COOL&CREATE - Nekokota Festival english subs

Uploaded by MarisaHanamura on 11.11.2009

You and I are a fox and a cat
Everyone, everyone's favorite is rarirure Ran-sama!
With Stomach and Back... and very soft tails
Wearing a dress, I am the one that's special
I hate baths, after all I'm a cat
I love dried bonito, I love to be mischievous
But I love to play the most!
In the cold of winter, finding the warmth from heater
Oranges and hairballs, "meow meow" all around
Heave-ho-ho through a fiasco. Everyone dance!
Look look look ... even our tails sway!
Hey, don't be upset because you're surprised
Whiskers and bottoms twitching around
'au pas camarade pas au pas pas' along with the rhythm
ranraranraranra I can say 'sorry' right?
Lyrics courtesy of Touhou Wiki Subtitled by MarisaHanamura
Lyrics courtesy of Touhou Wiki