New BMW 5 Series review

Uploaded by autoblogger on 19.02.2010

Whichever way you look at it, some cars are the benchmark in their class.
And without wanting to praise BMW too much...
...the 5-series kind of is.
It's always the car to beat.
Today we're going to find out if BMW can live up to that expectation again.
This is a really important car for BMW...'s at the very core of their product range.
They say they've combined the comfort of the 1-series...
...the versatility and the sportiness of the Z4... make the perfect little car.
Well, little. It's quite a big machine.
Lots of interior space, lots of luggage space...
...lots of comfort if you want it.
But, maybe more importantly...
...a hint of sportiness.
I'm looking for a place to test that out.
It really steers superbly.
It's a very nice car, it gives lots of feedback...
...and it's very well balanced.
It's rear-wheel drive of course, so if you want the back to step out...
...that's no problem. But it keeps traction quite long.
The regular 5-series, is really a 5-series GT with a happy ending...'s got a nicer backside and it drives a lot better.
People will recognize the interior from the 5-series GT of the 7-series.
It's all fine to use...
...except that I sometimes struggled with the automatic gearbox.
You have to push the button and that just feels too electronic...
...and sometimes it goes wrong and isn't in reverse when you think it is.
Of course there'll be a wide variety of engines to choose from.
A whole bunch of 6-cylinders; 523i, 528i...
...and the 535i, the one we're driving.
It's a 3-liter twin-turbo engine with 306 hp.
It's relatively economical...
...they say it does 27.7 mpg.
I'll have to admit that we divided that number by three during our testing... if you really want to get rid of your petrol, it'll also do that very quickly.
This 535i is more than fast enough.
For day to day use it's a great engine.
Of course the top speed is limited to 155 mph.
0-62 takes 6.0 seconds with the manual...
...with the automatic it takes 6.1 seconds.
In practice you'll get to 62 quicker with the automatic, but anyway.
This isn't a cheap car of course...
...especially not in the Netherlands.
Buying or leasing a car like this isn't for everyone.
It starts at 49,700 euro for the 520 diesel with a manual transmission...
...and if you want a 550i, it'll be 94 grand. All the other engines fall within that range.
So you'll need to bring some money if you want to drive a 5-series out of the dealers.
You expect a good car when BMW launches a new 5-series...
...we would've been flabbergasted if it would've been a bad car.
Are there any flaws? Yes, its looks...'s a bit tame if you compare it to the previous 5-series, the E60.
When we saw one driving yesterday we thought it still looked quite alright.
This 5-series' styling is a bit less audacious.
I'm curious to see how it'll cope, if I won't be over it soon.
I think it's quite nice, but it's not great.
Does all that make the new 5-series the benchmark in its class?
In a way it does. But it'll depend on your taste.
Do you like Audi or Mercedes better?
What do you think of its looks?
They've all come pretty close to each other when it comes to handling or comfort.
But for now it's a great car...'s sporty, the chassis is very nicely balanced.
You almost can't go wrong with it.