san's wound."
Look at this picture. Sorry for showing you this all of the sudden.
This was on his back.
There is something that looks a lot like it.
What looks like this?
There was something on Mitsuki's body that looked exactly like this.
Oh, wait a second! Your nose is bleeding!
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
"We couldn't question him further after this."
I will show you this. Let me know if it reminds you of anything.
This here...
...is a drawing of a wound that was inflicted by your son
on the back of Eno-san with the knife.
It was a large wound.
Well, in his skin, this part up here...
Ken had a mark that looked like this.
He had it since he was born. - Since he was born?
Since he was a child he used to say:
"God has put his signature...
...on me."
How did your son react to having it?
He was happy about it.
How many of them spend the night at manga coffee shops now?
Hmm, I wonder. I didn't check the number at the time.
But I think roughly about 20.
Excuse me. I'm here with Eno-san. - Oh, thanks for coming.
"We wanted to show him something."
Nice to meet you. I'm Wakatsuki. - I'm Eno. - It's a bit crowded.
- Oh, hello there. - Hello. Thanks for coming.
Are you living here? - No, this is my office.
This is spacious. There's another room here.
Please sit over here.
This isn't very far from Shinjuku. - That's right.
So you live some place else? - Yes. Nobody lives in here.
"This was taken by a person who was filming during the incident"
"First we showed him the footage from Myogasaki"
Oh, I remember hearing that conversation.
What was happening with you there?
There... I was...
I think I had fallen down already.
"Help! Help me!"
Now you can see the part where you are being attacked.
In this area of the sky there is something dark that flies over.
There! - Oh, my God!
"Help! Somebody, please!"
Could you please replay it?
"Help! Somebody, please!"
This is incredible. I hadn't seen that thing flying.
This is a picture of Ken Matsuki.
"Then we showed him the picture we got from Ken Matsuki's father"
His father gave it to us.
It was taken when Ken was a child. If you look here, he has a birthmark...
Wait a second!
This looks just like... - Your scar, yes.
Is this natural?
To be honest, at the moment when he stabbed me,
I thought it was done with God's guidance, so it didn't matter if I died.
Up until then I was leading a crappy life anyway.
I don't hate or resent Matsuki-san. None of that.
Maybe I should be thankful. Maybe he prepared something for me.
From leading a crappy life to being here.
It's all because of a series of miracles ever since.
Could you be more specific about the "series of miracles?"
I'm afraid I cannot talk about that. - You don't want to talk about it?
But they're a series of good things and what you would call miracles.
Do you mean phenomena that are out of the ordinary? - Yes.
"It seems that by miracles he means paranormal phenomena."
- Can you actually see them? - Yes, they are visible. And beautiful.
"However, he never gives details as to what these "miracles" are."
So, strange things are happening. What makes you call them "miracles?"
I have a feeling they are.
Anyone would feel that way. And you can actually see them? - Yes.
And you believe that they are miracles?
Can those things be filmed? Captured on camera?
I'm not sure because they tend to occur in the blink of an eye,
so I don't know if time allows it. But they happen every day.
You mean that on average these miraculous things
are happening at least once every day?
That's right.
Every day they happen once?
Well, lately yes, it has been like that.
Then if I were to spend the day filming you,
and something does happen,
the probability of capturing it on tape should be high.
Yes, I guess it could be caught on camera.
"I began filming Eno-san around the clock to get the miracle on camera."
Hello. This is Eno, #5418299.
"Every evening, he calls to confirm appointments for temporary jobs."
About the appointment tomorrow... Oh, I see...
"When you reach 30, temporary jobs become rapidly scarce."
Do you have anything else available even if it is for a short time?
"This is also influenced by downsizing tendencies of corporations."
I understand. I will be standing by, then.
Thank you. Goodbye.
I'm on stand by now. - What is that?
From tomorrow until another term.
"Standing by means waiting for a call to substitute someone."
In case someone doesn't come to work, I come in as a substitute.
- Oh, you replace that person. - Yes, a replacement.
"Replacement hours are 6 to 9am. If no call comes in, there's no work."
Between 6 and 9? - Yes.
And vacant positions don't come often, do they?
That's right, most of the time they don't.
"If there's no work, he doesn't get paid for his time as a replacement."
They don't pay me. - They don't? - No.
"He gets most of his groceries from 100 yen shops."
- 100 yen shops are the best. - Yes, they are cheap.
Would you care to explain what you're doing?
I look at the grams of weight.
"He buys groceries based on whether they will fill his stomach or not."
"He verifies that by weighing them in his hand."
"He doesn’t have his own apartment."
"He spends nights at a manga cafe."
"He is a so-called "internet cafe refugee."
You eat that often, huh?
Yes, this one has vegetables in it. See?
It has cabbage. - Is that all it has?
"The miracle still doesn't happen."
"To get ready for temporary jobs, he goes to a fast food restaurant."
Excuse me, do you have 100 yen? - Ah, sure.
I appologize.
It's 6:04.
"3 hours later."
"In the end, no calls came."
Could they call a few minutes after? - No, they're not calling today.
- What will you do about money? - It's gonna be a problem.
"I bought him some breakfast to cheer him up."
Mega Muffin combo set, please. - What will you drink?
- This is good. - Is it?
Do you at least have the money to stay at the internet cafe tonight?
No, I don't have it.
"Eno-san has completely run out of money."
So, what will you do today? Not much choice.
I still have a little money left.
But I can't go to the internet cafe all the time.
That was it, right?
"Was this the "miracle?"
Did you make this wrapper move with your mind?
No, I don't have that ability.
You see? I didn't even touch it.
This has been happening to me all the time. - What do you mean?
It happens to me every day. I've been seeing things like UFOs.
Since the incident, I've seen them often, but much more lately.
But not only that, I've seen ghosts too.
I've seen UFOs and ghosts at the same time.
And I've been hearing that voice a lot, too.
A voice spoke to me. I heard the voice say that.
"A voice."
Since when have you been hearing this voice?
Since I left the hospital.
Would you say it's the same voice...
...that you heard before the incident?
Well, I don't understand it now. - Is it a voice that sounds like (beep)?
Yes, you could say it sounds like (beep).
"He can't understand the voice he's been hearing since the hospital."
Can I have a cigarette, please?
- Oh, sure. - Thank you.
This is the camera we would like you to use.
"We asked Eno-san to film the miracles by himself."
If you manage to get something on film,
we'll pay you a fee.
Huh? You will pay me? - We'll pay you a fee.
- You mean I can get money? - Yes. We will pay you.
- Really? Glad to hear that. - Do your best.
Wow, this sounds like a job.
Is the fee in proportion to the times I catch something on film?
That seems fair, doesn't it?
Well, if the director agrees to it, then I trust his decision.
So, if I record something 3 times, I can assume it will be multiplied by 3.
That's right. We will pay you if you record something.
Should I point it forward mostly? - Yes, please. - Got it.
Oh, yes, I wanted to ask...
...if you could have me for a couple of days? - Huh?
- Just for a couple of days. - For a couple of days?
- I mean letting me stay here. - Oh, you mean staying here.
Yes, if you could.
That's going to be a little difficult. - Oh, I see.
We've just met you, so...
The way I see it, I think he could get a lot...
...and I mean a lot of things on camera. - Yeah, I know that.
I spent some time with him.
It takes a lot of time just cheering him up, no matter what we get.
So if you think about it...
...in total... we could get lots of direct footage,
and it's quite convenient for all of us.
If we have you filming for about a week,
do you think that's enough time to record
a good number of those miracles you mentioned?
Yes, I think I could get plenty. - Alright then.
You can stay here for a week. - Thank you.
"We decided to let him stay for a week and see the results."
You will stay in this room.
- Here you go. - Oh, thanks.
We'll be leaving soon.
The cigarettes you had...
- You can keep them. - Thanks.
Thank you very much.
They decided to let me stay in the office for a week, starting today.
I think soon I can film some impressive stuff
that ends up being used in their film.
Of course, this won't last long.
But while it lasts, I'll do my best. I'm going to sleep now.
I'm calling to confirm tomorrow's appointment.
Oh, thank you very much! Five days a week.
Oh, for a month? Thank you.
Okay. Goodbye.
They have a job for me.
A temporary job. I'll work 5 days a week for a month.
Yes. Uh...
Anyway, this is good. I'll give it my best.
"Eno-san threw a modest party to celebrate getting a job."
Cheers! - We're counting on you!
You're quite a drinker. - Man, really...
It's been a long time since I had draft beer.
Let's have premium kalbi, steak, premium beef tripe,
pork gibblets, pork cheek... - Look at him go!
...yukhoe, and then some chicken ginseng soup!
If you drink like that on empty stomach...
Well, we'll eat a lot today, so...
It's really good.
The good thing about manga cafes is that you can take a shower,
you can use the air conditioner,
and you don't have to spend money on things like fuel and electricity.
That's good. - It sounds good.
They also have beverages that you can drink as much as you like.
What are you doing over there?
You put your fingers together and circle them around each other.
It supposedly helps brain power.
That's not what I meant. We're all talking together
and drinking and you're keeping to yourself.
I was listening.
So you say, but you're doing something else on your own. It's weird.
- Sometimes she goes blank. - It's the same with her interviews.
She doesn't seem to be doing them wholeheartedly.
Do you think people will open up to you like that?
Do you think one has to get emotional to perform an interview?
I don't mean getting emotional.
But it's important to show you are trying to get close.
So not getting close to someone is bad? - Damn right, it is.
If I'm doing an interview and get emotional about it,
the person being interviewed will not understand why I...
No, no. I'm not talking just about interviews.
In general, you prefer not to get close to others.
No wonder you can't get a boyfriend.
You don't have the right to talk to me like this.
You don't like hearing it, but that's the way it is.
Come on, let's forget the whole thing, okay?
But it's wrong.
Forget about it.
I think it's time for me to leave. I have to get up early.
That's what I don't get about you. We're here, your bosses are here...
I think you'll enjoy your food more if I'm not here.
No, no, that's not it. You see, she's running away.
I'm not running away from anything. I'll see you tomorrow.
What? What is that?
- Here's the skirt steak. - Thanks. Do you want some?
- Good night. - What's with her?
Let's just eat.
What a bitch!
Well, when there is no courtesy... - Courtesy or not, she's a bitch.
Let's eat.
I'm sorry, could I have a cigarette? - Sure.
Let's forget about all this. Could we drop the formal speech?
This is an informal situation. Let's just enjoy ourselves.
What do you say? Drop the san and call me kun instead.
"Kun" is a more informal version of the "san" used after names."
Well, I don't know...
Okay, lets do it! - That's better.
From now on I'll call you Eno-kun. - Yes, call me Eno-kun.
When things get informal people start using dialects
and there are times when I don't understand what they're saying.
- Are you from the east side? - No, I'm from Fukuoka.
From Fukuoka? From the west! That's great!
How about you, chief? - I'm from Tokyo.
Nah, he's no good. We're western guys here.
Shiraishi-kun, how about you drink it all up?
One more draft beer.
Thank you.
"You should carry on a mission."
I've been hearing something like that from the voice.
What did it say?
A voice spoke to me. I've heard a voice.
"What is the voice that Eno-kun hears saying to him now?"
What did you say the voice said to you?
You understand it, don't you? - No, I don't.
You're not a very good liar. You do understand it.
Well, I'll tell you this.
When Matsuki-san was stabbing me,
he said something like, "It's your turn now, okay?"
"It's your turn now, okay?"
By that, he didn't mean he was going to stab me next.
He meant "I am passing the baton over to you now."
So this wound is the baton he passed on to me.
It's the baton I received from Matsuki-san.
Matsuki-san was performing God's will.
In a strict sense, it was a divine ceremony.
They never found his body after he jumped into the sea, right?
That's because he went someplace else. Into a different dimension.
His body moved into another dimension? - That's right.
In other words, you say the incident was a ceremony...
...through which Matsuki-san was able to...
...move into God's realm? - Yes, yes, yes.
Are you going to do the same thing Matsuki did?
This doesn't have to be done by killing people.
There are other means.
But I am not ready yet, so I haven't...
I haven't said that I'm going to do something like that, yet.
In case you decide that, as part of the ceremony,
you are going to kill people,
then you should know I will have to stop you.
As a friend, it is something I must do.
But it's not coming to any of that, of course.
You really aren't gonna do that? - No, I'm not, I'm not.
I was awake.
I was awake at the restaurant, too.
You were pretending to be asleep?
Let's go over there.
I heard everything.
What we talked about during the dinner? - I heard it all.
He's thinking of murder or something that has to do with killing.
He's thinking that, isn't he?
I can't say for sure. - But it's quite possible.
What he said makes one think it's possible.
"The next morning"
I'm leaving.
"Eno-kun leaves for work, something he hasn't done in a long time."
- Take care. - I will.
Looks cloudy today, but it might clear up.
I'm going to a place...
...called Kichiouji. We'll all meet there.
From Shinjuku, I could get there by taking the Chuo line.
It costs 210 yen. But if I take the Keio line,
and then... wait, how is it?
I get off at Meidaimae,
then transfer to the Keio Inokashira line,
and from there I get to Kichiouji. If I do that,
it will cost me 190 yen. So...
It means I save 20 yen.
I heard that today's gig will be vinyl packaging.
I was worried I might smell of alcohol.
I guess I'm fine now.
I'm going into Shinjuku station.
Oh, a police box. They have no clue what I'm up to.
I have arrived near the meeting place. This is Kichiouji.
That is where we are meeting.
But these ones have helmets, they are doing construction work.
They are not from my group.
They meet here and then take off.
Right now, it's 7:15.
I was so excited that I came here a little too early.
Oh, there it is!
I think I just saw a UFO, but...
"It seems he just missed a UFO."
Today's work is over.
When we finished work we all came back here.
It was such a liberating feeling.
And somehow, how shall I put it...
It's like the world has never looked so beautiful.
Even the cloudy weather today is pretty.
It's like I could accomplish anything.
I feel that I have been blessed so much.
"It's like I could accomplish anything..."
I've arrived at the apartment.
I can't get too carried away,
so today I chose to eat this cup of ramen here.
Well, I'm finally here. I wonder if it's still open.
Yup, it is.
- Welcome back. - Oh, you're still here?
How was work?
It was over before I knew it.
I didn't get anything on camera today.
There wasn't anything today.
Wow, look at that.
Was that another one of those miracles?
No doubt it was a miracle. Nobody touched any of that.
That scared the crap out of me.
"Is there a meaning in Matsuki's birthmark and Eno-kun's scars?"
"Ancient Egyptian Symbol Dictionary"
"The Sumerians" "Ancient Japanese characters"
I did a search on the internet.
I researched a little bit,
and I found one particular thing that really caught my attention.
This is from someone who is called Watanabe Peko.
She is a manga artist. I found this picture.
There are some strange patterns there.
She says they are from automatic handwriting.
I was surprised by this.
The left side has Matsuki's birthmark.
It has a very similar shape.
Now, the right side has a pattern similar to Eno-kun's scars.
I draw a lot of storyboards...
...and preliminary sketches for the comics in this store.
Sometimes, when I'm tired,
I tend to doze off,
or I end up falling asleep.
And then, immediately after I do,
it's like...
when I'm in that state between waking and dozing off,
my hand starts moving. It's like it's moving on its own,
and it starts drawing things by itself.
I have them here.
They're in this area. - These ones here?
So this is what they look like.
When it moves...
...it feels as if it's numb.
So I'm wondering if it really is moving.
But it keeps on moving...
...and scribbling things on its own.
It's a strange feeling.
- You're not doing it consciously. - It's called automatic writing.
Have you written this specific pattern here before?
No, it's the first time.
Does it make you feel something,
or remind you of something particular when you look at it?
No, not really.
I'm sorry to bring this up but three years ago in Myogasaki...
Are you alright?
Watanabe-san, are you alright?
What is this?
This is...
"There was something I recognized in that drawing."
Shiraishi's memo from 2005
"Kutoro Rock at Mount Ohiruyama"
"There was something on the top of the mountain...
...I climbed on the day of the incident 3 years ago."
"Mount Ohiruyama"
"Kutoro Rock"
"Kutoro Rock at Mount Ohiruyama. Without a doubt, something must be there."
"Mount Ohiruyama"
You can see it there, in the fog.
"Kutoro Rock"
We are facing this side. - Yes.
The picture was taken on the opposite side of the rock.
- So we have to go around it? - Yes. To the other side.
Let's go take a look.
Oh, that's right.
If you look at it from there... it's the same.
Three years ago I went climbing by myself,
and came all the way up here.
I visited places like this during my mountain climbing trips.
I knew about reports of a, uh...
a rock with a fascinating shape,
so I thought I would climb and see.
When I reached the top at that time, I noticed something bizarre.
When I reached the top, I felt something strange on my left leg.
On this leg there were 9 leeches,
attached to my leg, all side by side.
It was scary. I pulled them all off.
"9 leeches"
"Kutoro" loosely translated means: The Rock of the 9 Headed Spine."
Careful there.
There are some things like white spots.
There's a hole in here!
Look at that!
My leg hurts. - Your leg?
"Blood was flowing from the spot where leeches were once attached."
I am part of a production staff making a documentary.
Do you have anyone who has been investigating
writings on a petroglyph related to Mount Ohiruyama?
TOURISM DEPARTMENT OF OHIRU - Yes, we have one person.
But I'm afraid this person is not a scholar or anything.
He is a horror movie director.
His name is Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
- I see. Kiyoshi Kurosawa? - Yes.
How long have you been investigating Mount Ohiruyama?
KIYOSHI KUROSAWA It's been quite some time.
I suppose I began at the same time I started making movies.
"Kurosawa-san is an autodidact who investigates historic ruins."
I've learned about Ohiruyama on my own because I'm fond of it.
"Mount Ohiruyama has been his object of study for more than 20 years."
"He still investigates there when time allows."
...and sometimes I do investigations about it alone.
At the top of Mount Ohiruyama there is a lot of rocky areas.
Many ancient characters can be found there.
Characters such as these are written there.
There are many distinctive hieroglyphs and ideographs.
Here I have written particular meanings for each and every one.
I'm still making efforts...
...until I thoroughly understand all of its contents.
These are all things that you have come to learn by yourself?
Yes, but they are still in need of further investigation.
I hear that Mount Ohiruyama is a sacred ceremonial site. - Yes.
What kind of deity is worshipped there?
In a word: Hiruko.
"Hiruko" literally means "Leech Child."
There are many places
where specific gods have been worshipped for a long time.
Now, Hiruko is a deity that appears in Japanese mythology.
I'm sure you've heard of the gods, Izanami and Izanagi.
The gods that created Japanese islands.
The first son that was born of these two gods...
...was called Hiruko.
The story goes that he was born without any limbs.
He was a crippled, deformed child.
He had no arms or legs, so he had the form of a leech.
Mount Ohiruyama takes its name after Hiru, which means leech.
"Ohiruyama The Mountain of the Leech"
When we climbed to the top of Mount Ohiruyama the other day,
we discovered something that really caught our attention.
"We asked for his opinion on the figure carved out of the stone."
We brought a picture of it in case you knew something about it.
We found a stone like this.
Where was this found?
There is an area on the far side of Kutoro Rock,
that is hidden and can't be seen.
This is really impressive.
I didn't know about this.
Do you have any idea what could it mean?
Let's see. On the left side...
...we have something like this.
This is called an oracle.
It means divine affairs, or when a god gives his orders.
This thing here is "sessho" concept of Buddhism.
It has the meaning of killing living things.
So, a person gets killed through god's oracle.
That's what I believe it means.
On the right side we have the same thing.
This has the same meaning as it did before.
The oracle of god's orders.
However, this here...
...probably means some sort of great calamity.
It could be a natural disaster or something involving human action.
We can say it is a great disaster that stems directly from here.
A great calamity that was ordered by god.
I believe that's the meaning.
"Later on, Kurosawa-san went up to Kutoro Rock,
but he said he was unable to find the hole or the stone."
"Production staff came to the office while Eno-kun was out working."
He's not here.
Can I open it?
"We'll search his bag to find out the contents of Eno-kun's "ceremony."
There's something here.
There are several things inside.
He has a lot of money.
There's 700,000 yen in his account. (Approximately $8,600 USD)
He can rent an apartment with 700,000.
So he's making how much in a month?
He hasn't withdrawn any money? - No.
It looks like he's been preparing for something.
Preparing for what?
Perhaps something like a mass murder?
"Eno-kun is recording after everyone left work today."
You, come here. What's your name? - Eno.
"The group leader had his eye on Eno-kun."
Get your shit together and start doing your job well.
- I am doing my job well. - What do you mean, "doing it well?"
If I'm telling you to do it well, it's fucking obvious that you're not.
You know very well we're falling behind and it's all because of you.
What are you talking about?
Don't come tomorrow.
I am coming to work tomorrow. I have been doing my job well.
If you come, you know what's up.
In my head I see him getting hit by a car soon.
Must be a premonition or something.
But there's no way in hell
I'm letting that fucker know about it.
Look at that thing on top of him. Creepy!
What the...?
I could not have done that.
But I knew it was going to happen.
I haven't done anything bad.
I feel something here, in this area.
I'll see if I can get something on camera.
There's something strange in this area.
There, there! It can be seen clearly!
Whoa, what the...?
It disappeared.
Did you see that, Shiraishi-kun? That was really something, eh?
I'm here in a shopping area, waiting.
I'll try and look around this area.
Whoa, there they are! Look at that!
How about it, Shiraishi-kun? There are so many!
This is great!
There are several.
People don't even notice but there are many of those.
That was amazing.
Whoa, that's huge!
Did you see that, Shiraishi-kun? Amazing!
"Eno-kun's footage left us speechless."
- That is... - Impressive?
Yes, impressive. What happened to the guy who was hit by the car?
Is he alright?
I don't know what happened to him afterwards.
I saw an ambulance coming.
- You had a premonition, right? - That's right, I did.
- You didn't cause any of this? - No, I don't have that ability.
There was something strange hovering over his head.
What was that?
I've never seen those shapes before.
It's a new type of phenomenon? - Yeah, it's a new type.
But you saw it's real. - That's right.
It's no big deal, but it surprised you, didn't it?
Well... yes.
So how about it? - Huh?
How about "it?"
- The fee? - Yes.
Of course I'm gonna pay you. You took all this in one evening?
Yes, all in one evening.
Since it took you several hours, I will pay for those. - Really?
Do you have an envelope?
Don't worry about that. No need to be formal.
I'm happy just receiving the money.
Did you make a receipt? Please write in 23,000 yen.
Oh, am I getting that much?
The voice that was talking to you before,
the one you didn't understand,
was it alerting you to any of this?
No, because I don't understand what it says.
Can I really keep this? - It's fine, it's fine.
Since you've gone through the trouble, I'll treat you to Korean barbecue.
All of us, let's go.
I can't make it today. I have other plans.
Don't tell me you have a date.
Really, I have other plans.
I already ate. Sorry.
Is it okay if I go with you?
- You're coming? - Yes, the two of us.
Sure. After all, I got this money because of you.
"This is my chance to get Eno-kun to talk about his ceremony."
When I saw today's footage,
I was truly able to believe everything.
Eno-kun, I don't know what kind of ceremony will take place.
Even if what you're going to do is something...
...very antisocial or even if you are going to...
Even if it's something like Matsuki-san did,
I'm thinking that I would like to cooperate with you.
Do you really mean it?
Of course, I really mean it. I really do.
In short, with this production, with this movie I'm making,
you can see how many things have become connected.
Once it's completed, I think it can show a lot of people
that this world beyond ours really does exist.
I thought that was the order that was given to me.
I see. I understand that.
"Then, finally, Eno-kun began to talk."
The truth is that after the incident,
I was hearing a voice.
I told you that I couldn't understand what it was saying.
But I could understand it. - I knew it!
That voice that sounded like (beep) was saying...
What was it saying?
It said: "a suicide bombing massacre at the Shibuya station."
Suicide bombing?
Don't shout like that, people are gonna hear you.
"A suicide bombing massacre at the Shibuya Station"
This is my order.
Just as it was with Matsuki.
Remember, he jumped into the sea and went into another dimension.
It will be the same with me.
Even if I become a suicide bomber, I will not die.
I won't die, but rather...
go into the other dimension through the bomb.
So when the bomb goes off, at that same moment
your body will go into that other world without harm?
Yes, into the other world. People around me will be able to go, too.
God's people will be able to go.
Matsuki was a chosen person. I am a chosen person.
And I'm thinking that you are chosen as well.
The point is that as a chosen person,
I must obey that command.
I must apologize to you cause you let me stay in your office and all...
but I've been saving money for this, and I have about 700,000 yen now.
You managed to save this little by little? - Yes, I did.
Now I have enough funds to walk into the Shibuya station
during the rush hour, and then boom!
- Will you make the bomb? - Yeah, I'll make the bomb.
I've been studying how to make one.
When will you do it?
I thought I'd need more money, but ever since I met you,
since you're willing to help and you can film all of it,
maybe now it's time to do it.
Can I eat the last one?
It will go well.
So, you will go to Shibuya...
"Eno-kun will blow himself up along with the people around him."
That is your ceremony?
Yes, that's it.
You know, when I told you I would cooperate with you?
It was a lie.
I lied to you. - Why?
I lied in order to get the truth out of you.
You tricked me?
Did you trick me? I thought you were my friend.
Why would you do that?
As a friend, I can't let you do that.
I don't want you to become a murderer.
But I won't be a murderer! We'll all go to the other world.
You can go over to the other world if you wish.
But isn't it wrong to drag along other people...
...who don't want to go?
You're not being my friend.
And those people... they're not going to die, either.
Even if you say they won't die,
isn't it wrong to take them with you if they don't wanna go?
You see, this has nothing to do with dying.
They'll be able to go beyond to heaven, to god's world.
But you're still imposing your will on those people.
I told you already. It's not my will.
They won't know unless they go there.
Once you get there, what if it's not what you think it will be?
That world is much better than this one.
This world is just shit, isn't it?
Shiraishi-kun, if you try to stop me you will receive a punishment.
Something will happen to you, for sure.
- By whom? God? - Yes, God will punish you.
I have to tell the rest of the staff about this.
Do what you want. Tell them. But something will happen.
Shiraishi-kun, are you leaving? - I'm not going anywhere.
Something will happen.
Come on! I promise you that nothing's gonna happen.
Something will happen. Please, God, make something happen.
God doesn't sympathize with your feelings, Eno-kun.
Nothing has happened, Eno-kun, not even a glass has moved.
Shiraishi-kun, that doesn't mean it will stay this way.
Something will happen.
- Eno-kun? - Why?
You traitor! You liar!
I know, I know.
What's with you? I told you everything because I trusted you.
But you... you're so cruel.
I know, I know.
Shiraishi-kun, a miracle happened.
You know what your mission is.
I don't know for sure, but...
...you too must have god's mark on you.
My leg. My leg.
See? Just as I thought.
You understand what is your mission, don't you?
Your mission is to film and keep a record of everything.
You are to present that to the world.
"And so, I decided to leave a record of Eno-kun's ceremony."
"In order to increase the damage the bomb will cause,
he buys lots of nails and screws."
"He buys chemicals and raw materials to make gunpowder."
It's super heavy.
Carrying this I realize that bombing belt will be very heavy.
That's right.
Like carrying a burden.
Camera will be even heavier.
You! Tell me what are you carrying there?
It's hell!
I know what's up!
Stop, please! It's inhuman!
You think yourself a hero? Are you going...?
Please, stop this!
It's hell!
Why was he trying to take it?
I don't know.
- Does it hurt? - Yes.
This world is full of...
...fucking loonies.
They're all piled like a rucksack or a backpack.
I'll try and wear it. Shiraishi-kun, help me.
You know, like wives helping their husbands to put on a shirt.
Oh, I see. I can also help you when we arrive at the location.
This is heavy.
Do I pick it up like this, or from under it?
Pick it up like it is.
Here I go.
Bend a little.
- Does it suit me? - It does. You look cool.
- Very heroic. - Really?
Can I borrow a video camera?
I want to bring a camera with me.
I might be able to film something from the other side.
If I'm able to film something, I'll send it over to you.
Yes? Who is it?
It's Shinobu.
Wait, wait, wait!
Wait a second!
I'm sorry. Just a second.
Oh, you forgot something? What did you forget?
Oh, your digital camera? It must be here somewhere.
Wait a second.
There's still white powder here.
Can I come in?
Yes, yes! I'm sorry! I forgot how to...
You can come in now. - Was it so difficult?
I'm sorry, I was turning the key the wrong way.
Weren't you filming outside today?
- Is Eno-san here? - Today he had the day off.
I was taping his regular day here and...
Did something happen here? - No.
And what is that?
I made a bed out of a cardboard box.
I think this camera will do. Is the battery charged?
Yep, it is.
You seemed very busy.
My day...
Eno-kun had the day off,
so I thought that maybe he would be lazing around and...
Have you seen any video tapes lying around here?
No, that's...
- Those are not tapes! - No, this is not it.
Anyway, I just came to get my stuff.
Keep up the hard work. - Thanks.
I'm sorry I spilled the powder. - You did spill a lot. Look at that.
That looks weird however you look at it. - Indeed.
I didn't know how to wipe it properly.
What's this?
Look at this mess! - Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Man, that sucked! Kuribayashi coming here all of the sudden.
Look, the switch is hanging.
- Man, yeah it does! - That's not funny.
I know I shouldn't laugh, but look at that switch.
It was hanging there in plain view!
You can't help but laugh. But it's over so don't worry.
"It's the morning of the ceremony execution."
"Eno-kun and me spent the night drinking in Shibuya."
Man, at last!
"11 hours and 18 minutes until the ceremony"
- Eno-kun, look at that! - They are coming our way!
That's amazing, Shiraishi-kun!
They're a bunch!
Wow, they are all coming our way!
- They are coming this way. - Wow, they're coming.
They are coming towards me.
They're all coming our way.
Why are there so many?
They come this way.
Shiraishi-kun, they are coming in bunches.
They're all coming our way.
They're all coming in a bunch. Wow, Shiraishi-kun, they're a lot.
"We get breakfast at a Gyuudon chain restaurant."
"11 hours and 2 minutes before the ceremony"
"He avoids beef out of fear of the mad cow disease."
"We came back to the office to catch some sleep."
"6 hours and 30 minutes before the ceremony."
Can we get a taxi?
"5 hours and 13 minutes before the ceremony."
To Shibuya, please.
- Any place in particular? - Near the train station.
Taxi drivers, we don't make that much money.
Like 3 or 5 million yen. ($36,000. - $61,000. USD)
- Annual income? - Yes. No good at all.
A lot of people are going through Shibuya Station. - That's right.
It would be terrible if a terrorist attack was to happen there.
I guess it would.
- Is it right? - What?
This now.
It is right.
- Are we wrong? - No, we're not wrong at all.
Thank you very much.
- Where are we going? - I know a good restaurant.
"4 hours and 6 minutes until the ceremony"
- Indian cuisine? - Yes, I go there sometimes.
I've never tried Indian food.
"I recommended that we have Indian curry."
- Is this it? - Yes.
All you can eat for 1500 yen. That's cheap! Shall we?
This is good.
Indian curry is great.
Speaking of India...
...remember Indiana Jones? - Indiana Jones?
His name has something to do with India? - India... Indiana...
I think his name comes from the State of Indiana.
Actually, they are showing a new movie about him. - Are they?
Didn't you know? It's one where Indy...
Let's go see it. I'm a big fan of Indy.
- Really? - I really like him.
"We have to go to Kabukicho to see the movie."
This is it.
- Wasn't she in "Raiders"? - She's in this one, too.
"3 hours and 39 minutes before the ceremony"
I'll buy the tickets. - Oh, really?
You've been paying for everything else until now.
We have enough time.
AFTER THE MOVIE - It's amazing.
If you hadn't suggested that we go to the Indian restaurant,
I wouldn't have remembered. It's all connected, you know.
When I watched it and saw what was in it,
it made me think that this absolutely has a meaning.
This is a miracle, too. - What, the timing?
Of course! You see, the movie’s content was already decided,
but through it... how shall I put it,
through (beep) I'm pushed forward to what has to be done.
Really, I'd love to watch it again.
But time doesn't allow it. - Can't you postpone it a day?
No, I can't.
If I hadn't seen the movie,
I might have thought so, but...
"48 minutes before the ceremony"
So, shall we go?
"25 minutes before the ceremony"
"6 minutes before the ceremony"
I'm going the next time the traffic lights change.
I'll start recording now. It's recording.
Shiraishi-kun, I never paid you back the 100 yen I borrowed from you.
- What 100 yen? - At the internet cafe.
I borrowed 100 yen from you. - Oh, that time in the beginning.
I'll give it back.
Excuse me, do you have 100 yen? - Ah, sure.
I appologize.
It's a little late, but here you are. - Well, I tell you what...
You take that 100 yen along with the camera,
and send them both to me from the other side.
It will be more fun that way.
It's a deal.
I'm not sure if this will go well.
"1 minute before the ceremony"
The lights changed.
Thanks for everything.
Shiraishi-san, I've been following the two of you all day.
What have you been doing? Would you care to explain?
I don't understand any of this! He's gonna do something, isn't he?
- Get in here! - Don't you touch me!
What are you planning to do? I'm calling the police.
Don't stand there! It's dangerous! Get in here!
- I'm calling them. - Get in here! It's dangerous.
Hello? Is this the police? I'm calling from Shibuya Station.
"The bombing in front of the Shibuya train station
left 108 people dead and 245 people wounded."
"The remains of Eno-kun were never found."
"I was convicted of complicity."
- Hello. - It's been a long time.
Hello. We finally meet again.
Thank you very much. Cheers! - Cheers!
Let's cook these.
This redbush tea is very good. - It is, isn't it?
Nowadays when you order tea in bars and restaurants,
instead of oolong, they serve you redbush tea.
So, oolong tea isn't served often?
No, lately it's not served at all.
- This place is good, isn't it? - This is really good.
It's been ages. Do people still use that expression?
- Yes, they still do. - Oh, they do?
- Yes, occasionally. - Oh, so it has survived?
This place is relaxing. It hasn't changed much.
It hasn't changed, but...
it will stop serving this month. They're closing it down.
Oh, is that so?
So I barely made it, eh?
Yes. Well...
The beef imported from the America was infected with mad cow disease,
and 100,000 people died in Japan.
What... are you serious? 100,000? That's incredible.
So many barbecue restaurants closed down.
"We pray for the souls of those murdered in Myogasaki and Shibuya."
- That's really sad. - It is.
My leg!
My leg is bleeding.
What is this?
Oh, no!
...is the camera that Eno-kun was carrying at that time.
And this...?
It's a 100 yen coin.
It's an old coin. They don't issue those anymore.
He remembered.
Shiraishi-kun, I never paid you back the 100 yen I borrowed from you.
It's a little late, but here you are. - Well, I tell you what...
You take that 100 yen along with the camera,
and send them both to me from the other side.
It will be more fun that way.
It's a deal.
Thanks for everything.
It's hell!
It's hell!
Help me!