Russell and Natalie Fight in the BEST Interview Ever

Uploaded by cwalton2 on 22.12.2009

Russell: You need to weigh it. weigh it out. If she out witted me and out played me, then
give her the money. But they didn't. She was nicer to people than me. But weigh it out.
Which weighs more? That's just, that's called a bitter jury. That's what it is, when you,
ya know, yes, she got a better social game than me, but did she have a better strategic
game than me? Did she have a better physical game than me? No. So let's weigh it out. When
you think, when you put it logically, it seems like it would have to be my vote.
Natalie: No it doesn't because you were so mean to everybody. It's a social game. You
have to at least admit that it's a social game.
Russell: Yeah, it's a social game, a social game. Let's rename it "The Social Game" cuz
that's all it is. If it was a social game, and only that and only people like you were
playing in it, then you know what would happen? They would have shut it down before the first
season would have even been finished cuz you're that damn boring.
Natalie: You I might be boring, but guess what? I got the check. So that's all that
matters. I don't care.
Russell: You, you...
Natalie: Yeah, I know. You don't have anything to say. Thanks.
Russell: About money now? You want to talk about money now? You want to see my bank account?
Natalie: I don't really care about your bank account.
Russell: I don't really care about your check.
Natalie: Yeah, you do! You wanted the title. You do. You do care. You wanted to win and
you hated that you didn't win. I'm sorry that you didn't take into account the jury. You
did not play the social card...
Russell: I did not, but ...
Natalie: At all!
Russell: That's how stupid you are. That you think that the social game is THE game. It's
the, you say, you sit there and say "it's a social game! It's a social game!". How can
you be that ignorant? How can you be that stupid?
Natalie: Oh, guess what? I played the player, so just shut it up now. And you know it.
Russell: Social... Calm down. Calm down.
Natalie: And you know it. You're not used to getting a rise out of me and you got a
Russell: Is it...Oh, you want me to get a rise out of you?
Natalie: You already did and you know it.
Russell: Oh, you want me to start working on this? Cuz I'll get ya! I got many interviews
to go to.
Natalie: I know you do.
Russell: All kind of TV shows.
Moderator: ...and on that note, I'm going to have to pull for time. Thank you guys for
enjoying that though. Thank you guys for a great season.
Russell: We'll get that Natalie.
Moderator: ...and we'll see you back in Feburary. Take care. OK.
Russell: Watch what happens now! Watch what.. Watch what happens now!
Natalie: You wanted that!
Russell: You did...