Full-Time MBA: Raj Manohar - Broad College of Business at Michigan State University

Uploaded by MSUBroad on 03.11.2009

I had never worked in the U.S. or come to the U.S. before at that point of time. Again,
when looking at schools, I saw that Michigan State was one of the few which had a very
high ratio of international students. So, I thought it would be a good experience to
get a global exposure, just because there would be people from all over the world.
I was going to invest two years of my time, my life, and my effort into this process,
and I wanted something out of it. I wanted a good job. I wanted to get experience and
exposure. And I thought Michigan State was good on all those counts. The second reason
was basically the feedback about the Career Services Center. What I heard from recruiters,
as current students, as well as alumni was that they were very helpful and good and they
had an excellent placement rates.
Day 1 I was kind of expected to hit the ground running, and I would say, that’s pretty
much what I did.
What I would tell someone who wants to join Michigan State is that it’s the best return
on value that I’ve ever seen. It’s the best return on your time, your money, and
your effort. And you come out all the better for it—in terms of competing as well as
in terms of friends and alumni.