Dumb & Dumber (1/6) Movie CLIP - Urine Trouble (1994) HD

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- What? - Come on.
Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry!
Come on! Come on!
Okay okay, here here here. Hold it!
- Hold that. - Jesus.
Hold that one.
Hurry. I'm pinching it.
What are you, a camel?
( sighs )
- ( siren blaring ) - pull over!
- Huh? - Pull over!
No, it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing.
Yeah. Killer boots, man!
Pull your vehicle to the side of the road!
License and registration, please.
You fellas were going a little fast back there, wouldn't you say?
You, uh... You fellas been doing
A bit of boozing, have you?
Sucking back on grandpa's old cough medicine?
No. Oh no, sir.
- No no no. - No, huh-uh.
Yeah, well, what's that?
- That's nothing, sir. - Yeah, nothing.
Yeah well, you aware that it's against the law
To have an open alcohol container
Here in the state of pennsylvania?
Come on, give me that booze,
You little pumpkin-pie- haircutted freak!
Come on!
Sir, no, I-I--
No, sir, don't. Don't drink--
You'd keep your mouth shut
If you knew what was good for you, buddy.
Harry: Tic tac, sir?
Get the hell outta here!