Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine 3D Scanner: MetraSCAN Optical CMM 3D Scanner - Creaform

Uploaded by CreaformVideos on 13.10.2010

Creaform presents the MetraSCAN, the arm-free, handheld 3D scanning system designed to work
as well on the shop floor as it does in the metrology lab.
The MetraSCAN complete and powerful inspection solution delivers the most accurate measurements
and allows for faster and easier inspections.
Powered by the C-Track, a dual-camera sensor that tracks the reference model and the scanner
at the same time, the MetraSCAN 3D scanning system combines advanced photogrammetry
and powerful digital image processing. The MetraSCAN brings hi-end scanning to a whole
new level.
In addition to performing well in the metrology lab, the MetraSCAN uses its full potential
on the shop floor. Live working environments present all kinds of challenges to measurement
instruments, such as vibrations, and unstable conditions. The MetraSCAN features TRUaccuracy
technology allowing any operator to simply ignore such adverse working conditions. By
attaching optical reflectors on the part, the operator creates a reference that compensates
for any accidental or environmental movement. The dynamic referential mode of the MetraSCAN
tracks the part continuously. With environmental dilemma such as vibrations solved, parts may
be measured with the same degree of accuracy as if measurements took place in the metrology
lab. 3D scanning and probing in a vibration-filled environment is simply impossible with a conventional
measuring arm or a laser tracker.
The MetraSCAN does away with such operational constraints.
Used in combination with the HandyPROBE, this system allows geometrical and freeform inspection
simultaneously on the same part. The automatic alignment capability allows to scan and probe
many identical parts in rapid succession.
The MetraSCAN is a handheld, ergonomic 3D scanner providing the operator with total
freedom of movement around the part to be measured.
The MetraSCAN also features automatic alignment capability. Multiple reference models can
be created and recognized by the system.
When used to measure templates or jigs, the automatic alignment capability creates a fixed
reference that can be called up repeatedly without the need to acquire new data every
The MetraSCAN features greater measurement volume. The work volume can even be extended
and moved around using the dynamic referential mode, without any loss of accuracy.
The MetraSCAN is a portable device that can easily be transported anywhere. Just pack
up, transport, set-up, and measure!
The MetraSCAN uses its own open software platform, which can interface with any major inspection
software, seamlessly processing the data.
MetraSCAN. Get a whole new measure of things!