Aion KOR - Asmodian Origins (with ENG subs)

Uploaded by AionHun on 02.07.2009

The Great Cataclysm had taken everything from us.
The warm light of the sun, the green nature, and our glorious and beautiful bodies that once used to glow with the light.
But, we believed that all this sacrifice was the proof
that we have saved Atreia from utter destruction, and we felt pride in it.
Our Great Lord Azphel had given us a new name to call ourselves, the Asmodians,
and established our new capital city Pandaemonium
from which he declared that he would carry out the governance of Atreia.
One day, strange rifts began appearing throughout Asmodea.
But, before "They" had appeared, we didn't know the meaning behind the appearance of these rifts.
They were beings that had the appearance of our unchanged, old selves.
Calling themselves the Elyos, their eyes were filled with aggression and hostility right from the beginning.
Their Leader, Deltras and his henchmen carried out merciless acts of killing in Morheim,
employing guerilla tactics. Eventually, they were captured by Lord Zikel.
Zikel had offered them escort, but Deltras in return insulted the Asmodians,
and he had to come to terms with his erroneous ways by paying for his sins with blood.
After Deltras was executed, Morheim once again found peace,
but new sentiments began to brew in Pandaemonium.
Not knowing when they would strike, feelings of insecurity gripped the Asmodians.
The voice against those responsible for the Great Cataclysm grew louder.
Azphel then declared his will to conquer Sanctum which lied beyond the rifts.
Pandaemonium's Elite Archons formed a new legion to proceed into the Abyss,
and constructed bases in the Abyss with the aim of eventually creating a path to Elysea.
Each and every day was filled with strenuous battles with the Balaur,
but the will and determination of the Asmodians grew only stronger by the day.
The Battlefield quickly changed.
Lord Kaisinel and the Elysian Daevas had shown up in the battlefield.
Kaisinel ripped through the legions of Asmodians with oppressive force.
All the Asmodian Outposts which had taken many years to construct crumbled down,
and the Archon Legion collapsed helplessly.
When all things looked hopeless, Lady Lumiel rose up and protected us with her power.
She casted the Holy Barrier to protect us, and defeated the Elyos Daevas.
Kaisinel had to suffer a humiliating defeat, and retreated before the eyes of our people.
The Asmodians' cheer for Lumiel shook all of Abyss in tremor.
In the cheers of Victory, we had begun to realise, that the war between the Elyos and the Asmodians..
..had only just begun..
..and that the victory was certain to be ours.