RAGE CARTOON #20 - (German + English Subtitles!) Rage Cartoon Compilation

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 18.08.2012

Hey! You here?
Tell me dirty things!
Noooo the internet is down!
What should I do??
Aaah I know I will just ask google...fffFUUUU!
DERP! I told you to fix our broken bathroom window!
The neighbours can see me taking a shower!
Don't worry honey..
when they see you, they will fix the window all by themselves!
What taste is the strawberry ice cream?
Hey honey! Are you at the club?
Listen.. I saw this beautiful leather jacket for only 1000 $ today.. can I buy it?
Of course honey! If you want it that bad.
Oh and I came by the Mercedes shop today.. I really like the E200 model..
So.. how much is it?
Only 60.000$ Honey!
Okay, use the credit card! But for that much money I want ALL the extras!
Oh! And one more thing.. the house that we really liked! It's on the market again! and they only want 450.000$!
Tell them we'll take it for 420.000$..
Okay honey! Bye, I love you!
Okay. I love you too!
Does anyone know who's phone that is?
Say Derp.. do you think that a boy and a girl can be just friends?
Only when the girl is ugly!
Oh my god Derp!.. and I thought we were friends..
Yeah, we are!
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