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Set Up A Blog With Wordpress
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sets up but not one for us
on wall street thirty today
the stick with me
we'll get through it
acclaimed challenges with my envelopes since the last night's
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and it's a graphical change to the book
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images on as well
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you gotta pop up
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elasticity in changing the thing because if you could not be enough
change muddy decision out but just make knowledge pa password
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ok sam
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everything he's
specifics of dolly feature thing we shall have installed here
yo was interesting
very similar functions
the whites gets those functions bentsen
if you have any questions at all
when you are setting up your wordpress blog
deeply shocked me
neatly comments or
simeon email
or something but
and uh... we'd like to
well opportunity
so the first things first
entrance to their parents
off each options
click back ok often specific options
smack on the west
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conveniently he's all in
the many communities of course you have different things and you have no
department store
header compartments
all-too-familiar don't buy cosmopolitan princeton god
such on a constant art forms
so i'm glad to have options
can is considered one of my doggies lisa
and screenshots worldwide
and show you how one of those blanco
the link below to go
it's the exact same process
was on policies are going to change
so learn
defied conventions of file
albany safest now gonna
get in
our past
on it
on monday noon
and this is a fantastic sight for fun are constantly
ali khan fine
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plumes of workers copies of the day's swap
one book on small enough
uh... aquila park one
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the replay unique way
tendencies beaten down
policy or cmu
work on this one
office on sixteen march sixteen thirty four thirty
she joined anyway
as a punitive damages pete g
issue for a surprise
coupons consistent
but that i can get on their site again
right-click incitement yes it's time
possible desktop
sandra there
how joke
keys affordable
on the desktop
assisting for the second
washoe populate
so walker disinfection certainly welcome
okay you go
probably choice which was a kind
a totally different now
that's exactly how you do this and we ought to be a hector
more head-on for your information this one
fourteen mein hi i think it is
flight one
by four sixty one
is four six eight one by starts with both in case one forty point one fifteen
something like that
anyways but i can't read only
the commission split
gained an image is very simple
needs any graphic pictures and so forth say the image then upload it
uninformed savings eugene
sickness and any background
what's next
this one here
it's good to you
confirmed denial
so i bought stuff
work first hand tools
were rushing bc
is flat advert xd
i will show you had a lot
of these meetings my graphics
widgets missus much much simpler i think
is that this new plug these symbols as speech today
aren't would be punished
explores how we talked to opinion postmark dogs
acquit peterson bates
uh... pictures or videos don't want to have on the block
into these posts
and grab coated
mostly with me
which was nice in the east coast code
soap eccentrics
thinking this is what we wasted
people supporting it
have been this one
montanans inserts needed
excuse me coffee
its assessment computer
for pictures jack c
of does not have to talk about our listener
eager to see jack c eighties where
will use it
one witness
it's because michael has beaten
past one
it says uh...
cc twenty fifty
handsets into the past
but it's going to be
because i want to make this link
a clickable link uh...
works for him
so that's one of these artsy multiple
some democrats tools
when we do this because it's going to cut its
uh... reports
concurrence dwight creek
but we need to have
that code for jack c
go back to you
but eight image
over the course
named him
i wanted to go and see
these new safeguards
okay again
denies those gloves
uh... of i did want to actually link
most importantly
although much allotment opens in new window so inconvenienced by someone
sites as it was close to the pencil tickets
also a site
must but more so i spaced ethnic backgrounds
i have a clickable link
to get married onto money
in bridget's undertook xd email to you
are eager to see where it says
of her hair
i xref
dino kwok mclaughlin
link here
tommy's plan because then you will note that in these classes in one sense now
foolish briefed about the blah blah blah
unsolved crimes that inclusive thing
acquit include all of this publishing some
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peso cooperative
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however iffy east off-center
want to is
about much lou
and party
stny flashlight achievements by divorce at all
and that's how i would addicts
it's so much simpler than using
hasn't yeah widget
but let me just say
on sometimes slots at the movies and
and uh...
we will continue both note
attacking film
equal but it was a videotape into this but it's totaled a specific intact
was the button
we have
the links have images
so we're linkages
outside images to my heart so i think u
punctual quits
fema aren't relief
these images all sides
well fifty bible verses that fifty by fifty
so because that's part fifty five fifty
eco plus a small
eskimo against simpson
click on that
commencement you food stamps
scroll down
that toward absolutely
decency image digests
sieges pretty egregious and that popping boats you want to pay
here about discuss vehicle
to transfer the system actual image
that's just ahead
feast to switch
labels are that we had to go broke
always to promote
than into newsweek that sometimes plans
and that's about it
but that link
sexually charged in the appropriate cassidy
form attached
that's not it
looks at the cops challenged
just now infested
tyson post
uh... basalt on c_ traffic light
so quickly showed
about some of the ten published
uh... handfuls activity you know
mhm to try to get his own
it's since that
bettmann thank you
and ten
about swine
just because
so i'll click on the media
uh... we're looking for a swiss curtail
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booklet copyright
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well i'll just leave it as block grants you can see what it is
michell logo mentos
so to Set Up A Blog With Wordpress
defiance of that
this is what he cherry
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watson's pop out
slideshow usable
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able to act a team of experts to get impeachment text
said profits and etcetera etcetera
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as well
so folks like charlotte while some of the setbacks
website joff
but preview the post
and you will see
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this little
you chose for the house of the actual behavior sofas pretty cool
between the crickets
it was such a line
you children she so wants it
click click click
greta published substantiation
so will publish a just so you can see it
well make it off again
the let's put this submittal
of newly
the text of the matter is we lost one
disappears because the p_t_l_ itself piece of both
police break
snuff out that way you want to make sure that video is to go to page breaking
with that
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and you go
is publishing latency
lovely indeed is a bit
so that's it
that's how that works
what's that if you use trumpet player
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said for instance
we have to come often these words he gets a hold of me
teaches slow
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but they say it
would pigeons and i've got work to do what you have
do you hear what we could use
discrete medicaid batch disappear
she has a lot you just a quick clip look let's them
geographical changes well on how to sell some of what what what
chairs again thanks for stopping by