Gears of War Judgment - OverRun Tutorial with Lt. Damon Baird SDCC 2012 (Multi Languages Subtitles)

Uploaded by GOWSeriesVideos on 13.07.2012

Welcome to OverRun, a brand new competitive way to play Gears of War.
That's available only in Judgment.
I'm lieutanent Damon Baird and I'll be walking for your training.
The concept is simple: two teams of five duke it out over a generator.
The COG needs to protect the generator, while the Locust needs to destroy it.
In every match you'll get to play as both: COG defenders and Locust attackers.
Who can destroy the generator fastest,now that's up to you. whoeverdoes, wins!
As COG defenders, you need to choose a Class.
Each Class comes with specific weapon loadout and nifty unique ability.
First, we have the Engineer, who in my opinion is probably the most important person on the battlefield.
Also, the handsomeness. I mean, just look at him!
Engineer can deploy temporary sentries to defend against the Locust.
I recommend place in them before you repair damaged fortifications.
To repair, just swap to your Blow Torch and fire it to the nearest barrier.
But remember no one in the Overrun can build a new fortification, so once you loose it, it's gone ! Finito!
Next stop is the Soldier. Hey, it's Cole! Say hi to Cole everyone!
Besides bringing sheer firepower to the fight,
the Soldier Special Ability is tossing out ammo crate to the rest of the team.
Trust me, in the OverRun, yeah, you gonna need all the ammo you can get.
Then, we have the Medic! She's got a handy steam gas grenade,
that not only heals wounded teammates, it revives those who have been knocked down.
Everybody loves the Medic, right?
Finally, the Scout.
He is able to take the high ground by climbing into perches accessible only to him.
Plus he's got a special tagging beacon that when thrown identifies all nearby enemies to the team,
even through walls.
Helpful tip: a tagged enemy takes extra damage when shot.
Hold your noses people, it's time to talk about the Locust!
All our Locust pals come with their own special power and abilities.
As a Locust you earn points for the damage that you inflict to the enemies and defenses alike.
You then use these points to unlock even bigger, badder and uglier Locust!
First stop: the Ticker!
He chumps defenses, self destructs and has the ability to dash really really fast.
Is he so cute?!? Yes, he is! Yes, he is!
The Wretch can leap over defenses,
climbing to the scout perches and stun opponent with a scream…
like my sister!
The Grenadier, as you can probably deduce from its highly imaginative name,
able to throw frag grenades
get him up on a Bloodmound and he can throw frag even faster.
The Kantus is the Locust medic.
He can heal everyone in his immediate vicinity and for that, I hate him.
His healing ability is greatly boosted by riding on a Bloodmount.
Did someone say Bloodmount?!?
These charming creatures can carry the Grenadier and the Kantus to the front.
And also quicken the recharge of their passengers' Special Abilities.
The Corpser’s armored front legs make him incredible hard to kill.
Even worse he can burrell underground and duck right under COG fortifications.
The Serapede attacks with his mandibles
and can also rear up and spit poison at distant enemies.
The only way to kill him, it's to shoot him in the butt.
Yes, the butt. Evolution is a a weird thing.
Finally, we have the Mauler!
Not only does he wield a giant shield and flale,
he has the ability to spin the shield,
which reflects all incoming fire.
More important, the Mauler spinning shield can chop a nearby Gear in tiny pieces.
Uh, that's a lot of info!
But before you jump into action, we need to talk about teamwork.
If you wanna win, you have to work together!
Take advantage of your abilities,
support your teammates and coordinate your attacks.
Remember, to win the match you need to protect your generator
and destroy this as fast as possible.
Good luck out there. You are gonna need it!
Baird out!