Company (2002) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 7

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I did what I feIt was right. - Who are you to decide?
''When I'm doing something, I decide. Did you ask me before kiIIing Warsi?''
AII you said was it goes against the company. Did I say anything?
A hundred decision are made a day. Am I asked before deciding?
Decisions wiII taken according to the needs of the company
Not according to what you think. - I'm part of the company too
''Then stay with the company, don't try to own it''
Shut up you Iackey! - And what wiII you do to me?
I'II bury you aIive! - Who do you think you are?
''Come off it Chandu, come on Yadav. - Come to your senses, Chandu''
I'm just coming to my senses. Now I see it aII cIearIy
You never saw it when we picked you up from the streets?
''You did it for your gain, not mine''
Do you think...
the company can't go on without you?
If the company can make do without me I too can make do without the company
BIoody cur! From day one I've been saying I don't Iike this guy one bit
''But you Iost your mind, you pampered him''
''Now you see that bastard? MaIik bhai, just teII me...''
I'II pump a whoIe magazine into him. - Yadav
MaIik bhai! I'II kiII him! - Have you gone mad?
''Saroja, go inside. - MaIik he's...''
Go inside
But MaIik...
Kanu? - Yes Saroja?
Chandu wiII be coming over. Take him and run away
Send a few guys from Kowloon over to Sayonara HoteI
We'II kiII him right there
He's chiIdish. MaIik you know him and I know him too
I'm going to hauI him in by his ears and I'm going to make him apoIogise
''Come on David. Yadav, you stay right here''
What happened? - Saroja caIIed
She said MaIik is in a rage. - TeII me properIy
''She said, MaIik is in a rage, he might do anything''
He's sending someone to kiII you! - What?
''Chandu, I'm scared. Let's go away from here''
''Kanu, come on''
''Come on David, I'II kiII you right here''
''Come on, out''
I'II kiII you and I'II kiII your MaIik too
''Come on, I'II kiII you''
''Come on, you coward! Are you hiding?''
''MaIik bhai, Chandu started shooting. Panditji is down''
Didn't even give him a chance to taIk. Just shot him
You know what he said? Said he'II kiII MaIik bhai too
''What do you mean why? I toId you, he came to kiII me''
Came to kiII Chandu
Just Iet me make it to Bombay. I'II show them who Chandu is
I'II Iet you know which flight I'm taking
''Yadav, any probIems?''
The probIem is about to begin
What do you mean? - The word isn't out yet
''But once word outs, no knowing how the boys wiII take it''
''His men wiII be incensed, anything might happen''
We aren't yet ready for something so big
''Listen to me, stay for a whiIe in some other country''
''MaIik, did you think Chandu wiII die so easiIy?''
Chandu won't die. But you're going to be finished
The bIood that went into the making of this company...
wiII now go into destroying this company
''MaIik, you and your company are finished''
Mumbai was dumbfounded at the news of the spIit between Chandu and MaIik
No one knew what was happening
Day and night Yadav was trying to trace Chandu
''Maybe to Kenya, MaIaysia''
He couId be in SwitzerIand too. - Find him
Men have come and men have gone but I never saw MaIik bhai this way
He never made such a big mistake
''But I swear sister, I'II set everything aII right''
Saroja hid it. But she was torn by the feeIing of remorse
''In Mumbai, Rani was scared to death''
''Chandu, what am I hearing?''
But you said he's a nice guy. - That was my mistake...
taking him for a nice guy. He beIongs to no one
AII he thinks of is gain. - But when he came home...
''he Iooked Iike a nice guy, didn't he? - Do you know more than I do?''
''Look Chandu, right now you're hot in the head. Think it over, properIy''
Don't you teII me what to do. He and I have parted. Period
''After PatiI died, Raote was the onIy Ieader who couId assume his position''
That's why he had PatiI bumped off
''After the two-minute siIence, he became home minister for 5 years''
News of Raote drives me crazy
Give the chair to someone you ought to hauI in?
And now he's kiIIing our boys. Such justice
And they caII us undetworId
At Ieast we say it openIy. PoIiticians are doing it on the sIy
And they're raping the whoIe country
Hey Kanu... - Coming. Stop screaming
Come down. - Hi Kawra! How are you?
''Fine, Iook what the Iady sends you''
You'II Iaugh your guts out when I teII you about Yadav
PateI the money-Iaunderer from Bandra tipped Yadav off saying that...
''Chandrakant is in HoteI Sheraton in Bangkok, Iaundering money''
Yadav caIIs up Bangkok gives the chinks a contract
Man dies. - Dead?
Listen on. He does ajig and he goes to see MaIik
But MaIik was informed aIready. The guy was some other Chandrakant
Guess who? Someone who was working for their distributor
ReaIIy? - The distributor was in a rage
MaIik bhai caIIed him personaIIy and said Iet bygones be bygones
Now I hear Yadav is after PateI for a wrong tip-off
What a Iook he must be wearing. - Looking for a pIace to hide his face
Tip offs need not necessariIy be wrong every time
Too much saIt
''Kanu, Iisten to me, this is just the beginning''
Yes I'm in Kenya and they don't know yet
That they'II never find out is no foregone concIusion
''If something happens, I can get out. But with you...''
''For the Iast time, hear me out. I'm not Ieaving you''
''So Iet's die together, okay?''
''Kanu... - Not you, not again''
''Try to understand. With you around, he'II worry for you aII the time''
''If you're in Mumbai, he wiII at Ieast...''
''And Iook, your staying on is no advantage for us''
''How are you, Kanu? I wouId've come to receive you. But something came up''
No probIem. Let's meet tomorrow or day after
How is it going? - The mess has shaken up everything
''Everyone is taking sides, the poIice, customs, everyone''
As if someone used a sword to sIash the business in two
Businessmen are cribbing about having to pay two instead of one
Nothing's spared. Take my movie
My hero says Yadav toId him not to work in my movie. And I toId him...
''if he doesn't come at 9 tomorrow, by two o'cIock I'II have him shot''
What can we do? - What do you mean? Stop them
How?. He's out of India. - Do something
''Why not ask this other friend of yours, this MaIik, to provide you security?''
''I'm a fiImstar, I meet a hundred guys, doesn't mean everyone is my friend''
''Yes, I might've said a heIIo or a hi to MaIik sometime''
I have 42 tapes of your heIIos with him. Want to hear?