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GREG HUNT: Well, I mean, Dylan's like so good.
He can pretty much do what he wants, when he wants.

I don't know, how in depth you want going to get.
I guess I could say that the first year of Dylan was like
really incredible.
It's like when he got the Year's Best Am
in skateboard MAG.
And every time we'd go out he would get something amazing.
And then the second year, he kind of wasn't
really as on it.
He was just kind of like, whatever man.
He was just being a kid.
He was partying, or whatever, but he wasn't as focused, I
think, as he should have been.
HEATH KIRCHART: We had like an Alien house.
It was me and Greg.
And it was just basically like, to kind of like, get
people motivated to go film together and everything.
And that's when Dylan got on, and he was in [INAUDIBLE]
Beach, kind of not doing much.
So Greg was like, let's get him up here,
get him in the house.
We can go skate all time.
It'll be like good for the video.
We'll get him out, maybe motivate you to go skate and
stuff like that, kind of push each other.
I guess it didn't really work out that way.
DYLAN RIEDER: Yeah, it was a weird, weird scene.
Like I lived in the living room.
All my shit's spread out, fucking like, stay up till
4:00 in the morning, sleep all day.
HEATH KIRCHART: Just clothes everywhere, play guitar at
fucking 3:00 in the morning.
Learning how to play guitar, not even playing, just
learning how to play it.
He would sleep til like 2, 3 o'clock in afternoon, in the
living room, with just like people walking over him and
stuff like that.
And then, just like, hey, we're going filming in an
hour, like get up.
And then just like, no, he just slept.
Having to walk over an 18-year-old kid, in your
living room, to go skate, and wondering why he's not up,
like out there as much as I am.
It just was discouraging.
And, I've just never seen someone so unmotivated.
DYLAN RIEDER: I definitely kind of faded away, for a
little bit.
Kind of got lost in my own head, maybe some other things.
MARK OBLOW: The Alien thing was a starting off of a whole
other side of Dylan.
It was when he really started to get addicted to drugs.
Like, his skating, in my opinion, was like falling.
JASON DILL: Dylan conked out for a while.
He was his own Bad News Bear.
He was fucked up all the time.
He was just doped up.
He was so stupid.
He was stupid.
You couldn't talk to him.
And I thought I was fucked up.
Man, he passed me right by, but he never
had a drinking problem.
MARK OBLOW: I mean, I really was having a hard time with
the whole thing.
I've been with the kid since he's 11.
Like, he's like a son, like a brother, like a friend, all
these things to me.
And I'd go on trips with him and he'd be the kid before
that was like getting all the tricks, boom, boom you'd be
like, all right, you don't need anything of Dylan.
And he'd come on trips, and he wouldn't get anything.
It was literally the last year when everyone was expecting
like all his fucking gnarliest shit, and that's when the year
that it really all took a hold of him and he just fucking
started to just melt.
He started having a hard time when he was in public, like
skating and stuff.
Because he constantly was feeling like
he was being judged.
And there was a point when he came to me and was like, I
want to quit.
I don't want to, I can't handle it anymore.
It's too much.
It was just fuck it.
It all had kind of hit into him at once.
And then, that was his outlet was, pop some pills.
INTERVIEWER: What kind of drugs, like
they were saying pills?
It's up to you, whatever you want to do.
DYLAN RIEDER: No, no it's all good.
I mean fucking pharmaceuticals, man they kind
of fucking solve your problems for the time being.

Drugs will win in the long run.
I didn't even know what was going on by the time of the
end of video.
I was pretty far gone.
I didn't really care.
I mean I did, but at the same time I was trying to fucking
not think pretty much about anything.
MARK OBLOW: He was that talented that he could pull
off something like that without being at 100%.
But the people that knew his 100% knew that that video was
not even close.
GREG HUNT: And especially towards like the last few
months of filming, like the real critical time, he was
just kind of like not really there.
There's always kind of like an idea of like, hey you know
it'd be good to get like a couple more lines, or like
some tranny stuff would be really cool.
Especially if you're someone young like him and you already
have a good foundation of a [INAUDIBLE]
you can kind of like mold it a little bit.
And he just wasn't really super focused at all.
So, I don't know, it was kind of rough on me, because I had
really, like, high expectations.
And I'm not saying his part isn't good, but he'll admit
this first, he had high expectations too.
And he knew, and in a lot of ways, I think he feels like,
not that he blew it, but he could come through a lot
better than he did.
HEATH KIRCHART: I feel like his part in the Alien video
was good, but like, this is like a kid that's like a real
talent at skating.
And I don't think he lived up to this talent
in that video part.
There were certain people pouring as much as they could
into this video, and then here there was this young kid that
we got to be in the video, to help the
video, just piling out.
I didn't know this, but at the premier, after his part he got
up and just left, just walked out on the video.
Hearing that, I mean there was just numerous things, like, I
don't care if your fucked up on pills, or what, like you
don't go to your fucking video premiere where everyone in
this team worked hard, and walk out after your own part.
Just don't even show up if you're going to do that.
DYLAN RIEDER: Well I went to it.
It was fucked, like I was so out of it.
And I remember there was like no seats.
And I just remember it was like a really weird situation
in my head.
And I guess there was like seats saved for me, but I was
so far gone that I didn't even realize it.
I remember watching my part and then I just left.
And I remember walking down the aisle and seeing Carter,
like that's going to be the only thing I really remember,
like when walking out.
I guess he like super bummed.
INTERVIEWER: He was bummed you left?
DYLAN RIEDER: Like he was pretty pissed off.
INTERVIEWER: Did you ever come out and say shit?
HEATH KIRCHART: I'm not really that type of guy, because like
I just like keep it bottled up, and bottled up, and just
slowly, over time, will just like hate someone.
And just like, be like, all right well fuck that.
I just hate him now.
And that's kind of like the way I went with Dylan.
I just like, this fucking kid, and just like, he would annoy
the fuck out of me.
I just kind of like bottled it all in, and just turned it
into like hatred towards him.
INTERVIEWER: But, supposedly that all ended.
And now he's like--
HEATH KIRCHART: Well, yeah, like that was like, Dylan, I
kind of like, I mean, I was kind of just over the whole
Dylan thing.
Just like, whatever, like he's not that motivated to skate,
and he did a lot of bullshit.
He did a lot bullshit, like walk out on a premier.
You just don't act that way.
But then time went on, and later on I found out that he
had this gnarly pill problem, and
everything, kind of got help.
I think, he got ultimatums from these companies,
basically like listen, like these checks are here, but
their not yours until you clean your act up, you're
done, you're cut off.
MARK OBLOW: We were going to definitely drop him from
Gravis, and drop him from Analog.
Because it was like, we just can't keep this going.
There's always excuses, and it was basically like we tried to
get him to go to rehab that day, and basically he didn't
want to go.
He wanted to try and do it on his own.
And I didn't think he could do it, Moe didn't
think he could do it.
But, the thing with Dylan was he was always like honest and
straight with us, and so he just said, hey, give me six
days and if I can't do it in six days, then
I'll go to a clinic.
So we said fuck, OK.
And no one thought he could do it, but he actually did it.
DYLAN RIEDER: Fuck man, I just got my priorities have changed
since that video.
I'm just more focused on my skating, pretty much.
Like all that shit's in the past that I did.
I really don't even think about it anymore, now it's
like a new chapter for me.
GREG HUNT: And I think that's why now, over the past year,
he's like seriously, like, on a mission.
So I think now he's like super on point.
HEATH KIRCHART: I mean, I went on a trip with him last year,
and completely different guy, 180--
with skating, really motivated, just like, wow,
like, everyone's going to the bar, Dylan's going out with
Greg with the generator and the lights to
try to go film tricks.
I've seen the tricks that he's done.
On that trip, I saw stuff that he did that was like really
impressive, really impressive stuff.
ANTHONY VAN ENGELEN: I don't think in the past six months
there hasn't been a time when we go out, even if it's just a
mellow day, it turns into a gnarly day.
The kick from Smith was just something that
happened one day.
I mean, that's just the testament to what's going on
with him right now, it's just like that's like something
he'll just wake up and run into.
I mean, could you imagine then the shit that he's thinking
about doing?
JASON DILL: What you saw in Minefield great, super sick.
You have no idea.
I mean the kid is just, he's in the window.
Me and Abe talk about the window, 1924
you have this window.
When you're in the window, you can do anything.
BILL STROBECK: Dylan, he's a young, agile, skateboarder.
I mean, he's in his window, for sure.
Like, he's fucking killing it right now.
ATRO SAARI: The last year now that I've seen him skate and
going to [INAUDIBLE] and he's just fucking destroyed it.
Just, fucking manpower, he's not like this
flimsy little guy.
He's just like stylish, fucking buffed out, and is
just ready to kill.
Yeah, he's working on this clip for Gravis.
And I'd say, that's going to be pretty god damn good.
Not a single filler in it.
This stuff was supposed to be kind of the bangers of the
Alien video.
He's catching up on the missing year.
DYLAN RIEDER: Yeah, I'm super stoked in what I have so far,
I mean, fuck it.
It's such a short period of time to do video a parts.
I've been filming with Greg I think a year now.
GREG HUNT: I'd like to think that people's perception of
Dylan is going to change.
Because I think right now, I think people don't really--
I think he's kind of like a little mis-perceived maybe,
you know what I mean?
When this footage comes out, I think it's going to change a
lot of people's minds because it's so good.
And it's not just like he's like technically good, he's
fucking gnarly.
ANTHONY VAN ENGELEN: We all knew what he was capable of,
but now he finally knows.
He always ripped, but now he's fucking gnarly.
And I don't know when this thing comes out, if his thing
will be out, but anybody whose been talking shit, or
whatever, this kid's like fucking tough as nails, Dude.
He's like one of the gnarliest skaters alive right now.
And people will see, just that.

I don't know, I told them to film for another two years and
make, Dylan the Movie.
They made one of Bruce Irons.
I thought it was sick.
Bruce Irons the Movie.
INTERVIEWER: Who's that?
ANTHONY VAN ENGELEN: Pro surfer, Bruce
Irons, Vulcan made it.
They should make fucking Dylan the Movie.