50 % Love Telugu short film With English Sub titles #Viswanadh Malladi

Uploaded by murthykrvrk on 21.05.2012

Dude did you see the new chick in B section ?
No. Is she that good ?
I just saw her in the library man she is too good.
Is it ??

In every Love story, Lovers possess only 50 Percent of the Love and for the rest ...there shall be a friend.

Murthy Do you Believe in Love at first sight ?
Ahoy ! So you are in love with some one ?
I think so man.
In the morning I went to see that girl in the library, and she asked me whether the pen is mine or not.
Is it ???!!!
Then definitely the girl likes you. Confirm man !
Is it ??
Yes man, Murthy is telling you rite ! what else ?
But how to talk to that girl ? She is B section and we are in C section.
Duuuuude ! Talking to girl is an ART !
Iam there to teach you.
we shall bend her lift her turn her left side or turn her right side but whatever we do you shall talk to her.
Definitely we shall make her fall for you.
Is it ? So now what are we goin to do ?
Why are you worrying dude. Murthy is there for you.
Will he not give you a great idea !
Tomorrow afternoon in the Lunch Break everyone shall go out.
No one shall be there in the class room.
We shall write a letter and put it in her book. Thats All !
aaaah !
But I am afraid of putting letter in the book.
What re you afraid of man ? I am there for you !
Are you going to put it ?
Man ! Can't I do that bit for our friendship ?? !!
Can't I do that bit for our friendship ?? !!
Control man.. Control
Don't be sad man.
If not her, you shall get a great chick man.
Listen to me bro. Today's generation girls don't know what they want. They are too confused.
For your glamor you shall get a superb chick man.
Really man. I am telling you rite !
I believed in Murthy's words that day and to find another girl from the 48 crore Indian girls it took me 2 YEARS !
come what may I should talk to Aparna today.
You are from narayana Junior College rite ?
You are Krishna rite ?
yeah.. How do you know ??
Your cousin is in my class.
Actually, it is getting late to exam and the bus is not yet coming. Can we share an auto and go ?
Driver ! Drive carefully !
Murthy you know Aparna rite ?
Why wouldn't I know. you have been hitting on her daily.
Nothing like that man. I have small interest on her.
It is not called small interest it is called compound interest.
But I am afraid whther the girl likes me or not.
Dude the other day she fell on you in the auto or not ??
If she doesn't like you why would she fall on you man ??
is it so ?
Yes man. Girls can't say everything. They give you hints and you need to catch them.
So should I propose her ??
Go do it man. Murthy is there behind you.
then, you only suggest me how to propose her bro.
proposing a girl is an ART !
Thats all !
Is it ?? So what shall we do next ?
when did you say her birthday is ??
Day after tomorrow only.
Girls have a peculiar connection with their birthdays.
You do one thing. Day after tomorrow wish her at 12 O clock.
But how ??
Whats there in it man. You said that she likes teddy bears rite ?
I think so. the other day when she saw them on the road she jumped like a frog in the excitement.
Why do you say you still think so.
every girl likes three things more than her boyfriend. 1. Teddy bears 2. Chocolates. 3. Roses.
If you don't believe me open facebook and check out. Every girl who doesn't put her own own pic and not any heroine's pic shall definitely hold a tenddy bear in her arms.
True dude !
Then, What do you think of Murthy man !
Dayafter tomorrow, before her door we shall put Roses. in the window we shall put chocolates and in the other corner we shall put Teddy bear.
Dude ! Are we doing black magic ???
Remembering of Black magic there used to be thippadu in our town ....
Dude tell me the point first.
Ok man. Lets put all of them before the door.
Lets call her up at 12'oclock and wish her. And immediately you can propose her.
Will she accept my proposal ?
Dude you said she jumped like a frog looking at only teddy bears. if you put all her three favorites she shall dance like Goddess Kalika in the excitement.
In that exceitement not only i love you, tell her anything and she shall accept. If you are afraid let me know. I shall put it.
No Thanks. You have already ruined it the last time. I shall only put it this time.
Dude she is saying. Sweeeeeeet. This is the right time, propose her propose her.
Are you sure ??
yeah go ahead !
Proposer her man. I am there behind you ! Proposing a girl is an ART !
Dude why does she say that I cheated her !
What did I do man ?
her dad ! I also bought her gifts with a lot of money.
Now she is not even lifting my call up.
I don't understand whether it is because I proposed her or because she thinks I am going to ask her the gifts back from her.
Don't be sad man.
If not her, you shall get a great chick man.
Today's generation girls don't know what they want. They are too confused.
For your glamor you shall get a superb chick man.
Dude you said the same thing in even 10th class ?
Dude whether in 10th class or in inter, truth shall be truth !
I believed the same truth the second time and this time it took me 3 years to find another girl.
After being single for 3 more years, I found Saujanya in Facebook like a boon.
After I liked her every status message and also liked all the comments of the status given by others, finally she accepted to meet me.
What happened man ? What happened to you ?
What happened man ?
Don't know man. I am not feeling good.
Are you thinking about Saujanya ?
No bro. I talked to Saujanya's parents on our love. they are not accepting it.
Are they accepting in your family ?
no they are also not accpeting.
These Old Generation guys would never understand our younger generation.
Don't know man.
Why are you worried man. Murthy is there for you. Eloping a girl is an ART !
Come. Come Fast. We are running out of time.
In the presence of the GOd, I shall get you people married. Exchange the garlands.
Dude I think someone's coming....
Dude i think someone's coming ....
Murthy is there for you... Eloping a girl is an ART !
In the presence of the GOd, I shall get you people married. Exchange the garlands.
Control Man. God invented troubles, did man keep quiet ? He invented Booze.
Boozee ?
Murthy is asking you to drink dude. Drink everything shall get settled down.
It's good man. Fix me one more peg.
arerere.....Drinking is an ART !
What ??? Drinking is an ART ?
Yes Man ! it's an ART ! Kala !
As if you are a big Artist !
Why did you slap me man ??
What have you seen ? Fix me onw more peg. We shall enjoyyyyy much more !
What dude ? Talking to girls is an ART ?? Kala ?
Proposing a Girl is an ART ? Kala ?
Eloping with a girl is also an ART ! Kala !
not kala it is KaLA.
You are correcting me !
I am looking at you since my childhood. You have hit on 100 girls.
Did atleast one girl fall for you ?
No man !
In childhood you scratched Seetamaha lakshmi. What did she say ?
She said 'Chi' get lost !
In intermediate you scratched Rajyalakshmi. What did she say ?
she said 'Brother, please let me tie rakhi to you.'
At last when you scratched your servant maid, even she hit you with the broom dude.
But still you talk as if you know A to Z about girls and you ruined my life.
Though Murthy screwed my best opportunities, he also shared my worst experiences.
As much as I know. In every Love story there shall be a friend.
Whether the story becomes a Hit or a Flop. It shall be remembered forever because of him.