Activision - STEM Video Contest

Uploaded by ChangeTheEquation on 23.11.2010

-My favorite subject... -My favorite subject in school...
-Um. -Math.
-Math. -Definitely Math.
-Math and Art. -Biology. Especially in regards to Anatomy.
-My favorite subject in school was Anatomy. -Anatomy and how it applies to the physical
form. -Anatomy helps me understand how people and
creatures move. -Figuring out how the muscles are really pulling,
and how it really informs your motion. -When you create a rig for animation, how
vertices, how that mesh is bound to those bones.
-I really didn't know what I was going to see, I just thought we were going to see some
really great stuff. -I thought that we were just going to play
games all day, but we ended up learning about what happens and how you actually make the
game, and I thought that was really interesting. -Welcome to Vicarious Visions. Who knows what
they're going to do when they finish school? -When I finish school, I'm going to be a physicist.
-I would like to be an architect or an engineer. -I want to test video games.
-Anytime that I can use technology in my teaching, I do.
-I was very interested in seeing how we can associate a controller on a video game to
the math that I teach. -The things that you learn in high school
and junior high are definitely applicable now in the real world.
-When the game isn't working how we expected, we call that a bug, it means something's broken
and we have to fix it. -I think it's a problem with the rig.
-I think it's an art issue, I can fix that. -I'm an animator, and I find that I'm using
science the most in my job. -I'm a designer, and I'm here to talk to you
about the physics of a drum. -Physics is the study of matter, energy and
force. -In here, we have a velocity sensor that detects
when you hit the top, and it can actually tell so when you don't hit it hard enough,
it won't register. -Here we have the velocity settings are really
flat, I'm going to go ahead and increase it a little bit over time. Let's see how it sounds.
-(drum, drum, drum, drum) -Oh, it's supposed to crash on the cymbal
at the end, so something must be going on with engineering. We'll have to go check with
those guys. -Oh yeah, there it is. Let me just update
the code. -Source code is the language that engineers
use to instruct computers. -The lighting effect at the end is all around,
there should be a flash right when the cymbal hits.
-If we want the special effects lights to line up with the high point of the song, we
use a mathematical formula to figure out the timing.
-On what frame does that flash happen? -I can figure that out, I just have to run
a little conversion, change BPM to milliseconds. -You.
-125. -BPM is Beats Per Minute.
-Beats Per Minute. -One thing that I learned at school that I
use all the time is how to solve problems. -Study a problem before you actually jump
into it. -Always ask questions, never be afraid, and
always seek to understand.