Kommissar Rex-Richard(1x10)

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Benny, not the stick. Where's the ball?
Oh, God!
Help! Help!
Police, help!
Good morning, Rex. So you heard me already.
Good dog, no. I can manage by myself.
Okay, like a little child, doing it out of spite.
Why do I talk to this dog?
I know you like me, but tell my coat that.
- Stockinger, is that you? - No, that was Rex.
Hurry. We're picking up the car.
I won't be long. Have some coffee.
Coffee, eh? That means half an hour.
I bet the car isn't ready anyway. So we'll just wait.
And there's a meeting at 9.30 a.m.
- What meeting? - Staff mee...
Drives you nuts.
Don't get upset, now. Ham isn't good for you.
Quick, the phone. Find the phone. Where is it?
Get the phone!
Go on.
Yes? Moser speaking.
We'll be there.
What is it?
A dead child in the park.
Rex, come on.
The lady found the girl.
Twelve years old, most likely strangled.
The doctor said she's been here for two days.
- Do we know who she is? - They found this lD on her.
Renate Wagner. Reported missing by her parents.
Twelve years old...
Strange that the killer left the lD.
And that he didn't hide her better.
It seems he brought her here from the street
and put her under that tree.
Any footprints?
Too many. All those people walking.
So she wasn't killed here?
Forensics is pretty certain.
- Why? - Bodies aren't usually moved.
He might have stopped up there and killed her in the car.
- Anything unusual? - Not really.
Apart from this concert ticket.
A piano concert matinée from last Sunday.
Was she...
There are no obvious signs.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
- Wow! First prize? - I nearly fainted.
Because of the prize or Professor Hofmann?
No, because of the prize. I wasn't expecting it any more.
Cool! It's got your name on it.
But I told you straight out, you're the best pianist.
Some of the others were okay.
- What will you do? Celebrate? - I'll tell my mum first.
- Coming? - Sorry, two classes to go still.
- Okay, then. Bye. - Bye.
No lunch break for me today.
Food in fridge. Kisses, Mum.
Hello, Christa Strobl here. Is my mum there?
Your mother is busy just now.
It's important. Can't I talk to her?
No, she's with a customer. Ring later.
You see, I've won...
I won first prize. May I come in?
I'll play my piece for you.
Fingers inflicted bruises to both sides of the neck.
Hyperaemia in the eyes and conjunctivae.
The police medico was right. She was strangled.
Anything else?
Anything else... I know what you're asking.
But there's no sign of sexual assault.
At least, nothing obvious.
By the way, we found traces of coconut fibre on her clothes.
The kind that's used for floor mats in cars.
If you tell me the make of car, I'll give you brownie points.
I can't, unfortunately. Those mats are very common.
But at least it indicates she was in a car.
- And you said she died... - At 3 p.m. on Sunday.
Give or take half an hour.
On Sunday morning the girl goes to a piano concert
which finishes about 1 2.30.
She's then killed in a car or elsewhere
by someone who takes her to where we later find her.
- Ah, you mean the milieu. - Exactly.
A classical piano concert, Sunday, in the city.
These things wouldn't happen there.
Maybe the culprit talked to her by chance on her way home.
Her parents said she'd never accept a lift.
I agree with you, Richard. Unusual circumstances.
But these days anything's possible anywhere.
The girl's parents were shattered.
Next time let Hüllerer do it.
Why me? Do you think I don't feel these things deeply?
I'm not as robust as I look.
Telling parents that their child has been murdered...
Do you know how that feels?
It's all right, Stockinger.
So? Did you find out anything else?
She was an average student, but highly musical.
She took extra piano lessons from a teacher.
Name, address?
Thomas Hofmann, 1 st District.
- You went there? - How could l?
I'm still checking her circle. Teachers, fellow students...
Stocki, if we're not quick he might strike again.
- He's a sex killer. - I know that!
Everything's fine, Rex.
I've checked the criminal record. No likely suspects there.
Did any of the concertgoers remember her?
An usher recognised her photo.
She'd waited for autographs with some other girls.
But that was all.
A piano trio was performing.
Kucera, Birnstingl, Kracht.
It was a small audience.
I'll ask the usher again. He may remember something.
Did the parking lot yield anything?
Not a thing.
Half of Vienna canoodles there, so it's a mess of tyre marks.
Come along, Rex.
I won't be long. Come on, Rex.
So that means we stay here.
I'm sorry she didn't put your call through, but you know her.
I've got you a present.
Sorry, Max. I'm hopeless today.
Anyone could have done it.
A perfectly ordinary family man.
Or a nice gentleman reading his paper. Ordinary people...
who suddenly go berserk and kill a child.
He went about it logically, or perhaps not.
He hid the girl...
and left her lD on her.
I have the feeling that he expected...
or rather, expects...
not to be connected to the girl.
And I have the feeling they know each other.
Have you considered the possibility
that he may be a sexual pervert?
I mean, someone who isn't interested in rape?
I have no theory. There are too many loose ends.
But I think this was his first time.
- The lD? - The way he did it.
Leaving her lD, hiding her next to a walking track...
I say he was too nervous
not to have left any trail behind.
Richie, if I can help you in any way...
You have to expect he'll do it again.
Hang on, you'll get something soon.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, please. I'm looking for Mr Moser's office.
I'm Moser but I doubt I can help you.
The police sent me to you.
We're extremely busy. What is it?
My daughter went missing yesterday.
I see. Come along, then.
It wasn't Schwarz.
- His alibi is watertight. - How come?
- Been in jail for 2 years. - Fabulous.
My colleagues Stockinger, Höllerer... Mrs Strobl.
Her daughter has been missing since yesterday.
- How old is your daughter? - Twelve.
And when exactly did she go missing?
Yesterday afternoon.
I looked everywhere. Relatives, friends...
Then I went to the police.
Do you know who saw her last?
Yes. Katharina, one of her schoolfriends.
She told me that Christa was really happy
because she'd just won a piano competition.
Mrs Strobl, we must take a look at your flat.
Right away?
We haven't a moment to lose.
- You live alone with her? - Yes.
I was divorced 8 years ago.
Her father pays maintenance but lives abroad.
So your daughter came home,
dropped off her schoolbag and then went out again.
Yes, but first she rang me at the office.
They didn't put her through because I was busy.
And you have no idea where she went?
I thought about it all night.
She wanted to tell someone she'd won the competition.
- Who, do you think? - I've no idea.
Maybe someone at the shops.
The baker, perhaps.
We'll check it out. Had you and she quarrelled recently?
No, not at all.
I mean, any problems at all?
Well.. she does like to tell me everything.
But not negative things.
Such as?
She doesn't do so well at school. She only cares about music.
And when there are problems at school, she keeps quiet.
Does your daughter keep a diary?
It should be there in the top drawer.
I've never looked in it.
"He's the best pianist I know.
"His music is first-rate."
Who does she mean?
No idea.
Girls always adore musicians.
In my daughter's case, it's pianists.
"I'm always jealous when I see him with other girls."
How many pianists does she know?
I really have no idea who she could mean.
If only I'd been home yesterday.
Excuse me.
Where does your daughter take piano lessons?
At school, as an elective.
I can't afford private lessons.
What's her teacher's name?
Hofmann. Professor Hofmann.
He taught the other girl...
Her teacher's name is Hofmann?
He's doing his best with her.
I saw him this morning. He knew nothing.
The school's nearby?
Yes, three streets away.
Do you think my daughter...
I don't know, Mrs Strobl. But when I do, I'll contact you.
I told you yesterday to check Hofmann.
I told Höllerer. I can't do everything.
- So none of you did it? - Höllerer will.
Would a music teacher kill his students?
Did you want me?
I'd like to talk to you, Mr Hofmann.
But not here.
Moser, Crime Squad.
Everyone, please return to your classrooms.
Is it about Renate Wagner? I read it in the paper.
Why didn't you contact us?
Renate Wagner was your student.
Sure, but I don't know anything.
I last saw her a week ago.
Where were you on Sunday between 1 1 a.m. and 2 p.m.?
I was at a concert. I'm a subscriber.
The piano concert on Sunday morning?
Exactly. I can show you my ticket.
We'll need to look at your flat.
- But why? - Renate was at that concert.
I didn't see the girl.
It's possible not to see people at concerts.
A great concert, sold out.
Really? Not to our knowledge.
No more than two thirds of the seats were taken.
I still didn't see her.
What happened afterwards? Where were you?
I took a walk and then went home.
- Any witnesses? - Do they follow you around?
It's you who need them, Mr Hofmann, not me.
Where is Christa Strobl? She was your student, too.
I don't know. I told her mother so.
Would I lie to her face?
Where were you yesterday afternoon?
Here. Correcting homework.
From when to when?
From noon until late afternoon.
It's looking bad.
One student killed, one vanished.
And no trace of an alibi.
So you see me as a suspect.
You've got that right.
Now, if you know where Strobl is, tell us.
But I don't know!
Start again. What did you do after the concert?
We've searched everywhere. Nothing.
Turn the place upside down.
Where did you walk? Name each lane, the lot.
Do you have a cellar, Mr Hofmann?
So, the cellar is three storeys below.
They're usually connected.
The passageways are miles long.
If you know the way, you get to the catacombs.
Ever been there?
No. I leave that to the tourists.
Rex, have you found something?
1 1, Hofmann. Very good, Rex.
What do we do now?
Are you crazy?
You never did this as a boy?
I didn't grow up wild like you.
It's got its advantages.
Is there a light here?
The usual rubbish. He wouldn't leave clues.
He's not that smart. He wasn't too sure about his alibis.
Höllerer might get something out of him.
What's going on?
Probably the Underground. It passes close to here.
- What's up with him? - He's found something.
Come on, let's shift this stuff.
Move, move a bit.
Look at this. He's got another cellar.
Rex, slowly.
Rex, stay. Wait for us.
Rex! Damn it!
Rex, where are you?
Do you have anywhere else? A garden shed?
Be careful! That's a delicate instrument.
This was in the storeroom, rather well hidden.
Mr Hofmann...
Can you tell me whose doll this is?
You have no idea.
Right. That's why I'm asking you to explain
why you hide toys in your apartment.
I'm saying nothing.
Rex, where are you?
Down there!
There! He's there.
What's there?
Rex, move away!
Give me the phone. I'll call for help.
It won't work down here. Go to Höllerer.
Let's go. You'd better take a few things.
- Are you arresting me? - We're holding you, yes.
Call the fire brigade. Rex is buried under rubble.
Take Mr Hofmann to our office.
Easy does it...
It's okay.
Are you hurting anywhere?
Everything's fine, eh?
Come on, now. It's okay.
Well done.
Come on, let's try. It's not that bad.
Come on.
Everything okay, Richard?
Nothing's okay.
My God...
You'll see, Rex, everything will be fine.
He's suffered no internal injuries.
But he went into shock in the cellar.
Any after-effects?
He might be unsettled for a while.
But basically he seems very robust.
He'll recover in a few days.
- You should see a doctor. - No time.
Would you have a bandaid?
Come over here.
Officially, I'm not allowed to treat you.
Do it unofficially, then.
I have no idea how she got there.
- This is a nightmare. - For us too, Mr Hofmann.
Two of your piano students have died.
Both were strangled.
Doesn't piano playing strengthen the hands?
The girls trusted you. They came to your apartment.
So I killed them just like that, for no reason?
Maybe you lost your nerve.
The girls fought back. Your teaching career...
Stop it!
I'm no madman!
I don't attack little girls and then hide them in the cellar.
Perhaps you didn't have time to remove the body.
As happened with the first girl we found in the park.
Didn't you offer her a lift home after the concert?
You need a killer!
I've never harmed anyone in my whole life.
Is that so?
Never harmed anyone, eh?
You once badly hurt a girl.
- That was an accident. - Sure.
A hit-and-run, and you front up at the police two days later.
I was in shock. For days I was totally confused.
That's what you told the court.
But isn't the truth rather...
that you were drunk?
You only went to the police after you'd sobered up.
I wasn't at that concert.
What's this? A new version.
You admitted you were there. You showed me your ticket.
I've been a subscriber for years
but I wasn't at that concert.
I've heard a lot of excuses, Mr Hofmann.
But yours is one of the worst.
The concerts were to provide alibis.
- Pardon? - Alibis? For what?
What sort of a story is this?
The girl in the accident...
became a paraplegic.
I made a pact with myself
that I'd look after her.
The mother's divorced, with little money.
I spend every weekend with the girl.
The doll...
The doll was for her too.
I had to do all this so that I could go on teaching.
So you spent all of Sunday with the girl and her mother?
Her mother is lrene Grundner.
You can call her.
And you believe him?
The man's telling the truth.
Which means we're starting from scratch.
Come on.
- What is it now? - Sorry to bother you again...
We found the box your daughter's medal came in.
The medal she won is gone.
Have you found it anywhere?
I know this is hard for you.
May we look around your daughter's room again?
Stay with her.
She wins a prize. She comes home.
She can't reach her mother.
She needs to tell someone she's won first prize.
But who?
She needs to communicate. She's intelligent.
She wouldn't tell just anyone.
She tells someone
who'd appreciate a first prize.
Someone who really knows music.
Mrs Strobl, I wanted...
I'm so very sorry.
Has Forensics searched the other passageways?
Not completely.
We assumed Hofmann brought the girl here.
Fifteen metres along, some passageways branch off.
Fine. Let's begin.
We checked this far and found nothing.
You can't detect footprints or drag marks here.
What now?
Where do these passages go?
Two are blocked off 1 00 metres along.
The others lead to neighbours' cellars.
Let's check this one.
What a mess...
Rex, stop.
Easy, now. What have you found?
Drag marks.
Maybe from the Strobl girl... and the dog has picked it up.
Come on.
Well, the trail ends here. What now?
Do you know where we are?
You've got the map.
Which of the two shall we take?
He's listening.
Let's go!
All I can hear is this noise.
He hears 400 times better than you.
Good, Rex, good! Show us what you're hearing.
We should have gone the other way.
I still can't hear anything.
But he can.
Let's go.
Listen, Stocki.
A piano. So?
Wait on...
Hold this.
There... Kucera.
Kucera? He's the pianist the girls got autographs from.
Exactly. Wait here.
- Yes? - Moser, Crime Squad.
Professor Kucera?
May I come in briefly?
I don't know what you could want, but...
I won't keep you.
Last Sunday you were playing...
a piano concert, a matinée, Professor Kucera.
That's right. I was one of the performers.
I know.
How can I help you?
After the matinée, a 1 2-year-old girl disappeared.
I read about it. It was in the paper.
Any clues?
The usher stated
that you gave some girls your autograph.
It's what we do. We give them autographs.
It's lovely to see youngsters interested in classical music.
There's another girl. Christa Strobl.
Does the name ring a bell?
No... not at all.
She talks about you in her diaries.
At first we thought she meant her music teacher.
I don't actually understand what you're driving at.
Christa Strobl couldn't afford a ticket.
But she knows you. She lives nearby.
I've lived here since childhood. Of course people know me...
in the neighbourhood.
That's why the girl came to you.
She wanted to tell you about her prize.
Precisely you.
How dare you insinuate that I harmed...
Rex, what have you found?
Rex, you're a champion.
She lost it as she struggled with you.
- It's mine. - Really?
I believe you've won some medals in your life.
But none that says Christa Strobl on the back.
After the concert...
she wanted to walk with me a bit.
She admired me.
We talked about music.
When we reached my car, I offered her a lift home.
And Christa Strobl?
She came to see me.
Here, to this apartment.
I said I was busy, but she simply...
came in.
I don't know how it could have happened.
And why did you take her...
to Hofmann's cellar?
She told me he was her music teacher.
We were students together.
The two of us used to practise in his cellar.
I thought you'd suspect him.
You nearly pulled it off... but not quite.
I'll get it.
Hello. I'm here for my music lesson.
Rex, stay.
Stockinger, you're getting a visitor.
- Okay, Richard. - What's wrong?
Nothing special. The Professor is busy today.
Is Professor Kucera an acquaintance of yours?
I've known him for only a short while.
- Do you play? - No, I don't.
But my friend has an excellent ear for music.
What's his name?
Ask him yourself. Say hello, Rex.