Kaakha Kaakha w/Eng SubPart 1

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*My life... my life...
*l'm waiting for you on the *bank of the river.
*Though fresh water is being, *splashed on my face,
*Yet l'm sweating profusely.
*l was a raging fire.
*l'm still radiating heat even *after the fire is put out..
*You spread over me like *the sheet of dew.
*Time will turn into an enemy and *moments will become eons.
*You came closer and *then just vanished.
*l'm breathless,
*l'm swimming in your breath.
*Maiden, come & kiss me.
*lt is taking me into a new world. *Dreams are teasing me.
*Show me girl, which is real *and which is a dream.
*Who else will my hands search *other than you?
*Don't leave mel *l'll lose myself.
*Night has surrounded me.
*lt's slowly engulfing me.
*Oh my maiden, come to me, *l'm searching my dawn in you.
*lt's death that stalks *me at my feet.
*Moments of love are turning *into bad dreams.
*Come maiden, l want to sleep *on your lap once.
*Every moment that is delayed is *killing me in instalment.
*Won't you come to me? *Won't you give your hand to me?
I liked being a cop.
But, there is a life in danger out there, owing to me.
I must get up... I can't.
My body is torn by a couple of bullets.
I've been hit by two bullets seems like one has torn my intestine.
Aknee cap is shattered.The pain is excruciating.
But I mustn't die.
They would've kidnapped Maya.
I must definitely save her.
She needs me.
Get up!
I must get up.
Get up.
My name is Anbuselvan.
Anbuselvan I.P.S.
The initials that follow my name have been my life.
My penance!
A 23 year penance!
That's when I was selected to the Indian Police Service.
Life was kind of rudderless until then;
It's never been the same ever since.
I've had my share of memorable moments, some happy... some not so...
Some hurt.
Some disappointments*..
At 27, I was inducted into the Narcotics division, Coimbatore, as ACP.
Two years later, it was Crime Branch, Madras City.
Anbuselvan I.P.S. Asst. commissioner of Police.
This's Anbuselvan, Srikanth, Arul, llamaran, Sathyendran, lntelligence.
Guys, JCP Kumaravel. - Hello!
You would've heard about him.
He has now been transferred to Crime Branch.
He'll be with you throughout the entire operation.
And of course Mr.Vasudevan Nair.
Crime Branch, Mumbai Police, retired. Encounter specialist!
He has been involved in 27 encounters.
He has single handedly put down 24 gangsters in one year.
He's one of the best.
Vasudevan is a good friend too.
l've requested him to be an advisor to you.
Gladly! - This's my Criminal lntelligence Unit.
This team was assembled by me.
These guys are hand picked by me.
And will report directly to me.
Vasu, Anbuselvan & Srikanth worked together in Coimbatore Narcotics Div.
Arul & llamaran worked together in Tuticorin in Law & Order.
They were together in Commando Training.
These dossiers,
contain the reports of 4 main gangsters in Tamil Nadu.
Agaram Sethu!
Manali Gaja!
Petrol bunk Sekar!
We are getting information about them everyday.
We've information that Aasai will be in city for a pick up in 3 days.