Cerritos College Literature Club

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>>Hi, my name's Matt Hamiliton, and I am the president of the Literature Club. < Ramos. I come to Cerritos Commmunity College. I am currently in the Literature Club
I'm a English major. >>My name is Kassie, and a member of the Cerritos College Literature Club.
< and we just wanted to let you know, that you don't have to be an English major
to join Literature Club. >>Hi, my name is Dean Taylor, and I'm the ICC rep for Literature Club.
< and I'm in the Lit club
because I'm very interested in reading
and it is like, different from my major,
so I want to get a different perspective and
kind of meet new people. >>Literature Club is a
club where anybody who's interested in literature
can come and make new friends uh...
experience literature in new interactive ways
and get involved in service opportunities on and off-campus. < I'm a pretty avid reader
um... and also I wanted to be able to read text
that I haven't necessarily
heard of before, I thought it might exposes me to some new works out there. >>I get to network and meet people
from Cerritos College that I don't get to interact with everyday, and that's really good. < to
further my knowledge of literature. >>It's a really good place to meet people
and network, since we all, most of us have the same major.
<>One of my favorites is A Hundred Years of Solitude
and I only read it in English,
but I going to tackle the Spanish one soon
< class in common, or we see each other on campus. >>We're going to Huntington Library
um... we're going to read to children.
< >>We can also bring in our own works of writing that we've
come up with, share. < so it could be spoken word, movies, books, short stories, graphic novels, etc.
>>Oh yeah, we discussed Hamlet. < comment on
how exactly we
we saw the characters or we interpreted something that they may have said. >>There's a movie night
for Hamlet. <>We watched
the Oedipus parody, with uh... vegetables
{cricket sounds} with vegetables {laughter} < >>with vegetables. <>It was quite entertaining {laughter}
< being very serious but it's not. It's actually a lot of fun to interact with um English majors.
>>If you're interested in more information,
you can email the Cerritos's College Literature Club at cclitclub@gmail.com
{piano playing}