BT - Success Story

Uploaded by compuware on 05.01.2010

My name's Daniel Poulter. I work for BT Global Services. And within that division we have
an application management portfolio, which I look after, which help customers get visibility
and control of their application performance management environment. And it helps them
in three ways; removing inefficiencies, reducing cost and reducing complexity.
Being able to actually commit to an application service level, either over the network or
over the end-to-end infrastructure, is something that we are working towards with some of our
customers. Within BT, application management is an important differentiator for us and
the market analysts and the community at large sees it as a differentiator also. Increasingly
what we're going to be focusing on in the next 12 to 18 months is aligning our application
management portfolio with our global VPN. We see the integration of intelligence within
the network infrastructure as being a key part of our strategy.
The Compuware partnership is one of our more mature partnerships in our application management
portfolio suite. Compuware have got a strong global presence, and we work very closely
with Compuware on our managed service deals, and we continue to work with them very closely.
Our R & D Center, we've got a research and development center dedicated to new innovation.
And we have our own lab with our test bed, and we constantly look at the new releases
of software coming out from Compuware and look to pioneer some of those innovations
with our top tier customers.
We chose Compuware Vantage to underpin our application management portfolio because they
are the market leader in Business Service Management, End-user Experience and Application
Performance Monitoring.
The way we execute the application management portfolio is part of a journey towards operational
efficiency, which has different stages, and we can help our customers at different points
of that journey. The starting point is typically an order and based upon the Compuware Vantage
suite we offer three different order types. We can assess our customer's existing application
environment. We can also troubleshoot specific performance issues. And we can also profile
and conduct impact analysis to understand the effect of rolling out new applications.
On an ongoing basis we use the Compuware Vantage suite to provide performance monitoring of
specific application environments and Web environments, as well as end-user experience.
And we're now working with Compuware on the Vantage 11 suite to look at a Business Service
Management interface to help customers report and respond to application service levels.
In the area of convergence, we've recently helped a large manufacturer who has recently
implemented a new version of SAP. This new version of the software introduces unified
communications and convergence features. And by monitoring and auditing the software we've
been able to de-risk that convergence rollout. Eventually being able to improve response
rates, end-user response rates for SAP. And response rates are improved by using the Vantage
suite by 43 percent.
In the area of globalization and extending business operations, we've recently worked
with a large retailer who have invested significantly in an online presence. Leading up to Christmas,
which is a busy shopping period, they had a significant outage of their online shopping
operation. They were losing 50,000 orders a week and losing something like 1 million
pounds sterling every day because of the outage. In total, the outage is expected to cost them
5 million pounds, and that's likely to increase to 15 million as customers have moved to other
competitors. So that really illustrates the effect of downtime. Since that experience
the customer's now come to BT for managed service based on Vantage to provide them end-user
experience online Web monitoring of their online process.