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Highlights of the news today Friday 13th July John Terry found ‘Not guilty’ of racist
remark Buster sniffs out illegals!
M4 ‘Olympic’ disaster waiting to happen Euro News and the Belly of the Beast with
Nick Griffin MEP Yet another Syrian massacre – boring!
Three Brits killed in Alps are named Thought for the Day – Mrs. Walker in trouble
yet again! Finally – Kitten escapes from China by fleeing
on boat!
There were cheers in a packed courtroom as the Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle read out
his verdict. Anton Ferdinand was not in court to hear the verdict because he is in Malaysia
for pre-season training. Terry, who was accused of ‘a racially-aggravated public order offence’,
had strenuously denied he is a ‘racist’. He had told the Court that he (Terry) was
repeating what Anton Ferdinand had incorrectly accused him of saying. Apparently he called
Ferdinand a ‘black c....t’. The Lip & Sign reader, Susan Whitewood concurred the language
had been used. A W@8 writer stated ‘Compared to what we Brits are subjected to in our own
country and never allowed to comment let alone sue anyone, this verdict is correct. Ferdinand
is black (and should not be ashamed of it) as to whether he is a bleep or not, this Court
action rather points the way on that one’
Home Office reports from July 2nd reveal a sniffer dog named ‘Buster’ has sniffed
out six Illegal immigrants in Calais bound for the good old UK and the historic town
of Banbury. Buster, a black and white Border collie sniffs for the Border Agency who has
staff in France, ready to stop illegals that come through Europe. Buster found 2 Iranians
and 4 Iraqis in the back of the lorry being driven by a Pole and full of motor parts and
alerted the agency at Calais. The dog received a nice treat and will get a pat on the head
from all Nationalists in Britain! A W@8 reporter commented ‘We need more dogs like Buster
– only over here as well, only about a million to go then’
The road works on the M4 motorway that have caused mayhem recently have been completed.
The M4 was closed due to a bridge being out of action due to cracks being found on the
structure. As the M4 will be of high importance during the Olympic fiasco, the work was undertaken
without hesitation but there are fears of it being too speedy a repair because of the
opening date of the Games.
EURO NEWS from the Belly of the Beast with Nick Griffin MEP.
Being in Brussels and not having a television, I've not been able to watch the dramatic footage
of the Asturian miners in open revolt against the crucifixion of the Spanish people on the
tarnished Fool's Gold of the Euro.
Perhaps you've seen it and have tended to write them off as a bunch of excitable foreigners
doing the sort of things that excitable foreigners do, a welcome change of the media obsession
with 'racism' and what one overpaid footballer may or may not have said to another foul-mouthed
Welcome change it may be, but it's also only a sign of things to come. In fact, if I was
a betting man, I'd say that, were it not for the seemingly endless rain (that's played
havoc with my runner beans) we'd already be in the grip of some equally dramatic mayhem
on our own streets - although without any good reason, save the folly of decades of
liberal politicians.
But, thanks to the rain, Britain's police forces have had a bit of extra time to stock
up on the plastic bullets and other riot control gadgets that their idiot PC bosses think can
make up for 20% cuts in the thin blue line.
No such respite for the authorities in Spain, which now stands on the brink of genuine chaos.
Just before the last big supposed 'emergency summit' to save the Euro, I said on World
at Eight that it would end with headlines of success, supposed agreement on a bail-out
and a short rally of confidence which would evaporate as all the suckers realised that
nothing has changed and that the German cavalry are still sitting in their barracks counting
their money..
Well, it emerged yesterday that the German Supreme Court is unlikely to reach a decision
on the legality or otherwise of the latest woefully inadequate bail-out proposals for
at least three months. So while one part of the German elite is hell-bent on using the
crisis the Europhiles created as the excuse to push on to create a federal super state,
an equally influential group of their compatriots are providing the only serious effective block
to the scheme, other than the incoherent rage of the masses betrayed..
Who will prevail we will find out in due course, but I'll tell you this - free gratis and for
nothing: Spain doesn't have three months. The Euro doesn't have three months. Trust
no bank - their whole system is now on a knife edge.
When the vultures finally come home to roost, all this stuff is going to produce some thoroughly
entertaining conspiracy theories - at least they'll give us something to laugh about in
the economic and social disaster coming down the tracks.
But, while the origins of this crisis undoubtedly do lie in the Europhile conspiracy to destroy
the free nation states of Europe, I'm inclined to think that the sheer scale of the crisis
now means that the key drivers of the whole sorry affair are now cock-ups, rather than
conspiracies. The juggernaut is still heading over the edge, but rather than it being deliberate,
the truth is that no one is in control at all.
Talking of conspiracies, here's one factor in modern political life that would fit the
bill perfectly - if the whole thing wasn't so blatant that the murky, concealed undertones
that go with the word really don't apply.
I'm talking about the neo-con/ultra-Zionist funding and organisation of the counter-jihad
movement. Please note that, contrary to what the increasingly geriatric cartoon character
Gerry Gable will no doubt tell anyone who might listen, I am NOT using those words as
code for 'the Jews'. Many of those involved are not Jews at all, while many Jews are staunchly
opposed to what is being done by a clique of extremists who - despite their Messianic
fantasies - speak and act only for themselves.
As you may well already know, the British National Party was warning of the dangers
of mass immigration and Islamisation while most of this crew were still Trotskyites employing
Frankfurt School techniques to undermine the West.
But while we are pleased that they've finally woken up to the Islamic threat, we most definitely
do NOT share their foreign policy objectives. Quite simply, they want our blood and our
money, by the bucket load, to fight their wars, while we would keep out of them, and
use our treasure and our brave armed forces to fight only for Britain and British interests.
Indeed, while we and they SOUND very similar when we warn about Islam, even there we are
motivated by very different considerations. We are here to fight for our land, our people,
our freedoms, our traditions. When they attack Islam, the people behind the so-called counter-jihad
movement are not concerned with defending the traditional identity of the nations of
Europe - indeed most of them are still promoting multi-racialism and genocidal integration
policies at every possible opportunity.
They are no friends of ours, or of our vision of a well-ordered, traditionally based world
of independent nation states. What they want is chaos, because chaos would help them stampede
the herd to fight their wars. That is why the self-same people who claim to be so concerned
about the threat of radical Islam are also behind the push to hand Syria over on a plate
to the Muslim Brotherhood.
They are the ones beating the propaganda drums for Western meddling and regime change in
Syria. So much so that not having to abuse the television every night is another big
plus of not having one. I don't think I can stand any more of the BBC or Sky with their
sickening hypocrisy and deceit served up in a nightly diet of fictional atrocities.
It reminds me of their hate-campaign against the Serbians back in 1999. You probably remember
all the shocked reports about the plight of the poor defenceless Albanian Muslim immigrants
in the Kosovan heartland of Serbia? There were massacres, concentration camps and ethnic
cleansing on TV every night. The US State Department estimated that half a million had
already died and we were told that the only way to stop genocide was to bomb Serbia to
rubble and invade the ruins.
But you probably won't remember that the United Nations later revealed the real death toll,
on all sides of the conflict, was not 500,000 but a mere 11,000. Just as in Iraq with the
dodgy dossiers and non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, we were lied into forcing
Serbia to hand Kosovo over to a gang of corrupt Muslim cut-throats by the usual suspects and
their Westminster puppets.
Take a moment to think about the propaganda against Syria. Isn't it odd that so many of
the supposed corpses of Assad's alleged victims don't bleed onto their dramatic white shrouds?
A simple Google search will throw up examples of phony war crimes, the one of students covering
each other with tomato ketchup and playing dead for the gullible Western journalists
is my favourite.
Of course there are real killings. There's a civil war going on. Various minorities in
Syria are waging a desperate life or death struggle against the monstrous cruelty of
Islamist fanatics who are backed by the governments of the USA, the UK and Sunni regimes such
as Saudi Arabia, who are pouring in arms and money in bid to turn Syria into a basket case
on the Libyan model.
Our society is in the grip of a series of interlocking cartels of criminals. Banksters,
War Criminals, Big Oil, PFI corporations, the American military-industrial complex.
Don't jump to conclusions or let opponents put words in my mouth. There is no monolithic
conspiracy, often they are almost as busy trying to rip each other off as they are to
loot us. But they will always close ranks in the face of any sign of us peasants waking
up, let alone fighting back - and in every country their hired hands and whores, the
mainstream politicians, the press barons and the bought-and-paid for journalists, spew
out a ceaseless stream of lies and diversions to conceal their masters' crimes.
Boom or bust, peace or war, the criminal elites cheat and loot and gouge. While we pay the
price. We pay. The 'ordinary' people, the ones whose sweat and brains produce the real
wealth, the ones the ones who struggle every day to bring up decent kids, the ones they
demand hand over our money for their pockets and our children for their wars.
It was all summed up so well by GK Chesterton in his great poem, The Secret People. It'll
take you about 10 seconds to find it on the Internet but a bit longer to read it and digest
its message. But it's well worth doing, for Chesterton's understanding of these New Unhappy
Lords is even more accurate today than when he wrote it way back in 1907.
"We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet. Yet is there no man speaketh, as
we speak in the street"
"But we are the people of England and we have not spoken yet. Smile at us, pay us, pass
us, but do not quite forget."
As I'm recording this on the 12th July, I must point out that when Chesterton speaks
of England, we nationalists move in both our heads and our hearts to include not only the
people of Ulster but also our brothers and sisters in Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
And, even though he died way back in 1936, the amazing thing is that GK Chesterton continues
to excite and inspire practical idealists today, far beyond the bounds of the England
that he so loved. Just last week, in Warsaw, I was speaking with a group of young Polish
nationalists - the main players in a nationalist unity initiative that last November 11th roused
20,000 patriots for a fantastic demonstration on their Independence Day - who asked me earnestly
if the British National Party's economic policies in favour of well-distributed private property
in the means of production were influenced by Distributism, the way ahead of its time
political philosophy founded by GK and his great friend Hilaire Belloc.
I was able not only to tell them that it is, but also that I wrote the pamphlet that introduced
Distributism to people in Eastern Europe even as the dust settled on the ruins of the Soviet
tyranny over 20 years ago. Tell, you what, I'll get it put up on our website again, so
you can have a read too.
I do not claim to be original in it, for the gentle genius in it is all the work of Chesterton
and Belloc, and I was merely the summarising their wisdom for a new generation.
I'm very pleased that our efforts are still circulating and influencing people, because,
looking at the tragedies and horrors unleashed by men who plot and scheme to remake the entire
world, there has never been a better time for the ideas and commonsense of men who only
urge us to repair and renew parts of our own native land.
What is being described as a 'massacre' in Syria, has left around 200 dead in Tremseh.
Tanks and helicopters have been used by President Assad to stop his government being attacked
by rebel forces. Kofi Annan has joined in with the anti Assad protests in the UN by
saying the use of tanks and helicopters was against their peace plan.. one Syrian said..
''What does Kofi Annan want us to do, fight the rebels with one hand tied behind our backs
while they shoot at us?'' A W@8 writer added ‘Yes that is exactly what Annan wants you
to do, fail and fail miserably so the fundamentalists can take over your country and the United
Morons can claim a victory for them’.
Three of the British climbers that were killed in an avalanche in the French Alps have been
named. Two were named as John Taylor and Steven Barber. The pair were from West Yorkshire
and were climbing to raise money for their local Hospice. A third Briton killed has already
been named as experienced climber Robert Payne, who was working in the Alps as a guide. Four
climbers are still missing - two of them British, and two Germans. Efforts to locate them were
called off late on Thursday.
Thought for the Day This thought is very short today but very
necessary. I am wearing my ProFam hat and was appalled to learn today that Mrs. Margaret
Walker of Fareham, her of the leaflet fame and previous Court hearing in which she was
sentenced with an interim ASBO, has been arrested yet again!. This morning the Police arrived
at her home and told her she had sent yet another leaflet to a local Fareham councillor
– who was obviously terribly upset, in fact so upset he could barely make it to the Police
Station to complain, no I am joking on that one my friends. It was during the first hearing
that I attended with Margaret, that the CPS solicitor, he of the weird appearance and
very bad suit, asked the Magistrate, what happens if more of these ‘terrible’ leaflets
appear during and up to the time of the next hearing? (which is on the 20th July). The
magistrate asked Margaret Walker if she had done any more of them and sent them. She said
on oath, that since the Police had approached her and cautioned her some weeks ago, she
had neither written nor sent any homemade leaflets. The magistrate accepted that but
commented that ‘there could be some floating around in the postal system’ which could
be ignored and would not count against her ASBO. So there we have it, apparently one
has made it through, whether by intention or deliberate by a person unknown to this
particular councillor. I have asked our Hampshire SRO to get a look at the envelope and the
post date and origins to ascertain exactly who and where it came from. At the time of
recording I have received no news of what has transpired in Fareham today but rest assured
I will let you and W@8 know as soon as I know.
And finally, A small kitten has survived a massive sea
voyage of over six and a half thousand miles. The kitten travelled from China to the United
States without food or water it was claimed. The Orange and White kitty was rescued by
the Los Angeles Animal Rescue services and is now in quarantine. Kitty will be found
a new home in the United States in the next few months when he or she is returned to full
health. This presenter says ‘poor little thing, obviously a terrible sea trip is easier
than being eaten in China or taken for fur. I hope this little scrap is given a really
good home and lots of love. I wish all the persecuted and hunted animals in China both
domestic and wild could be rescued’.
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at Radio Britain
wish you all a very happy and safe weekend. W@