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We are happy to inform you,. . .
that today is the birthday of Raja, the son of two superstars.
I request them,. . .
to sing their most popular song for us.
''Come, let's sing together. . . ''
''the song of life''
''Come, let's sing together. . . ''
''the song of life''
''Be there joys or sorrows. . . ''
''we must smile in the face of every adversity''
''Come, let's sing together. . . ''
''the song of life''
''Be there joys or sorrows. . . ''
''we must smile in the face of every adversity''
''Let our fingers keep strumming away. . . ''
''let there be a melody always on our lips''
''May we never be separated from old companions''
''Come, let's sing together. . . ''
''the song of life''
''Be there joys or sorrows. . . ''
''we must smile in the face of every adversity''
You must attend my show tomorrow.
Greetings! I'm Brij Bhushan. I organise shows.
You really sing very well. - Thankyou !
I organise shows abroad also.
I've a strong feeling that if your talent is exposed to the world,. . . .
it'll create a sensation.
You can discuss all this with my husband.
For a beautiful woman like you, a husband is just a license.
And your youth and beauty is public property.
So I've a right over you.
Enough of this love. Won't you go to drop Raju to school?
I forgot about it. Leave the guitar and take your bag.
Go! - First come closer.
Go! - Oh God !
I forgot the keys. I'll go and get it.
I know you are forgetful, so I've taken the keys.
Father, now what is the matter?
I forgot my personal diary. You get in the car.
Come soon as I'm getting late.
Now what is it? - Morning taste.
You can forget anything but not this.
Because it keeps me fresh and energetic.
Father, now I realise why you forget your things in the morning.
Now I won't leave him.
He can't live without me. He's always finding excuses to come home.
I'm coming. Now what happened?
You? !
Malti, won't you invite me in? - How did you dare to come here?
Did you forget that slap? - I've come to repay that slap.
Go or I'll scream. - Scream,. . . .
for your help, but keep in mind,. . .
that nobody will come to your help.
Bastard !
Let me go. No!
Scoundrel ! You dared to touch my Malti.
I'm calling from Suraj villa, Juhu Scheme.
You killed my husband. I won't spare you.
First try to save your son's life.
Your son is in my custody.
If you won't take the blame of your husband's death on yourself,. . . .
I'll kill your dear son.
You've already lost your husband now you'll lose your son also.
No. - You have to decide,. . . .
if you prefer freedom over your son's life.
You want freedom or your son's life.
Ms Malti, do you want to defend yourself?
I've nothing to say, judge.
I've only killed my husband.
I've only killed my husband.
I am a murderess. I ought to be punished.
The guilty Ms Maltidevi has accepted her crime.
The court holds her guilty of killing Suraj Kumar,. . . .
and under penal code 302,. . .
sentences her to 14 years of rigorous imprisonment.
Leave me.
Mother, why are they taking you?
You are innocent. They are all lying.
Mother, don't leave me and go. - Son, don't cry. Come with me.
Mother, don't go. - She'll soon come back.
Mother, don't leave me and go.
This boy insists on meeting you. He says he's your son.
Mother, how are you? Why aren't you talking to me?
I'm your son Raju.
Raju ! My son?
I have no son. And I don't even recognise you.
I am your son. Father also left me.
The neighbours also threw me out.
I went to uncle's house but aunt also threw me out,. . .
saying they can't house a murderer's son.
Mother, where shall I go and what shall I do?
I have nobody to call my own.
Why are you harassing me?
Sunita, take him away.
Why are you troubling her when she doesn't even know you?
Now don't ever come here again. - Mother, don't send me away.
Why are you crying now? You refused to even recognise him.
You are really stone-hearted.
I don't want the world to call him,. . .
the son of a murderess.
I don't want him to feel ashamed of his parentage.
But who'll bring him up?
Life is a good teacher.
He too will learn. The goddess will protect him!
Sir, money.
Hey, bring two cups of tea. - Yes, Sir.
Wait. - Why?
I'll dance to your music. - Okay.
What about my tea? - He's dancing damn well.
Raju, come here.
Have you come for a celebration? - No, sir.
Then fetch tea for them. - I'll get it in a flash.
Sir, here's your tea. - You dance very well.
Where did you learn? - Perhaps he's a prostitute's son.
You dared to abuse my mother!
He burnt my face. - Rogue!
I brought you here to work.
He abused my mother. - Behave decently with clients.
Bring his bag.
Take your bag and get out of here.
Don't worry.
These people will willingly spend on whores.
But they don't respect talent.
Today they have insulted your talent.
But one day they'll appreciate your this very talent.
Come, children.
Dear Radha, make two more rotis. - Soon.
Who is he? - His name is Raja.
He dances amazingly well !
I'll see later. You must be tired so take a wash and sit down to eat.
In a jiffy. - Come, children.
Raja, now don't consider yourself alone as we are with you.
Now we'll lead a happy and comfortable life.
I too will dance and sing.
And I'll play the music.
My dear brothers and your sisters-in-law,. . . .
lend me your ears.
Happy New Year!
Today, I'll introduce you to an artiste,. . .
a dancer who is mind blowing.
He's a complete entertainer.
Is he male or a female?
Behave yourself or the police will have to intervene.
He's not any ordinary entertainer.
He'll leave you all speechless.
He is the modern day Robin hood.
What is his name? - My friend's name is Raja.
''Wanna hear me sing?''
''So throw those dancing-bells here''
''And give me an instrument to play''
''It's my challenge, friends! ''
''When I dance, you'll dance with me''
''When I sing, you'll sing with me''
''When I dance, you'll dance with me''
''When I sing, you'll sing with me''
''The world will remember me''
''Every young heart will sway with me''
''That's the sort of dancer I am, guys! ''
''I'm the one being discussed in every house and street''
''I adore pretty young girls. How I love those beautiful ones''
''At every gathering, I sing a new song''
''There can't be another dancer like me''
''When I dance, you'll dance with me''
''When I sing, you'll sing with me''
''From my lips flow pearls in the form of songs. . . ''
''every song is a slave to my enthusiasm''
''I sing the song of life. For music is my life itself''
''I'm a dancer the world is crazy about''
''When I dance, you'll dance with me''
''When I sing, you'll sing with me''
''The world will remember me''
''That's the sort of dancer I am, guys! ''
''When I dance, you'll dance with me''
''When I sing, you'll sing with me''
Greetings, sir! The show is over. - So?
My money? - What money?
I did you a favour by presenting you and you're asking for money.
But you had promised me Rs 200 after the show.
What did you say? - Pali, be quiet.
Don't mix with beggars. Here is your money.
Take it and leave. - I'm not asking for alms.
Pick this money and place it in my hand.
What did you say?
Pick up the money and get lost.
I'll leave only after making you pick this money.
You will make me pick up the money!
Did you hear that?
He'll make me pick up the money!
Radha, open the door.
The door won't open. is this the time to return?
We had a programme.
The organisers didn't offer accommodation?
Come, let's go elsewhere.
But,. . - Oh god !
Come, she's opened the door.
Raja, how did you get hurt?
How did this happen?
You are bleeding. - It's nothing.
Whom did you fight with? - Don't fuss about it.
It's bleeding profusely.
I'll bandage it.
Why do you care so much for me? - Who else will do it?
I wonder what programme is this that involves brawls?
Dattu, ask her to keep shut or I'll leave the house for good.
You always make threats. But what had happened?
I broke one fellows few teeth. The remaining I'll break tomorrow.
The others were also badly injured.
Thanks to me he was saved. - Thankyou !
But why did you pick a fight? - For money.
You can't sell mirrors to a blind. - What do you mean?
I'll explain.
Read this. - What is it?
The winner of the Ist prize gets Rs 2 1,000.
That's big money.
You are sure to win and become a superstar. Isn't it, Radha?
It'll solve all our monetary problems.
Can we come in?
So you have come?
Come in. - He's mistaken us for some girls.
He looks a lost case to me.
Do come in.
We've come.
How are you?
When did you grow a moustache?
We want to participate in the dance competition.
What story? I've no time to hear your story.
He's three-in-one. - What do you mean?
He's blind, deaf, stammers but talks too much.
How dare you accuse me of shrinking work?
He's a big bore too.
We want to participate in the dance competition.
So, say that.
Your name. - Raja.
Come? - Come
And you? Don't confuse me.
He dances and I play.
What do you play? - Drums.
I play rum.
Where is this? Oh, I know!
Which college,. . . - Is this?
This college has classes on the footpath and is free of cost.
Fight? - Education.
Who is the group?
We don't trust just anybody.
As you don't have a valid group and college you can't participate.
Reservation exists here too. - Fill Raja's name in this form.
Can't you see my moustache? - Where is it?
You left them at home? - How dare you make fun of me?
Sir, please listen to me.
Raja, he is crippled too.
Fool? - Sweet.
He is a misfit.
When a dumb, deaf, and cripple like him can chair this position,. . .
then why can't youths like us dance on stage?
Answer. - Don't fight here.
If I stay here a minute longer I too will become like him.
Look, we are going. - Why are you coming again?
No. - Leave me. I want to hit him.
Are you coming?
Now we present the last pair of this competition.
''The world belongs to those who are crazy and carefree''
''The world belongs to those young at heart''
''The world belongs to those who are crazy and carefree''
''The world belongs to those young at heart''
''This is the age to steal and lose hearts''
''This is the most colourful age''
''Those that dare at this age. . . ''
''shall not escape the consequences''
''It's the age to eye pretty ones. - The age to let your hair down''
''It's the age to snatch what you want. - It's the age to get what you want''
''This is the age when legends are made''
''The world belongs to those who are crazy and carefree''
''The world belongs to those young at heart''
''The world belongs to those young at heart''
As usual the winner for the past 3 years is,. . . .
Wait! The contest is not yet over.
The final contestant has yet to come.
Who are you? - I'm a musical whiz.
And my name is Raja.
If you are so confident about your dancing,. . .
then give me also a chance to try my luck.
Your name doesn't figure in our list.
As such poor people's names never figure in the list of the rich.
Okay. I'll show you,. . . .
your rightful place.
Organiser, let him also try his luck.
''This is no age for showdowns''
''This is the age to reach out''
''This is the age to express your love''
''This is the age to steal hearts''
''It's the age to kick up a fuss, to sing and dance''
''It's the age when hearts meet, the age for roses to blossom''
''It's the age when the flame and the firefly perish for each other''
''The world belongs to those who are crazy and carefree''
''The world belongs to those young at heart''
Is anyone home? - Who's it?
Is this Raja's house? - Yes, he's Raja.
But who are you? - I'm Pestonjee Sohrabji Batliboi.
I make artiste's dance. - You are a supplier?
He's a dancing star. - I'm a show organiser.
My dancing star is Madhuri Dixit.
Bring tea for him. - Take a seat.
Raja, I was glad to see Mohnish lose at your hands.
I was in the theater and I clapped the most.
But after that I felt better.
He was very proud. - The one in front or behind you?
No, I'm talking about Mohnish.
I want you to do a show for me.
How much will you charge? - Hurry up and bring the tea.
Our milk is pure. We don't buy from vendors.
Then who comes? - The buffalo.
I mean it. - Shut up!
How much will you give? - I'll give you Rs 10,000 for a show.
Okay, I'll give you Rs 15,000. - Rs 15,000.
Okay, but I won't you pay you more than Rs 20,000.
Is it okay?
Accept it. Cancel the tea.
Bring some sweets. We accept it.
Okay. - Can I ask you a question?
What is Batliboi? - What is a tube baby called?
Since I was born in a bottle I'm called Batliboi.
Good you weren't born in a pipe. - What are you saying?
I'm a mother's boy.
Whatever you say but Raja excelled us in dancing.
And he rightfully deserved that prize.
I don't like such contests where any Tom, Dick and Harry can participate.
What are you saying? An artiste is an artiste.
A talented artiste like you shouldn't speak like this.
We'll go together for Raja's show at Kalamandir.
Mr Joshi, did you get the tickets for Raja's show?
The show is houseful.
I'd sent somebody to Batliboi but he was very rude.
I'll personally speak to Raja.
I'm Priya here. - I recognised your voice.
Thanks. You deprived us of our award,. . .
now you'll deprive us of your show also?
Infact my show will be incomplete without your appreciation.
Is that why I was denied tickets? - You don't need tickets.
What do you mean? - I want you as a special invitee.
I'll send you V.I. P. cards. I'll wait for you.
We'll go together. Bye!
She's praising him to the skies.
These are not good signs. Keep in mind,. . .
if he becomes a star your career will be worst affected.
Mother, this is my first show.
I wish you were here.
Bless me that I follow in your footsteps,. . .
and fulfill your and father's dreams of being successful.
Raja, I'm going ahead.
The cab is waiting for you. Be on time.
Who are you?
So, you are Raja?
Yes, but why are you blocking my path?
I've to attend my show. - Jagia, he wants to go for the show!
Hey you, leave if you value your life.
Now how will I go?
I've to go. - You can't go.
Raja, I won't spare you today.
Please let me go.
Hit him.
Brothers and sisters, be in your seats.
When will the show start? - It'll soon start.
You start dancing while I'll sing.
I'd rather calm the public.
Begin the show. - Calm down.
How long more? - Have patience.
Your favourite dancer Raja is here.
''Hey friends. . . ''
''what is it that life is incomplete without?''
''Money. . . ? No way! ''
''Is it fame. . . ? No! ''
''Is it respect. . . ? - Not at all ! ''
''It's love then? - Yeah ! ''
''Looks like I've fallen in love with someone, too''
''Who is she?''
''There's this girl who has stolen my heart''
''She has made life difficult for me''
''She's scared, she's shy. She's right here, among us''
''Is this how everybody feels when they fall in love. . . ?''
''My heart. . . keeps hammering all day and night''
''How it yearns to meet her''
''Every moment it says something. It feels a strange restlessness''
''There's always a strange restlessness''
''There's this girl who has stolen my heart''
''She has made life difficult for me''
''Would you like to know about my dream-girl?''
''Oh yes''
''Innocent, tender and vunerable''
''She knows everything, and yet she acts ignorant''
''I'll stoke the fires of love. I'll melt her resolve. . . ''
''I'll melt her steely resolve''
''There's this girl who has stolen my heart''
''She has made life difficult for me''
''She's scared, she's shy. She's right here, among us''
''There's this girl who has stolen my heart''
''She has made life difficult for me''
Why hasn't the doctor arrived? - He must be on his way.
They've hit you mercilessly. May they be damned.
Why aren't you disclosing their identity?
Come in.
Who are you? - I'm Priya.
Congratulations on the success of your show.
What happened to you on the stage?
Have your friend's stock of stones exhausted that you've brought flowers?
What do you mean? - Who'd know this better than you?
Haven't you come to gauge the intensity of my wounds?
I came to congratulate you and you are abusing me.
I'm thankful to you,. . . .
for giving me the courage to fight all odds.
I mistook you for a hero but you are a zero.
She's Pinky, my childhood friend.
Now that I've got back my lost love life will have a new meaning.
Guess what gift I've got for you? - Sweets.
Then it must be chocolates. - See.
You got for me a mere flower.
You threw away my gift. You are zero not a hero.
What are you thinking? - Nothing.
Cowards! You all couldn't tackle a mere boy!
You all are useless.
How did Raja escape? - We did our best, but,. . .
That was some effort!
Get out of here!
Raja was right that you sent your goons to harm him.
I never expected you to stoop so low.
If you wanted to suppress him you could've surpassed his talent.
I hate you.
Raju, isn't this the same tune on which we danced as children?
Yes. I recognised you yesterday itself, Pinky.
But you recognised me today. - How?
Only Pinky can make a hero a zero.
I want to know why you cancelled my shows in Delhi, Calcutta and Madras?
Why cancelled?
Mr Mohnish, this is the law of nature.
That the old has to make way for the new.
What do you mean? - It is very clear,. . .
that now Raja is a star.
But don't forget, that I've a 3 year contract with this company.
We made that contract and we have a right to cancel that contract too.
I'll take you'll to court.
Priya, don't forget that I was instrumental in your success.
And I won't take this injustice lying down.
I want to meet your father. - He won't meet anyone.
You can go now.
Okay. I'll get even with you.
I've been waiting so long for you. - Don't get upset.
You are abusing me? - No.
It means I love you !
Oh, that's it!
What happened, Madam? - I'm tired.
So? - Raja, how much do you love me?
Should I show you?
Enough ! Spare something for tomorrow.
Love is meant to shower not to hoard.
Now, get up, I want to start the bike.
I won't get up. - No?
What is this you are doing? - I'm taking off.
Raju, I wish we are always together.
If you are with me, I can even combat death.
Don't say such things.
Father, Raja has come to meet you. I'd mentioned about him to you.
Father, didn't I tell you that he'll listen to me.
Hereafter he'll perform only for our company and dance only with me.
I prefer an embrace to a hand-shake.
Didn't you recognise me? I'm Raju.
Who Raju? - Your Raju.
I don't know you. - Mother, wait!
''Our dreams shall now be colourful''
''Even if the world is divided, we shall stand together''
''We shall never be separated again. . . ''
''it's a promise we must keep''
''Come, let's sing together. . . ''
''the song of life''
''Be there sorrows or joy. . . ''
''we must smile in the face of every adversity''
''We must smile in the face of every adversity''
Raju, my child !
My dear!
I'd suppressed my feelings for you,. . .
but you've again awakened them.
Mother, why are you punishing me by going away from me?
I don't want my stigma to ruin your life.
I'll clear your reputation.
Mother, tell me his name who made you a widow.
I'll kill him.
If you want me to stay with you then never again ask me this question.
Promise me.
Won't you agree?
Okay. Now, come.
Why are you staring at me? - It is rightly said,. . .
that paradise lies at a mother's feet.
Isn't it a beautiful tune? - Yes.
Mother. . . milk.
Is it already morning? - Yes.
Were you awake all night?
I was anxious to see you since all this years.
I still haven't been satiated seeing you.
But your health? - Your sleep is more precious.
Mother, how did you bleed so much? Why didn't you wake me up?
You bore all the pain? - Your sleep is more important.
''In my veins flows the blood of your motherly affection. . . ''
''you are the one who has brought me up''
''You have forever taken away my sorrows and given me your joys''
''It's my prayers that have borne me this boon''
''My mother is my God''
''From our epics, I get a rare insight''
''My mother is my God''
''That which flows from your eyes, Mother, is my elixir''
''Your love is different from everyone else's in the world''
''From the Holy Ganges, from all compassion, I realise. . . ''
''my mother is God to me''
''She awakens for her children, she goes to sleep for her children''
''She awakens for her children, she goes to sleep for her children''
''Nothing is as precious as a mother's love''
''I find solace in the shade, I'm overwhelmed by compassion''
''My mother is my God''
''It's my prayers that have borne me this boon''
''My mother is my God''
''From our epics, I get a rare insight''
''My mother is my God''
By signing this contract you've changed the course of your destiny.
Joshi, give him the advance.
The publicity should begin from tomorrow itself.
From next month, we'll have your shows in every metro of the country.
Congratulations! - Thank you very much.
You brought something for everyone then why did you forget Radha?
Mother, for me it's enough that he's back.
Mother, she's the mistress of this house so how could I forget her?
Afterall I do have to stay here.
Guess what I've got for you? - How do I know?
Oh !
Why did you spend so much money? - Oh really!
Actually you are anxious to wear them.
Now, wear it and show it to mother.
I won't go. - Really?
Okay. - Fool !
Radha, I was looking for moonlight,. . .
but now I'm blessed with the moon itself.
Look, isn't she looking beautiful, Raju?
May the evil eye be warded !
You can't separate them by venting your anger on this paper.
Till yesterday she was with him.
But she dumped him the moment she met Raja.
Don't rub salt on his wounds.
When a star begins to fade,. . .
he loses not only his fame but his identity also.
Forget it. - I'll kill you.
I'll always remain a star. Get it?
You are making fun of me?
I may be fading star but a spark is enough to ignite a fire.
Don't spare him.
Don't spare him.
Both the dancers are fighting and I've to bear the brunt.
My eye!
It's better to flee.
Arrest that bastard.
Arrest this retired dancer.
He was firing at me. Now he'll cool his heels in the police cell.
Constable, arrest him. - Let us also leave.
Your eyes are so intoxicating that,. . .
that I find myself drowning in them.
This is the intoxication of love.
I'm intoxicated on you.
''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''The cool breeze awakens a sweet pain. . . ''
''so come to me. . . why do you make me pine?''
''so come to me. . . why do you make me pine?'' ''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''The cool breeze awakens a sweet pain. . . ''
''so go on, my love. . . I'm so scared in a situation like this''
''This wet, drenched night, life is so much of fun''
''What fire is this. . . ? It ignites a fire in my heart''
''There's mischief in the air''
''The Easterly's totally crazy''
''I find myself trembling at a time like this''
''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''Come, let's tell each other how much we're in love''
''My heart says just one thing. . . come in my arms, let's make love''
''We're but crazy lovers''
''We're lost to the world''
''You and I belong to each other. Why must we bother about the world?''
''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''Even as it pours heavily, my heart still thirsts''
''The cool breeze awakens a sweet pain. . . ''
''Go on, my love. . . - Come to me, my love. . . ''
''why do you make me pine?''
Greetings, Madam! - Greetings!
Mother, it is my desire that you step in first in this bungalow.
Son, God bless you !
Congratulations, mother!
Dattu, some theater guests and people from our hamlet are coming.
You welcome them while I'll show mother round the bungalow.
Mother, this is the dining room and these stairs go upstairs,. . . .
where there are 4 huge bedrooms and a roof garden,. . .
Mother, this is our drawing room.
Isn't this house palatial?
This is our conference room where all meetings will be held.
Mother, you still have a lot to see.
Will you have breakfast or only make your son dance?
Watch out our Raju will grow up to become a famous artiste.
He'll earn lot of fame and money to shower on us.
He'll own a fantastic bungalow.
Father, I'll also make a dancing hall.
You both have overlooked something.
What? - My prayer room.
I forgot that. Raju, even if your bungalow is barren,. . . .
but don't forget to make a prayer room for your mother.
Mother, what are you thinking?
Is anything lacking? - No.
What more could I ask for? - There is something lacking, mother.
What is that? - Come with me.
See this.
Mother, Priya's come. I'm leaving for my rehearsals.
Joshi, what happened to the Europe programme?
Raja and Priya's shows have been confirmed in all the metros of Europe.
But we need finance for the theater booking and publicity.
We'll have to take finance from the market.
Business is also a gamble, Joshi.
I'd rather mortgage my house and property than plead with others.
All problems will be resolved.
Sir, your business acumen is great!
You'll invest in rupees and earn in dollars.
This is called business, Joshi.
Where have you brought me? - To paradise.
People go to heaven after death but I've brought you there in life.
And who'll attend the rehearsals?
Enough of rehearsals. Today, we'll make love.
Oh no! - What are you upto?
I'm going away from you or the show will get ruined.
Let it get cancelled. - We'll incur heavy losses.
So what? - Stop getting obsessed with love.
Come on, climb down. What are you doing there?
Now climb down. - I won't.
Let go of my leg.
People are looking. - Let them.
These moments will never come back.
I want to get lost in your arms.
What's wrong with you? - I'm in love.
I wonder where all of them have gone?
Where is mother? - She's doing prayers in her room.
Where is Dattu and Radha? - They left in the evening.
Where did they go? - To their own house.
To their house?
Why did you lay two plates? - I'm habituated to it.
This house looks empty now.
I won't be able to eat. You eat it.
Brother, I too have lost my appetite.
I know.
But what can I do?
What are you doing here at this time?
Do I need your permission to come here?
This is your own house.
I too was under the same impression.
But today you gave me the feeling that you consider me a stranger.
You have forgotten me.
What are you saying? Don't misunderstand me.
We are used to a hut and so couldn't sleep in your bungalow.
You think I can sleep then?
I beg you to come with me.
Try to understand.
Now you are a star and you have a certain status in society.
Where was this society when your father picked me from the streets?
We struggled together.
Now that I'm a star you have left me.
Distances don't make the heart any less fonder.
We can't live together.
Everybody has to part ways some time or the other.
Now you'll have friendships with influential people.
And our presence will disturb them which will in turn worry you.
Besides, how long will you bear our burden?
And then one day you'll throw us out.
My friend, how could you think like that?
I earned money and your behaviour changed.
Money can change your style and status,. . .
but not ones soul.
How can I forget that Radha had fed me as a child?
How can I forget that we'd even shed tears together?
We always supported each other.
We always shared our dreams.
I don't want this status at the cost of my loved ones.
I'll lock the bungalow and bring mother here.
I'm sorry, Raju.
Your slap has opened my eyes.
I'm sorry, Raju.
Brother, didn't I tell you that Raju will never change?
Come, let us all go to our new house.
Any fresh news? - Only that today is your birthday.
What gift are you giving me?
I'll present you with an exclusive gift.
What is that gift? - The name of that gift is Raja.
Did you like it?
Even if you don't put it in words I can read your mind.
Afterall I'm your father.
Listen. . .
Ask Raja to bring his mother also for tonight's party.
I want to finalise your marriage.
Sir, you are great!
What happened? - Enough of horse riding, now come.
Let me take one more round. - Nothing doing. Come.
Where are you going? - Have patience.
What is the matter? - Today is my birthday.
I've heard it 6 times since morning and even wished you several times.
Let me complete. My father gave me a gift.
Every father gifts his daughter something on her birthday.
But this gift is priceless. - What is it?
You. Father has agreed to our marriage.
How'd he decide without asking me? - What do you mean?
I wanted to talk to you.
It's true that we love each other a lot.
But all ones wishes are not fulfilled.
My mother has seen a girl for me. - What?
And I've to marry her. I can't go against my mother.
Didn't you tell her about me? - I did.
But mother has made her a commitment.
And what about your commitment to me?
Raja, I can't imagine a life without you.
Forget this love like a beautiful dream.
Raja, I can't live with your love but I can atleast die for it.
People make promises of giving their life for love.
But I'll actually do it.
What are you upto? I was just joking.
Don't ever joke like this with me.
Father has invited you and mother for tonight's party.
I'll tell my mother about us and bring her to the party.
Now, shall we leave?
How am I looking?
Will you keep smiling or say something?
Now we'll soon get married. You are shy to talk to me?
You are really dumb.
So matters have gone so far.
You've started talking to pictures.
I do have to get you married.
But after marriage instead of you leaving this house,. . .
I'll have to leave this house.
A wedding and engagement, then ! No. . . an engagement and wedding !
Today I'll speak to mother about you.
I don't want to get married. - Okay, I'll tell mother.
You want to?
Look, how you are feeling shy!
Where are you off to? - Dattu, I'm very happy today.
I too am very happy today and want to speak to mother.
I too want to talk to her.
You say it first. - No, you say it first.
Why are you both arguing?
Mother, I want to talk to you. - You must listen to him.
Mother, inspite of all the servants you still have to work. Isn't it?
I hardly work as Radha takes care of everything.
Why should mother work when Radha is there?
But there should be someone to take her to the temple.
I forbid her but she doesn't listen.
She doesn't sleep without pressing my feet.
But she too will get married some day.
We'll find a way out.
How? - I mean she stays here after marriage.
All your talks are beyond my comprehension.
We mean the same thing. He wants to talk to you about his marriage.
So why beat around the bush? May I tell you who she is?
Yeah, I'm talking about Priya.
I love her and want to marry her.
What! - Mother, she's a very nice girl.
From being dance partners they'll now become life partners.
They'll make a fine pair.
Dattu, you are crying?
These are tears of joy.
Mother, today is Priya's birthday and we are invited.
Her father wants to meet you to finalise our wedding.
What happened? - The glass will hurt you.
Thank god, the wound is not deep.
Are you in pain?
I am used to it.
She's my mother. - Greetings!
God bless you ! - This is for you.
Where is your father? - He's talking to someone.
Come, I'll introduce you around.
They are Mr and Mrs Khanna.
My husband's murderer is right here.
I should expose him. I can't do that. Or,. .
I'll never disclose this secret to my son.
Mother, what are you thinking? - Nothing.
Come, I'll introduce you to Priya's father.
Sir, meet my mother.
He is Priya's father, Rai Bahadur Brij Bhushan Sharma.
And she's my mother. You both talk while I come.
Goodbye, Rai saheb! - Goodbye!
Mr Raibahadur, I want to talk to you.
Maltidevi, I never expected that we'd again meet.
I hope the intervening years must have lessened your pain.
How can you expect that pain to ever decrease?
You'll have to forget that incident.
I want to atone for that mistake.
Raja and Priya really love each other very much.
For our children's sake we have to put aside our past.
Money can buy all man's sorrows.
I am ready to compensate for all those years.
You've become a big businessman.
How will you compensate a woman for her husband?
How will you compensate a innocent child for being away from his mother?
How will you compensate for ruining a happy family?
How will you compensate for making a criminal of an innocent person?
Answer me.
Have you an answer to that?
Your answer will ruin our children's future.
Take this blank cheque.
Fill any amount. I can do anything for my daughter's happiness.
I can sacrifice all my wealth.
Raibahadur, you can never compensate me for my tears.
You want to buy off not my past but my future.
If Raja comes to know that you are his father's murderer,. . .
and that you tried to rape his mother,. . .
he'll kill you here itself.
After knowing the truth your daughter will also kill herself.
When Priya will become your daughter-in-law,. . .
then after me all this wealth will belong to Raja.
You've spoken enough.
That day when I was behind bars you spoke and I heard.
But today I'll speak and you'll hear.
Raibahadur, this is impossible.
He thinks I'll sell Raja to him.
What is the matter, mother? - See this, son.
Your would-be father-in-law has given me this blank cheque.
And he wants me to sell you to him.
So that after marrying Priya you become his slave.
And I should forget you. - What are you saying?
I gave you this cheque so that,. . - I don't want to hear a word.
Raja, did you bring me here to get me insulted?
No mother will ever want to sell her own child.
You've invited your own doom. - Don't flaunt your wealth.
This is not done. - Father, why did you do this?
I never expected you to stoop so low.
She's insulted me in front of my guests.
She's humiliated my wealth and my daughter's love.
Get out of here! You wretch !
You've insulted my mother by calling her names.
I'll break that hand that was raised to hit her.
I won't spare you. - Raja, for my sake, leave him.
I'll never forgive you for insulting my mother.
Father, stop him. - Shut up!
Raibahadur, here is your bribe. Raja, let's go.
Raibahadur, I won't spare you. - Raja, I'll come with you.
You won't go anywhere. I've had enough now you'll stay indoors only.
Sir, if Raja refuses our shows we'll incur heavy losses.
We'll be on the streets.
Malti has again ignited the fire I'd quelled.
But I won't suffer alone. I'll ruin Raja and Malti's happiness also.
Thankyou for paying my bail.
How will I repay you? - No, Mohnish.
I made the mistake of dumping a gem like you.
But now I know the truth.
Raibahudur, I won't rest in peace until I settle scores with Raja.
I want to start a women's home in my husband's memory.
Where destitute women and widows get succor.
And they are taught some work so that they can fend for themselves.
It is a noble thought but will require lot of funds.
I know and for that I want to organise a charity show.
And my son Raja will perform that show.
God too will help your mission.
Make preparations for the show. We are with you.
Goodbye! - Thankyou !
I'd rather die than dance with Mohnish.
You want Raja's success to ruin me.
You and Mohnish can ruin Raja's show.
I won't perform. You can't make me agree to this.
I know how to make you agree.
Raja, I'm Priya calling.
Where are you? How are you?
I want to meet you. I want to talk to you.
Meet me in the evening at Royal garden.
Please come. - I'll certainly come.
But what is the matter? - I can't speak over the phone.
You've come?
Now you'll stay with me.
Now nobody can separate us.
Take him away. - Leave me.
Leave him. What is his fault?
Then agree to marry Mohnish. - I'd rather die than marry Mohnish.
I beg you to please spare him.
If you don't consent I won't spare him.
I won't. - Okay, kill him.
I'll get married.
Will you marry? - Yes, I will.
Throw him out.
You didn't do a wise thing by sparing Raju.
This is just a ploy.
This was just a facade to show Priya.
In fact, he must be hung upside down.
You'll be a bride tomorrow. - She must be thrilled.
Your bridal dress is very pretty. - This is my coffin.
Please go and leave me alone.
The public is getting restless but where is Raja?
He's meeting Priya after long but he'll be here on time.
We'll be humiliated if the show gets cancelled.
Don't worry, he understands his responsibilities.
Something must've happened. I've sent Radha to Priya's house.
Radha, you? !
Thank god you atleast recognised me.
You should've waited for Raja's love to die before getting married.
Today is his show and you know he won't perform without you.
I know but I'm helpless.
Why did you do this? - To save his life.
What are you saying? - Had I not agreed,. . .
they'd have killed him.
I can die myself but not see him dying.
And if the show gets cancelled he'll still die.
For the sake of your love, please save him.
Madam, go and dance with him.
But how can I go?
Come with me.
What's happened to him?
''Here I come. . . ''
''Tied to your heart, is my heart''
''I come to you, forsaking everything''
''Accept my message of love''
''Be brave''
''Do not concede defeat like this. Rise''
''I will give you all the encouragement''
''So dancer, O dancer''
''Here I come''
''I have won every heart''
''O friends, here I am at last''
''To sing and dance, to entertain everyone''
''This is the beautiful night, I have always desired''
''Every pain I shall endure, as long as you are with me''
''I have won you over at last''
''I have found my goal at last''
''My promise, I'll never break''
''I'll never let go of you''
''We'll give the world the gift of love''
''I sing, yet every song on my lips is only about you''
''My life isn't mine. It's a gift from you''
''New songs, we'll forever bring''
''Sing, we will, all our lives''
''I'm crazy about songs. . . - You're my firefly''
''Lend your legend to everybody's lips''
''Here I come''
''Here I come''
''I have won every heart''
''O friends, here I am at last''
''To sing and dance, to entertain everyone''
Priya, you've not come here alone.
But you've also brought Raja's death with you.
Don't worry. Nobody can take you away from me.
Is that so? Then let's,. . .
kill both of you.
That way we'll settle all previous scores also.
Don't you dare touch her.
I think he's from the enemy camp. So, I must hit him.
He's fallen. - Damn you !
Is your moustache fake? No, it is real.
Leave my hand.
Now, I won't spare you.
He's done for.
You thought the game is over?
Infact, the game has just begun. - No, father.
Move. - Move.
What is this you did, Radha?
Leave me. - Bastard !
You are proud of your strength.
Teach our dancer a befitting lesson.
Don't hit him.
Radha, why did you do this?
Spare him.
Leave him.
Raja, get up.
Raja, get up.
Let's take her to a hospital. - Okay.
Raja, hit him.
Don't bother about me.
Raja, get up and hit him.
You have to teach these brutes a lesson.
You always wanted to know your father's murderer's identity?
And for which I had to undergo imprisonment?
Today I'll break my promise. Get up!
He is that devil,. . .
your father's murderer.
Raju, get up and avenge your father's death.
Do it for my sake.
You've come, Raja? - Yes.
You sacrificed your life for Raja's love.
Raju, mother is right.