Traditional Shepherds Pie Recipe : Adding Beef to Traditional Shepherds Pie Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi! I'm Richard Buccola on here in New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village,
I am going to show you how to make some Shepherds Pie. Lastly in this pot with our meat, I am
going to add almost, I've got a 12 ounce jar of slow roast beef gravy. If you have fresh,
that's good. This is just a little faster and easier. I am going to add most of it.
I am going to save a little bit for the topping of the mashed potatoes. I like to put a little
on my mashed potatoes on the top. So we are just going to most of this, 3/4 saving a little
bit at the end. You see I am right about here so I guess I am using about 10 ounces. Just
going to add a little bit more because that wasn't where I wanted it. Right there. That's
perfect. Mix this all in and you see, look at this sauce. I wish you could be here to
smell this and I am telling you what I want everyone to do if you are making this stuff,
leave some comments on the page. Write me something, tell me what you think and how
it is. Now I've been cooking these meals for a long time and this is the first time I've
added a twist to my Shepherds Pie but this is really an inexpensive meal. It is basically
leftover and you put it all together pretty quick and it goes in the oven as a pie and
you serve it. As far as clean up, I am cleaning up as I go along. So again, it's another fast
easy inexpensive hardy tasty excellent meal here on Expert Village.