Wegmans Spicy Pumpkin Bisque with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 07.09.2012

Spicy pumpkin bisque is a hardy fall soup.
And you can buy pumpkin and cook it, puree it yourself,
but it's a whole lot easier to use canned pureed pumpkin.
Many brands have additives to them, different spices, et cetera,
but our Wegman's Food You Feel Good About pumpkin
is just 100 percent pure pumpkin.
I need a few spices though, let's move on over there.
One of them is mace, ground mace.
And ground mace is made from the outside coating
of the nutmeg seed actually.
So it's very similar, only this is a little bit more peppery.
And I need some curry powder as well.
Curry is not just one single ingredient, but a combination
of many different spices and it can be different depending
on where it's made and who makes it.
But curry itself originated in Asia.
So in this stock pot, I already have two tablespoons of butter
melting over low heat.
And I'm adding one bag of our mirepoix, carrots, celery, and onions to that.
That's going to be the base of the seasoning.
And we're gonna stir that up a little bit and let that cook
again on low heat until the vegetables are nice and soft,
about 15 minutes.
Now while that's happening,
let's go over and do the garnish for the soup.
So I have some pumpkin seeds in my bowl here
and to that I'm adding about a tablespoon of olive oil
along with about a teaspoon of curry salt.
That's gonna add a lot of flavor here.
All right, give that a little bit of a stir with a spoon,
just so that you evenly coat all of the pumpkin seeds.
There we go, that's all that takes.
Now spread them evenly, as evenly as you can
in a single layer on your baking sheet like this.
And I'm going to take this over to my oven
which has been preheated at 400 degrees.
We're gonna leave this in there for about seven to nine minutes
until they're nice and toasted.
The pumpkin seeds are lightly browned.
The mirepoix is looking good.
So it's time to add some of the seasonings.
We're putting in the curry powder and the cayenne.
Along with the garlic.
And we're gonna let that cook, keeping it over low heat,
another two minutes.
All right, we're ready to add the rice.
This is gonna act as a thickener.
Along with the pumpkin puree.
In that goes.
And finally, the vegetable stock.
It'll take a while to add this but once all this is added to the pot,
we're gonna let that come back to a simmer
and cook that for about 20 to 25 minutes
until the rice is really soft and tender.
It's been about 25 minutes and the rice is cooked
so we're removing this now from the heat.
And I'm going to add the remaining ingredients,
which include the remaining four tablespoons of butter,
some mace and cinnamon, for a little added spice,
and then two things that are gonna add some sweetness to this soup,
some sugar, along with our cantaloupe.
So a little bit at a time.
There we go, that's all in.
Stir that together and now if you have a regular blender
you can remove this in batches to your blender and puree it that way
or if you have a stick blender like this you can use this,
it just adds a little bit of convenience
and one less thing to clean up.
So we're gonna blend this until it's completely pureed.
Now that that's well blended, we can move the blender to the side
and you'll wanna season this a little bit with some salt to taste,
so just add a little bit to that.
We'll give that a final stir just to incorporate that all together.
And we're ready to serve.
So let's ladle this into our serving bowl.
And to this, as a garnish, I'm going to add some
of our toasted pumpkin seeds.
This is a nice balance to the sweetness.
Some of the savory, nutty pumpkin seeds,
along with a little drizzle of pumpkin seed oil.
There you have it, and it's great comfort food for the fall.