Collect Fonts in Photoshop

Uploaded by markzwareTV on 13.09.2011

Hi, everybody! David Dilling from Markzware.
Today, we're going to give you a little quick tip on how to package Photoshop files.
That's right,
Adobe InDesign might have a package feature, but Illustrator and
Adobe Photoshop do not.
With Markzware's FlightCheck, you can easily package the files with all your fonts
and images
and the .psd file itself, copied into one folder, even compressed, so you can send it to
the next graphic designer
or printer in your workflow.
So, let's go see how Markzware's FlightCheck can package
Adobe Photoshop files with all fonts.
Okay, so here we see our little test file in Adobe Photoshop. FlightCheck will collect,
not only in Photoshop CS5, or 5.5, but also CS4, CS3, etc.
We've used different types of fonts. We've got the Euro Style Condensed over here,
We have an Impact Regular and we have
Gil Sans MT
and Bold Italic.
We're now going to save it and see how FlightCheck can help us to
automatically collect all fonts,
and the .psd file itself
into a folder.
Alright, let's go check it out
and see how that works
in FlightCheck.
Alright, to get to FlightCheck is really easy. You just go to .
Under Products, you select FlightCheck
and you don't even have to select it, you can just hover over
and choose Free FlightCheck Demo.
Just click here to get the demo now.
You'll notice it does have a nominal fee, which is minused out, so, effectively, you pay nothing.
Just hit check out and you can get the free 30-day version that easy. After you fill in
the form, you'll get an email with your license code, or it'll pop up right on the screen
like you see here. Copy that
and I'll paste it later in the activation. Click here. I can now download
the installer.
Once you decompress the download, you'll see your FlightCheck in your downloads folder
or wherever you have saved it to. To get started,
simply double-click the "FlightCheck Processional 676"
icon here.
FlightCheck 6.76 is our latest version.
Very shortly, FlightCheck 6.80 will be coming out, as well.
In the FlightCheck licensing, simply paste in the code which just had,
or paste in only the numeric part here.
At the end, it's very important to hit
Once inside FlightCheck,
you can open up your
Ground Controls. You can
set up various sets of checks to preflight your files, not only InDesign, QuarkXPress,
but also Illustrator and Photoshop, and many other files and images.
So, we just go and navigate to our file. We select the .psd file we just showed
you in Photoshop 5,
and you'll see we get a small little overview
of potential problems, an RGB image,
we've got
some non-CMYK Pantone colors,
And you see in the main window, we get an overview of
everything in the file:
File Info, Page Info, Print Info, Page List and, of course, all your colors, fonts, and
images used.
You see all the fonts listed and, very important, you see that, inside
of this
image, all these fonts that were used
and this is the Photoshop
document itself, as we can see here. We can even go open that, if we need to.
And we can see all the fonts
used within
that .psd file.
Alright, so how do we gather all those fonts, without manually collecting them and manually
the .psd file?
Well, that's up here under Collect,
in the Adobe world, it's often called "package,"
which, of course, also means collecting your
job, all your fonts and images.
And you just go to Collect Job
and you'll get this overview.
Now to Collect Job or package job. It's not the most beautiful
screen in FlightCheck, but it's
highly effective.
So, you see here, we can choose the destination of the archive and give it a unique name.
We can
create a job folder,
and we can compress that job folder.
We can see the total file count is seven, and the total job size, uncompressed.
We get a list here of all collectable file classes,
everything that can be packaged
in this Photoshop file:
the document, the font files, font suitcases,
Type 1 font files
and a Collect Report,
with all the vital preflight information,
which can be very handy to pass on to next party.
For instance, that RGB image, we can very quickly pick up on.
Down below, we get even more details on exactly where FlightCheck is going to copy these files
That's right, it copies in this package process, just like InDesign does in their feature,
FlightCheck will allow you
to package your Photoshop files.
You simply hit Collect,
which would be package,
and off it goes. (chime sounds)
You get the good sound and
everything's okay,
we packaged your file successfully, everything's copied and compressed. Let's go check it out.
Here, we see the zipped up file with the name we just gave it,
and if we
decompress that,
we'll get a folder,
and in that folder, we'll get the report, the preflight report we just discussed.
We'll see a copy
of the .psd file
all the fonts
used in that job.
It was that quick! It was that easy with FlightCheck from Markzware.
So, there's no need to manually go around and try to find all those fonts
individually in your Photoshop
.psd files any longer. Just use Markzware's FlightCheck to quickly and
easily package
all your fonts
within your Photoshop file.
It's quite easy. It's quite simple,
and furthermore, you can also get a full quality assurance pre-flight check
of your Photoshop files with FlightCheck.
Plus, it will check all the other Creative Suite files that you normally use and
many other
DTP or desktop file types.
Package Photoshop fonts
with FlightCheck.
If you want to try FlightCheck for yourself,
we've have a free, 30-day version on our web page.
Check out the little link below here about how you can download that
and see for yourself how easy it is to package and preflight Adobe Photoshop
files, Illustrator,
InDesign, Quark, PDF, pretty much, you name it, any file you need to output,
FlightCheck will check it for you.
Thank you. Once again, David Dilling, signing off from Markzware.