WorldVentures Live | Episode 11

Uploaded by WorldVenturesTV on 24.02.2012

HEY GUYS! Welcome to Episode 11 of WorldVentures Live,
where we read the news, so you don't have to! I'm your host Scott Caldwell.
Well, 2012 is officially upon us. And the Mayan calendar may be ending, but WorldVentures
is just getting started! 2011 was an incredible year for WorldVentures but this year's already
leaving it in the dust. From record attendance at several events to the new promotions we've
announced, WorldVentures in 2012 is like NBA Jam on your Sega Genesis, it's Heating Up!
So, let's get to the news. FIRST OFF, can you feel the MOMENTUM!? January kicked off
the year in a big way with over 2500 Reps in Dallas, TX for a fire marshal s fantasy.
It was our biggest non-Convention event in company history and the energy was unbelievable.
We heard knock-out training segments from Bethany Webster, Troy Brown, Matt Morris,
Marc Accetta, David Pietsch, and making his national training debut Carlos Rogers. It
was just plain ridiculous. You're definitely going to be hearing some of those segments
on DriveTime University: Overdrive and Fast Lane in the months ahead. But no sooner had
we wrapped up Dallas, when we descended on Slovenia for another massive Momentum! event
this month with Marc Acetta, Matt Morris, and Wes Melcher! We had way over the room's
500 person capacity, so they literally had to pull chairs out of the space to create
more standing room. It was awesome. And that still leaves Momentum! Israel February 19-20
with Marc, Johnny Wimbrey, and David Pietsch. So, watch out because Europe is about to be
on fire. Of course, the one thing everyone is talking about is WINGS & WHEELS! We announced
this new promotion at Momentum! in Dallas, and the crowd. Went. NUTS. If you haven't
already watched the video on our WorldVentures TV YouTube Channel, go check it out. For those
of you who've been living under a rock, here's how it works. First off, you have to get
your Wings. That means you personally sponsor four customers, you get qualified, and in
all of our countries except Canada, you get your monthly fees waived as a thank you.
Sorry Canucks. Step 2, you've got to bring in a total of $5,000 in sales volume from your
lineage team in a give month. So, that could be as simple as getting your Wings, and helping
four other people get theirs. Or, if you don't want to leave anything to chance, you do
it Byron Schrag style, and you go sponsor twenty customers yourself. Now, again, it's
based on actual sales volume, so make sure you read the FAQs, or the Compensation Plan
Addendum for Wings & Wheels for all the specifics. But the bottom line is, this promotion is
HOT. Chief Strategy Officer Eddie Head announced this weekend at a Dallas Super Saturday that
there have already been almost 80 qualified in the first WEEK. Unreal. Make sure you check
the handy gauge in your back office to see how close you are to qualifying for your own
silver BMW! Before we move on, one super quick compliance item for Wings & Wheels. When you're
talking about the promotion, whether it's on Facebook and Twitter, or in person at
a live event, our compliance team asks that you not use "FREE" or "WIN" in describing the
promotion. Those terms might lead some to believe that the Wings & Wheels promotion
was a raffle or prize rather than an award for an achievement! So from now on, please
use "earned" a new BMW, or "qualified for" or you could say that it was "paid for by",
"courtesy of" or "thanks to" WorldVentures. Because after all, you've earned it! Now,
that was only one promotion, we also announced the new W.I.N. DreamTrips promotion! This
one's just crazy. We're giving away an all-inclusive DreamTrip for two to a lucky winner every
week, for eight weeks. And to enter, they just need to watch a 15 minute video and give
us some information. Best part is, whoever wins, the person who referred them to the
video ALSO gets an all-inclusive DreamTrip for two. We want to give a BIG congratulations
to our first week's winners: Carol Kelsch from Utah and her nephew Jeremy Brown from
Washington who showed her the video! Carol and Jeremy and their guests will be headed
to Mexico for a fabulous all-inclusive DreamTrip in August, courtesy of WorldVentures. We've
still got seven more weeks of winners to go, and remember, once you're entered, you stay
in the drawing the entire length of the promotion. So keep those entries coming! In international news,L
have you heard about Zimbabwe? Well, we launched in our fourth African country
in January, but we had a big launch event celebration just a few weeks ago. We were
going to be pleased if attendance topped a couple hundred, but as it turned out, we had
over 2,000 in attendance, including Zimbabwe's Minister of Tourism & Hospitality Industry
who was the keynote speaker and welcomed WorldVentures to the country. How cool is that? Next up,
U.S. regional training events are Saturday, March 3! We're expecting packed houses in 16
locations across the United States. We've got events in Chicago; Dallas; Dayton; Denver;
Des Moines; Greensboro; Kansas City, Minneapolis, Nashville; Newark; Phoenix; San Antonio; San Diego;
San Jose (Palo Alto); and Tupelo! Don't miss out on the buzz. And for those of you near Los
Angeles, you get a super-charged Regional, because yours is in conjunction with another
one of our super cool Mastermind events! It's like a mini-DreamTrip with a Sony Studios
tour, Wheel of Fortune taping, plus dinner and a show at the Magic Castle. It's totally
sweet. And that's happening a week prior to the other Regionals, the weekend of February
24-26. Whichever event you're going to though, make sure your team RSVPs to the corresponding
event on Facebook. They're under the Events tab, below our profile picture on Facebook,
and they're the best way for your team to connect with each other! And Lastly, UNITED!
in April! It's going to be here fast, so get registered today before the price goes up!
You can go to for all the details. It's
the must-attend event of the year! In social media news, WorldVentures is on Pinterest!
What's Pinterest you might ask? It s a new online pinboard for photo sharing. Now, at
first glance it may appear to be nothing more than wedding and home decorating porn for
women, but it's actually really cool and we think it s going to be big in the months to
come. So, we've set up a couple of boards we invite you to check out. Especially the
Wings & Wheels board with all the pictures we've collected from folks who've qualified
for their silver bimmer. You can find us at And of course,
you can always find us on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube as well as LinkedIn, Google+, and
Foursquare. So, come find us. Let's chat! Well, that does it for this episode. Until
next time, I m your host Scott Caldwell and this has been WorldVentures Live, where we
read the news, so you don't have to!