Bachelor of Biomedicine

Uploaded by unimelb on 17.08.2011

Well I think Biomedicine
if you know you want to do something in the health area,
the health sciences, it's a great course,
because they pull all the different subjects together.
It was really good preparation for the MD,
I think in terms of the way that they
brought all the material together.
It's known around the world that its a good university,
and that's because it is,
it's not just a name thing.
The fact that we are able to do dissections
in third year biomed is incredible.
The learning environment is absolutely fantastic,
there's just so many resources and there is so much area
for both academic and extra curricular stuff,
there is plenty of opportunities for everyone.
Well we are fortunate to be located in the Parkville precinct
which is one of the leading Biomedical research precincts in the world
so wonderful opportunities to interact with those facilities
and more importantly the researchers.
I was a part of the Europe program which was the
undergraduate research opportunities program
where you apply and they put you in a laboratory
and then you work on a project to see what its like.
I know a lot of people who are working across the road
at the Royal Melbourne, or at the Children's
or at Walter and Eliza Hall
and they all say its such good experience.
Where else in Melbourne
are you going to be able to have all these
research facilities on your doorstep?
Many of the students come to the Bachelor of Biomedicine
with the expectations that they will be able to move into
graduate medicine or dental surgery or physiotherapy
or other health related science degrees so its certainly an ideal preparation
for those graduate destinations.
I loved doing breath! It was fantastic!
I did wine subjects,
I did music psychology,
I did Latin as well
so I'm not purely a science person.
It's great preparation in terms of giving you a really
good grounding in the science
while allowing you to explore things that you loved at school
whether they be the humanities
or you may want to try a new language
or you may want to do music,
there's so many options in terms of breadth.
In high school I was very music oriented
so when I heard that you could pick music
subjects for breadth I jumped at it.
You could sit down and not have to worry
about the science and just move into
another area just equally interesting.
So you know everybody in the coarse and
you have all your lectures together
three or four times a week
so you go through at least first year
having all of your lectures with them
and getting to know everybody on a more individualised basis.
It sort of feels like a bit of a family really.
Definitely happier, it is a great uni, it's in a great location,
the staff are really good,
the facilities are great.
I really enjoyed it, it was challenging at times
but it was fulfilling and
I've learnt a lot from it.
I'm really enjoying it,
I'm so glad this is where I've ended up.