Alejandro & Diego - Part 32

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I brought you here because I don't want anyone to hear us.
I wanted to ask you.
Did you see Miranda a few days ago at a clinic?
I don't know what you're talking about sir.
So you didn't go two days ago to a clinic?
Oh, yeah, yeah. I went there a couple of days ago.
No, I didn't see Ms. Miranda. I think my mom saw her when she was leaving.
Well, it so happens that in that clinic they see people without insurance and without a job ...
and also illegals. So when she told me she saw you, I got worried about you.
She saw me?
Yes, Nora. In fact, I wanted to ask you, do you have any problems with immigration?
Hector, thank you for coming. Your son should be at the cafeteria. He's done with his lessons.
Thank you, Ana.
Nora! - Hi!
So good to see you. You know, I'd like to discuss something with you.
But at the moment I don't have time.
Remember that I want to meet your parents very soon.
Yes, yes. Of course.
Excuse me.
Bye. JP, can you come with me? We have a lot to talk about.
Yes, of course.
Of course Nora being an illegal worries me.
Look ... Alejandro, I’m here for my girlfriend's problems.
She has someone to protect her.
Diego ... and who is protecting you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
About your feelings ... about your anguish.
About who you really are on the inside.
Diego, Mr. JP asked me again if I saw Miranda at the clinic for illegals.
He's asking and asking. I don't know why he needs to know why I was there.
"When are you bringing your girlfriend and her parents to our house?"
Well, at least you can get Mr. JP off your back. But what do I tell my dad?
Look, he's always like “When are you going to bring your girlfriend and her parents home for dinner?”
My love, what if we do it tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow.
Diego, but why? Why do we have to do something so formal?
Could it be that your dad suspects something?
Suspects what?
That I don't have papers. That I'm here as an illegal.
Yeah, of course you were referring to that.
Well, what else would he suspect of, dummy?
Diego, I’m getting nervous just thinking what if your dad starts asking
and finds out that my dad was deported.
Look ... My love, we'll see what we come up with, okay?
But for now we have to accept. Because, look ...
"When are you bringing your girlfriend and her parents home?" - He keeps on insisting.
He wants something.
Come in.
Hector. - Armando.
You're worried, right?
I just wanted to tell you that I was in radiology getting the tests you asked for done.
I wish your illness had a cure.
Just like mental illnesses gets cured.
For example, homosexuality.
What? Since when was sexuality a disease?
I'm a scientist, Armando. I relate to Dr. Bachmann's studies.
He discovered a formula for treating those with that disease
so they become attracted to the opposite sex.
In five sessions a patient can be cured and become normal.
Since when does sex define you as a human being?
There are testimonies of many who were able to become normal.
Now they're happy, married and with children.
Look Hector, you know what? Let's change topic instead. And talking about sons ...
I'd like to ask you not to tell Santiago about my decision.
I want to do it personally.
Do it soon, because I need you relaxed and without emotional burdens before going into the operation theatre.
Very well. I'll do just that.
I will say goodbye to them in my own way.
Without causing them more suffering than they already have with their daughter's illness.
Thank you. I'll see you then. - Till then.