Time Management for Students

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Hi! My name is Stacey.
Life as a student can be hectic.
We all have to keep track of classes we attend,
readings to complete,
assignments to work on,
and that's on top of our social life
and work commitments!?
In this video, I'd like to show you
how you can make time management much easier
by using the right tools
and keeping in mind some simple steps.
[Sigh] Ok, let's begin.
The first step is to identify all the reoccurring events
in your schedule and add them to your agenda.
For example, you should insert all the classes,
tutorials and labs you attend each week.
Yes, you need to put them all in.
And make sure to indicate the time
each one begins and ends!
Electronic calendars make this step a bit easier
since they usually have a "repeat" option
so you don't have to duplicate the event by hand.
While we're at it,
why not block Friday nights, for some fun.
It may sound silly, but students need to plan
for some time off
if we want to be productive the rest of the time,
So make sure schedule a bit of time for yourself everyday
whether it's for watching your favourite show
or calling a friend.
Of course, you will also need to add appointments,
work shifts, hockey practice or group meetings in there, too.
I've learned the hard way
that if I don't do it right away, I'll forget!
I hate that sinking feeling
of realizing that I forgot to meet someone!
Alarm and remind functions are perfect
for alerting me of appointments.
Sometimes I even set more than one alarm -
one for the day before and one the day of the event!
What I like most about smart phones
and other handheld devices
is that I have them with me wherever I go.
So, I add details, like things I should bring,
the address or even bus directions!
If you want to access your schedule
from different places or devices,
there are terrific online tools that allow you
to synchronize your agenda so you have the same details
on your computer as well as your handheld device.
One of the most challenging aspects of time management for me
is scheduling time for on-going schoolwork,
like projects, essays and assignments.
Because these tasks are more complex and need to be done
over several days or even weeks,
I used to procrastinate
by doing all the easier things in my agenda first,
pushing that project to the next day, then the next.
Well, you get my point.
Finally, I found a solution.
I've started to look at each assignment
as a multiple-step process
and schedule some time for each step.
I actually feel less stressed, because I only need to focus
on one step at a time.
A good rule of thumb is to cut a large assignment
into a minimum of 6 step.
First, understand the assignment
and select a topic, if needed.
Next, decide how you will do the research.
identify what class notes, books, and other resources you will use.
Then read the supporting material,
and make notes of how it relates to your assignment.
Make an outline or a mind map of what you want to use or say.
Don't forget to identify which resources
you want to use in which section.
Write a draft.
Finally, edit and proofread your work.
So, as soon as I know I have an assignment coming up,
I take the time to put each of these steps in my schedule.
You need to be honest,
and schedule enough time for each task.
For example, I will have to give myself
a lot more time for writing
than I would for choosing a topic.
Well, I hope you've found my suggestions helpful.
Try them out and then adapt them
to fit your own personality and schedule!
For more help with time management,
don't hesitate to visit your student service department,
and check out our other resources on our website!
See you next time!
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