Human Resources - Durham College

Uploaded by DurhamCollege on 11.05.2012

Currently I’m interested in the point of law and labour relations, and so this course
is perfect for that.
I’ve already worked in a bank, back home in Pakistan, so I know how they actually operate
and what the HR departments within the banks are.
We design our program so that the course content that the students engage in is broadly based
enough to give them an opportunity to take their HR skill sets into a variety of employers.
You have the marketable skills like accounting and the finance, and the things, extra things
that you’re looking for in business.
The teachers here do belong to the specific fields, they’ve already worked in their
fields of specifications. They come from a practical background and they give you the
experiences that they had.
It’s great to hear their past history and what they can also bring to the table. So
they give those real-life scenarios.
I don’t have only the bookish knowledge, I have my teachers, my professor’s practical
experiences too.
I still can’t believe I have the pleasure of doing this job.
The connections that we have span at least 90 companies at present count and my job is
to try and diversify the placement opportunities to try and match those learning experiences
with what students wish to pursue in terms of their career.
The thing that made me choose Durham College the most would be the reputation.
I know a lot of people that I went to high school with that I knew from my work had a
lot of good experiences at Durham College and I know there’s a broad range of programs,
not just academically but outside in social clubs and other organizations.
Durham College is connected.
It really emphasized I think what HR is really all about and I think that it taught us that
you have to work as a team, you have to be consistent in your effort to get along with
other people and you have to be willing to learn that there are other ways to operate
than just your own ideas.
My colleagues and students in my class will be going into HR generalist roles and usually
there’s a specialization that comes out of that from whatever the person’s interested
in, so recruitment, selection, labour relations personnel, union representatives even, all
of them would have a similar background or education.
It’s the process you go through and that’s the thing that makes you feel successful at
the end of the day.
I think it’s important to set the goals and objectives but it’s realizing that you’ve
achieved them and you were great at achieving them.
You’re going to learn from me, I’m going to learn from you and you’re going to learn
from each other.
That is a very good prescription for success not only while they’re here but after they
leave here and go on in their professional career
So for me, Durham College is a success.