My Revolution. A mobile toy library in Powys.

Uploaded by TheCooperativeGroup on 11.03.2011

The community fund gives grants for an enormously wide range of projects and organisations.
It prides itself on that fact that we actually fund core costs which are really, really important
for small community groups and voluntary organisations.
I am the Mobile Toy librarian for (_) Montgomeryshire. I’ve been doing this for 13 years. I love
trundling round Montgomeryshire because it’s all the smaller roads that I go on, you know
you meet nice people and what you do is (er) it’s appreciated.
My name’s Caz Francis and I run the session, the Toy Library session here every Wednesday.
We definitely get our regulars ‘cause it’s such a small town community we get to know
everyone really quickly so that’s nice.
We have the three fixed bases in… there’s one in Newtown, one in Machynlleth one in
Llanfyllin and we got funding from the Co-op to help with that to pay both for a co-ordinator
there and for lots of wonderful new toys.
It helps to pay for the hire of the room and yeah it’s meant that we can help to continue
this and it’s, there’s definitely a call for it in this small area.
Lots of other grant schemes don’t give money for those basic costs that people need and
we do. So we just want to make sure that we’re always available for people to be able to
come to us and get the money that they need to be able to run these groups which really
keep their communities going.
My Revolution: the Toy Library in Powys.