Final Fantasy XIII CGI Cutscene 720p English HD CC (Chapter 12) + Download Link

Uploaded by baigalihaji on 30.10.2010

People of Cocoon. My fellow citizens.
We have survived the twlight, and gather now to welcome the dawn of the day on which we decide our fate.
Many are the lessons we have learned during our long night of hardship and sacrifice.
And now we face choices; choices which must be made as our hearts dictate, and not abandoned to uncaring chance.
Let us forge ahead with unflinching courage. And honor the fallen with action.
With these hands we shape the future.
What the--!?
Oh, damn!
Close call!
And the hero saves the day!
Oh, no, no, you're too kind! No--no, no, thank you! Thank you!
Oh. Probably should've covered that.
Intruders on the race circuit! Confirmed Pulse l'Cie! All units respond with lethal force!
Catch me if you can!
Hi there.
Cut 'em off!
Oh-ho! Think we have a winner.
You're dead!
You first!
Take her down!
Hey! Stop that!
I said stop that!
Block this!
Move it!
Let's go.