Ezel 36 Part 2 English

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Go inside, say that you work for Gillet (nickname) Ahmet, and give this to the lady
Dont let Hayratli see you
You again man
Kenan, where are you going?
Where to, save me from these babys
You gonna get yourself in trouble and leave it up to me, you think this work is a game but there is no game in our work
Whats that?
The stain on these isnt gone away, let them wash it again, bring me my black dress, im gonna wear that one
You sang `kara sevda´ really good, good job
Thank you
Everyone really had there eyes on you girl
No dear
You really like the atention I believe, so flirty flirty right?
Thats youth, you should have seen me on your age
I was very little then
Youre still really little
And that song doesnt really suit your voice, isnt it right Selim?
Lets take that song to our repertoire, yes we shall take it
It's not a problem, right Selma?
And hear me out, you have a beautiful face, if you comb your hair to your age, your face will be in the medium more
Dont bother, I´ll do it
No bother Selma, this is my room, I´ll do everything here
Everyone just bargs in here
He definitely came for you
Let me present you this
Give that to me!
Who gave this to you?
Who gave this to you!
I gave it
I gave it sir, so that he could give it to miss Selma
Every night I come to watch the lady and every night
I come to say something but its shyness, you dont have it, Im always afraid to get in front of her, I wanted to give her something worthy
And behind the door I was going to watch her smile, without knowing from who it is
But if I see the ring on her finger one day
I wanted to know, that this pretty lady accepts the love of a stranger
Is this true?
Now all of you get out
You stay
Keep it
After going out of the casino, against the morning we came here, you remember dont you?
When you all of a sudden called, my mom got worried dad, is there something happening again?
No dear, what can happen
If there was something, would you tell
Cant someone just want to sit down with there family, my daughter?
Wouldnt he?
If he can find them ofcourse
Shall we go to the side table uncle, we have to talk
No nephew there is nothing to talk about
We dropped what wasnt necassery, we are lightened, were all sitting lightly with the family, right?
This is it?
My boss doesnt like much luxoury
Shall we take a couple, for example I liked this painting a lot
Sebnem I´ll paint the same of this for you, it doesnt look that difficult
You dont get art at all
50.000 TL 0(turkish lira)
Wich one, the painting, look
All of it
Oh sure, these are worth twenty times more
They are worth more
this cant be, lets go to another one, lets get the one waiting in the line
Now its 40.000 TL, shall I give it or shall I go?
I didnt like you at all...give it
Wait where are you going, okay its 40, 40!
Come with me
Wait a minute, we didnt do anything so why are we running?
Let them interogate you for one day...then you will say something else, come on
Lets take these
Sebnem there is no time
Dont pull me Tevfik!
Should I take this one, which one will be more expensive this one or this one, youre not helping at all Teyfik
Tevfik, youre so insensitive
Outside now
Where were you?
My dad was a baker, his hands were like rivets, you understand me, heslapped really hard
I was the youngest one but I always got the biggest slap
I wonder why?
At the age of 15 I ran away from home
I would say that the places there werent mine, im going to take whats mine i said
Did you take it?
I was in prison for 30 years nephew, 30 years
Ive had 2 wifes and 4 children
They are all gone, I put a knife on my best friends throat
Ive send my own daughter to the other side of the world, I understood but I understood it too late nephew, I didnt take what was mine
You didnt deserve what was yours dad
I didnt ask nothing from anyone, everything I wanted I pulled and took it, they said you cant do it, but i did it, you cant come out they said, i came out
What is left is a little name, Ramiz Karaeski
Ramiz Karaeski...
The last mobster
Is this your goodbye speech?
It is...
Isn't it uncle?
The great Ramiz Karaeski...
The last mobster...
youre a mobster but you got an order too, you counted too didnt you?
You tell me my daughter, you wrote my book didnt you?
I didnt write these things in the book dad, but its not because of father love
I heard you shoot the ones who wrote bad things about you in the leg, that’s why
I don’t shoot in the leg my daughter, if I pull out a gun I shoot the bullet right in the middle of the man
That’s right
If you shoot you shoot to kill right dad?
Youre a manly man, add that too to your goodbye speech
Did you only kill men to protect yourself?
Did you only make terror for justice?
Have you become so ruthless because your manly?
To stay alive my daughter
I became ruthless so I could stay alive
I've put my heart where it belongs way too late
Youre a lonely hero then, right?
So youre going to die heroic now, is it a heroic act to exile your own daughter dad?
youre such a man that when they said that youve killed your own sons, nobody came out to say that you wouldn’t do it...
Thats Ramiz Karaeski
My daughter
Now youve come here to spell out verdicts, you’ve gathered your family for one last lesson
Youre not a hero or whatever, you cant give us a lesson!
Its not a lesson my daughter, its not a lesson
I wanted to fully look at you all
You cant look!
You cant look at me
Youre just a selfish man youre not my father
I didn’t want to go without saying the unsaid words my daughter
You cant go!
You cant go!
Youre a terrible man, youre not my dad, you cant go
You cant go!
I just found you, you cant go!
My daughter...
I just found you
My daughter
You just took me with you!
You cant go!
I hate you, you cant go dad
You cant go...
I hate you, you cant go, you just took me with you, you cant go...dont go
My child, my daughter...
My daughter, my everything, my daughter...
Come on lets go
Teyfik, Im going to ask you something but please answer me with whats on your mind
Okay ask
Whats going to happen to us now?
I mean were like in a strip novel but Ezel is not a hero, he’s just a person like you and me, at least thats what Ive learned now
And that’s why we have to help Ezel
No, I don’t mean that, in the novels you never see the characters watching television or eating
What a big lack
Tevfik, were not novel characters, were real, I mean Ezel suggested a job for me, gave me money then I was going home, I mean..
I don’t care about Ramiz Karaeski, I don’t care about Kenan Birkan, I don’t care about Ezel’s and Eysan’s love you mean, I have a life you mean, right?
No that’s not what Im saying, I mean yes that’s a little what Im saying, am I saying such a bad thing?
Sebnem were different
For you its just a job...
For me its more
Tevfik, please tell me the truth, now you say that youre going to go your own way, this uncle, if he calls you, if he wants something, if he says jump, will you jump again Tevfik?
Now Im gonna ask you something
Sebnem whats going to happen to us?
No I mean...i mean whats going to happen to us Sebnem?
I thought you’d never ask
Go down and wait for me there, do as I say!
He's a good kid, he's not going to do it you said, did you change you're mind?
He’s just like you Ezel, if he has something on his mind, he wont let go
Lets tell him the truth then uncle, lets tell him that you didn’t kill his father, why are we waiting like a lambs?
Don’t you think I didn’t try, 10 years, I had my men after him for 10 years, that I didn’t search for him, that I didn’t make my men follow him Ezel?
Doesn’t he understand words, doesn’t this man see the truth!
Ezel, haven’t you seen a man that’s hung on something, 10 years, for 10 years they brain washed this kid
10 years, theres no possibility that they would have left an open door
Whatever I say...Kenan already gave the answer
If there is nothing left to say...
Whats left then?
No Ezel no, that road is closed, give your word to your uncle
It doenst matter how this story will end your not going to touch this kid Ezel, youre not going to fight with him
Blood line a strange thing right uncle?
The man comes to kill you, you don’t want anything to happen to him
You misunderstood me nephew
I don’t want anything to happen to you
That your family wont break again
You’ll understand this the best, promise me, promise your uncle nephew
He’s not going to do anything anyways, I know it
I have a son too uncle
I want him more,,,more than anything in this world
everything is worthless, if only he comes to me
If he could say: youre my dad, if that feeling between son and father would be there, I would want that more than everything, I hope youre right uncle
I hope blood is such a strong thing, Im gonna learn, I don’t know
But I do know this, my connection (line) with...you is stronger than a blood line
Then nephew
Lets continue visiting the family, come on
There are stronger things in life then blood lines...like loyalty
There are wraths that dont come from youre bloodline...like revenge
Which one is stronger?
When does a stranger become a family to you?
And when does a family become strangers to each other?
Becoming a family to someone can go slowly or just in a moment
With regret to...
Or with jealousy...
Family can give you trust...
Family can give you death...
Didn’t you say we were going to visit family?
I said, I said but there not mine, mine are death, yours are alive
What are you planning again uncle?
Your family is waiting for you nephew, look Ive talked with your mother, Ezel is going to talk with you I said, she’s waiting for you
Uncle what right do you have?
I have the right, I have the right on you even if there little nephew, and I want it to be like this Come on go to your family, go it’s the right time
What are you doing uncle, it cant be like this
Actually it can be like this, Im going to give you whole and well to your family, at last
Nephew, my spartan, goodbye, let your rights on me be halal, my son...
My son...