How to Use Photoshop Express : Uploading Photos To Photoshop Express

Uploaded by expertvillage on 15.08.2008

Photoshop Express is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated and I am in
no way affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated. In this lesson I'm going to teach you how
to upload your photos with Photoshop Express. If you've just signed in you're going to see
a screen that looks like this and you can either click "upload photos here" or I'm going
to click on the "my photos" button. If you're elsewhere browsing galleries or whatnot, you
can click on the "my photos" button at the top and that's going to take you to this screen
right here. If you want to upload a photo all you have to do is click "upload photos"
either here at the top left or right here in the middle of the screen. And it's going
to open up your finder and you can browse and find what ever photos you want to upload.
I am going to click on this one and select that. And it's going to take you to your upload
photos queue and from here you can upload it directly to your library, that's what it
defaults to, or you can create a new album or upload to an existing album. I'm going
to leave it on "upload to library" right now. And you can upload more photos. You can upload
more than 1 at a time. I'm going to click on "upload more" right here and come down
and select another photo. So now I've got 2 photos in my queue right there, so when
ever you are ready to upload all your photos, you can click on the "upload" button right
here and it's going to take a couple seconds to upload your photos and you can track the
progress here. But after it's done, all you have to do is click on "done" right here and
you're going to see the photos that you've just uploaded right here. And if you want
to get rid of a photo that you don't want in your gallery anymore, all you have to do
is select it and come down here at the bottom and click on "remove photo" and it's going
to make sure that you confirm that you want to delete that and if you click "okay" that's
going to get rid of that photo. So that's how you upload your photos to Photoshop Express.