Alejandro & Diego - Part 33

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Diego, I'm arranging everything so we can have dinner with your girlfriend tonight.
Yes, dad. I spoke to her already and she told me she'll confirm later. - She'd better come.
I'm not too sure if she's really your girlfriend.
What do you mean?
When I went to Cervantes yesterday, I saw you kissing your homosexual classmate.
In the mouth.
I hope you understand how serious the situation is with your father, Santiago.
I'll do everything I can to save him.
Of course.
I never want to see you with the perverted friend you have!
What is that low-life's name?
Ale ... Alejandro. - That guy!
I will cure you from that sickness even if I have to treat you as my only patient!
Dad ... dad, I'm not sick. - Yes, you are!
Yes, you are!
I saw you kissing that pervert on the lips!
Those sick people want to spread their sickness to everyone who crosses their paths.
Dad ... what can I do to prove to you that I'm not sick.
The first thing I want you to do is bring your girlfriend home, and show me that you are a man.
The second thing ...
I want you to read this book.
And I want you to follow the treatment I'm going to give you to a 'T'.
You're going to see Dr Bachmann.
We will cure you. - But ...
You will be cured!
Armando, my goodness! Take him to intensive care. Quick!
What's wrong?
Seeing Mr Madrazo in that condition has affected me.
Was it that ... or was it because of the blood?
Well ... both. I'm not used to it.
Get used to it and behave like a man!
You'll be seeing these kinds of things early on when you study medicine.
Or are you going to be the first in the family to break the tradition?
Diego, listen up.
Don't challenge destiny.
You will study, graduate ...
get married and give me grandchildren.
End of.
Son ...
Your problem ... it's a sickness.
And that sickness has a cure.
I'll help you get out of this shameful period in your life.
I'll give you a book that will help. That and Dr Bachmann's therapy.
He's the best psychiatrist I know of.
He believes in the process of sexual reorientation.
Son ...
Strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend.
Don't give me anymore excuses.
Bring her home as your formal girlfriend.
Mom ... Diego insisted that we have dinner at his father's house.
Truth is, all I do is put it off.
We'll have to accept the invitation or else Diego's father will start to suspect something.
Mom, I'm not like you.
I'm not used to lying about my illegal status.
What are we going to tell Mr Baron when he asks about dad?
That he went on a business trip?
Look ... if I lied, it was to spare you.
There are truths that are more painful than lies.
I know ... I didn't mean to hurt you, but ...
try to understand that being undocumented isn't easy for me.
You know what ... I think that my physical education teacher, Mr JP ... suspects something.
He has asked strange questions.
Ms Miranda told him she saw me here. Since then, he hasn't stopped asking why I was here.
Well, if that's the case, it's because she must be hiding something.
No one who comes here has their life in order.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Ma'am, please. I need to ask you two questions.
Sure. - First, how long until we get the vaccination certificate?
My number is 838.
Two people are before you. The doctor will see you soon.
Thank you.
And the second question?
Well ... what kind of people do you see at this clinic?
My daughter is doing a project for her school.
We see people who do not want to give out information ...
women who are undocumented or have unexpected pregnancies.
Thank you.
See, we're not the only ones who are hiding something.