Ghost Stories Told By Japanese Celebrities - Eikou Kano (with English Captions)

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Sakuradasan Shrine, a shrine in Miyagi prefecture...
...that has stood for 1500 years since the Asuka period.
Kano-san, eldest son of the 38th priest in a lineage of priests of this shrine.
There is a strange legend about the name of the place, Sakurada.
A long time ago, a young woman who was planting rice while carrying her baby on her back...
...accidentally dropped the baby in the paddy field.
The baby drowned.
As a memorial for the child she planted a cherry tree in the paddy field...
...and that's how they say the place got its name, Sakurada (cherry tree field).
Kano-san talks about the horrific experience he had...
...where the spirit of this woman who lost her child is still said to wander.
Whoa, why did they turn down the lights?
The White Hand that Invites into Darkness: Kano Eikou
There is a shrine right next to my house.
My family consists of my father, my mother...
Me, the sexy man! Ok? [note: Ikemen (sexy man) is one of his comedy nicknames]
I lived with my father, my mother and my little brother Mitsu.
In the middle of the night- and this was when I was in elementary school-...
...I wanted to go to the bathroom.
So I got up.
I was walking through a passage in the shrine towards the bathroom.
As I did, there was something moving more or less where my parents room was.
I thought, "What is that?" My eyes started to become accustomed to the dark.
And when I look focusing my eyesight... was a thin white hand.
The hand was beckoning me.
“Come. Come here.” Beckoning me like that.
Right away I screamed in fear, went into my parents room and yelled:
“I saw a white hand coming out.”
But my dad said “Theres no such thing.”
So that was soon forgotten about.
So one day not long after that...
I was...
I was sleeping...
...and suddenly I could not move my body.
That's right. Sleep paralysis.
It was as if a real rope was holding me.
It was distressful.
I was thinking “its coming this way”...
...when I heard in the corner of the room...
...the voice of a woman laughing.
It wasn't a loud voice.
It was more of a giggle.
But it was getting closer and closer to me.
Finally I knew it was laughing right in front of my face.
I thought “please, morning, come quickly, come quickly, come quickly.”
But when I opened my eyes I notices it was morning already.
After that I was having breakfast with my parents as we always did...
...when suddenly we heard the sound of someone running down the stairs.
We wondered what was going on when my brother bursted the door open.
He started yelling, "A woman! A woman was...!"
My dad asked him what happened.
He said he was in his room at night reading a comic book...
...when suddenly he heard the sound of broken glass.
It wasnt the sound of a blow but rather that of someone walking on it slowly.
As soon as he thought “what is this?”...
...his body got all rigid like a straight line.
He was thinking “what is this paralysis?”...
..when the upper half of a woman, no lower half, just the upper half of a woman passed in front of him.
At that moment, he said he heard a woman giggling.
While he was paralyzed, his eyes could not look away from the woman.
His eyes followed the woman until she suddenly disappeared.
Finally he lost his consciousness and dropped.
When he regained consciousness he got startled and went down the stairs quickly.
But dad, after all, told him “Theres no way that thing happened.”
“You must have had a bad dream or something.”
And that was the end of that.
But I kept thinking...
That was the same woman with voice that I heard.
In our city we hold a festival in Sakurada...
...for a woman who lost a child.
The love of this woman for her child is so strong even now that she cannot rest in peace...
...and might be a spirit that can only appear in front of us children.