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ALLISON HOLKER (OFFSCREEN): Dancing With the Stars finally
reveals their new cast.
Wendy Williams gets a danc lesson from Abby Lee Miller.
And Cirque de Soleil dazzles at the Oscars.
This is Just Dance for March 1, 2012.
Hey guys.
I'm Allison Holker, and I'm a dancer choreographer from
right here in LA.
And I have a lot of information to share with you
guys about the dance world so let's jump on in.
Dancing With the Stars finally released the new cast for
Season 14 on Good Morning, America.
Now that that list is out, we can put all those crazy
casting rumors to rest.
Until next season anyway.
And the cast for Season 14 is Gladys Knight and Tristan.
Melissa Gilbert and Maksim.
Jack Wagner and Anna.
Gavin DeGraw and Karina.
Donald Driver and Peta.
Roshon Fegan and Chelsie.
Katherine Jenkins and Mark.
William Levy and Cheryl.
Maria Menounos and Derek.
Martina Navratilova and Tony.
Sherri Shepherd and Val.
And finally, Jaleel White and Kym.
Now that the new cast for Season 14 has been revealed,
make sure to comment below and let us know who you think is
taking home the mirror ball trophy.
I'm betting on Urkel.
Speaking of Dancing With the Stars, Wendy Williams competed
on Season 12.
Sadly, she didn't make it that far and was
eliminated week two.
Dance Moms dictator Abby Lee Miller stopped by the Wendy
Show and Abby decided to show Wendy just where she went
wrong the ballroom.
-Five, six, seven, eight and knee, knee, knee, step back,
body, body, body, and [INAUDIBLE] and over
and over and over.
ALLISON HOLKER: I wonder if Tony Dovolani wished he would
have brought a pink baseball to their rehearsals.
If that's not enough Abby Lee Miller for you, click here and
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ALLISON HOLKER: The 84th Academy Awards took place this
weekend and I want to say congratulations to The Artist
for taking home five Oscars.
Now let's see what Qaadir thought of the ceremony.
QAADIR: I love Billy Crystal.
He was amazing.
He really showed us why there was so much
hype around his hosting.
Because he just stepped right in there like the pro that he
is and just completely knocked it out of the park.
Octavia Spencer, she completely blew her speech.
I love-- when it comes to doing Oscar speeches, I feel
like there's a mixture.
There needs to be a certain amount of emotion and a
certain amount of composure.
Say something meaningful.
Because you never know when you're going to be on that
stage and get the opportunity to do that again.
Moving on from that.
The Cirque performance with the dancers.
One thing when I see dancers, especially that level of
dancing, it's amazing to me the amount of
focus you have to have.
They make it look easy.
That's the thing about dancing, they
make it look easy.
But just with the strength and all that was going on, the
amount of concentration that it must have demanded, for
them to be able to do things that did, they were amazing.
ALLISON HOLKER: Underground Dance Posse Kwanza Jones
released her new video, "Time To Go." And if you're
unfamiliar, Kwanza Jones always brings it with her club
beats, her crazy costumes and her cool dancing.
And I got to sit down with her for an exclusive interview.
KWANZA JONES: "Time to Go" is supposed to be this
futuristic, out of this world fantasy.
ALLISON HOLKER: Your fantasy is amazing.
The costumes are incredible in the video.
KWANZA JONES: Thank you.
So you wouldn't see somebody walking down
the street that way?
ALLISON HOLKER: No, not usually.
Unless Lady Gaga goes out every day, I've never seen
something like it.
KWANZA JONES: OK, what I like to do with any choreographers
I work with is just-- they're creatives as well too, they're
artists as well too.
So it's this merging of my vision with their vision and
trying to have this one--
just make it something special, something unique.
ALLISON HOLKER: Kwanza, thank you so much again for coming
to meet with us.
And make sure to check out her video, "Time to Go."
As some of you may know, I auditioned for So You Think
You Can Dance, here in LA on Season Two.
And I made it as far as the top eight.
Now that was my big break into the dance world.
So make sure you don't miss your chance.
Tomorrow, March 2 at the Orpheum Theatre to audition
for the show.
Footloose will be out on Blu-ray and DVD this
Tuesday, March 6.
And if you missed our last episode, Just Dance will be
giving away free copies of the Footloose combo pack,
including one signed by Blake Shelton.
Click here to see how to enter.
Universal is in pre-production for a live-action musical
adaptation of Le Miz and the cast is star-studded.
So far the cast includes Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway,
Russell Crowe, Sacha Baron-Cohen, Helena Bonham
Carter, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, and Amanda Seyfried.
After tons of news that Taylor Swift would be portraying the
coveted role of Eponine, it was announced that UK stage
actress Samantha Barks was cast for the
vocally demanding role.
It's rumored to start filming this month in hopes for a
December release.
No choreographer has been announced yet, but we can't
wait to see le moves in Le Miz.
On Smash, Ivy Lynn pulls a diva when she feels threatened
by Karen Cartwright which gets her kicked out of multiple
ensemble numbers.
Plus a special appearance from Nick Jonas made this episode
packed heat.
Click here for the skinny on Smash from Luan.
Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and a lot of fake moustaches
are all over the unofficial video for Carly Rae Jepsen's
song, "Call Me Maybe." If that's not enough star power
for you, Ashley Tisdale is in there as well.
The video had plenty of popping, locking and
And I think I even saw a conga line in there.
The NBA All-star game tapped major recording artists for
the telecast.
First up, Pitbull with "Crazy," who was then joined
by Chris Brown for their jam, "International Love." But it
wouldn't have been complete without a stage full of
dancing women.
Then Chris Brown went solo for his new single, "Turn up the
Music," before being joined by Neo and even more dancers for
"Everything Tonight."
Nicky Minaj also performed at the All-star game and it was
her first live show after the controversial Grammy
The stage was full of dancers for "Moment 4 Life,"
"Starships," and "Super Bass." [SINGING]
I had so much fun here with you guys today,
so thanks for watching.
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