Trisomy 21 18 13 mnemonic tutorial: Down's Syndrome, Edwards, Patau

Uploaded by helphippo on 26.08.2012

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If you can draw this table, you can organize keywords to answer multiple
choice genetics questions about trisomies of chromosomes 13, 18, and 21
or PEDiatrics.
When you're thirteen years old, you have a small head, since you're still growing
When you're 18 year old, you predominanly worry about what you'll do for the rest of
your life - occupation is prominant At 21, you have a flat head, because you've
fallen on it so many times.
At 13, you try a lot of new things - so you have many fingers.
At 18, you pump your fist in the air to support your election candidate.
At 21, you've clenched your fist so much that there is one big crease going across your
At age 13 and 18, you're impatient, so you rock back and forth on your feet.
Also when you're 13 and 18, you have more “oomph”.
At 21, you're old and constipated - your bowels have a bad “spring” for poop.
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