Mercedes S 65 AMG - 630 PS im Test

Uploaded by autonews24 on 28.04.2011

Fat 20-inch forged wheels. The three magic letters AMG on the rear.
Two chromed twin tailpipes. 2.3 tons of weight, spread over 5.25 meters.
These features leave no doubt: the S 65 AMG Mercedes-occupied the top floor.
To date, the Mercedes S65 AMG has remained faithful to his word understatement.
With his V12 Bi-turbo engine, it is not just for sports-minded, also for kompfort accustomed driver.
AutoNews test the 230.000€ car on the limit.
We stand on the gas and for a brief moment, nothing happens.
But the inferno breaks loose: we sink into the hum and gurgle of the twelve cylinders rotating like crazy,
which are set for each cylinder bank of a turbocharger under pressure.
The mighty car shoots forward, as it could have been a giant catapult shot.
We understand at once why there is still plenty of fans worldwide for the double-turbocharged twelve-cylinder engine.
His twelve-cylinder engine now develops 630 hp thanks to larger turbocharger,
the torque must be governed at 1000 Newton meters enormous.
It is 2300-4300 revolutions per minute are available.
Theoretically, even 1200 Newton meters would be in there.
The S 65 AMG has to make do with a five-speed automatic transmission,
because only they can withstand the brute torque.
The ESP while trying by all means, keep the rear wheels in check, because the S 65 AMG is a rear wheel drive.
In 4.4 seconds you go from zero to 100, with 250 km / h, electronically limited.
For 3.213€ the top charge is increased to 300 cases, including driver training.
The exorbitant power has its price:
According to plant 14.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers due,
in practice, but are also not uncommon for 20 liters.
After all, the gigantic engine is now Euro 5-way classification.
The twelve-cylinder car almost makes our heavy-footed
only in tight fast corners, we feel the weight of the sedan.
And the engine seems not to have to work hard.
If other units whistle on the last hole,
the engine of the S 65 AMG is still more than 300 horsepower in reserve.
Exactly what makes the Super-S Class:
The big car is very luxurious and holds enough power available in every situation.
Cheap as the noble power package is of course not:
With a price of 229.789€, the S 65 AMG,
the most expensive at the time-series Mercedes.