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trial observers remember
well it was overnight spread out to helping microscope
rudd said we use and the things that's happened and subjected to ensure see coverage
George said green stood there in to protect it
only then can the engine begin to move
spent close or dumped from the ashes
when whatever added to the tender
and when the engines of this team and the crew has its operating orders
the locomotive is coupled with stress
I had a dollar a share
America's very least locomotives were British me
like johndroe
as American technology in this time
so did the murder murder a hugely successful domestic engine began appearing in nineteen
thirty six
it was called appropriately the American type locomotive
locomotive types are designated by the UN which this out of four for over the election
for cutting pilot we'll still keep the engine on rickety in their contract
for large driving meals provided the power
later locomotives have more driving we use and eventually that it really has to help
support the growing weight of the two regions
during that critical period in the development of rare and that was the engine that did all
the work
of mental energy in engineering was such that that was as big a boiler is a good bill time
for the end of the nineteenth century as the engineers were able to build a bigger voice
they put more wheels underneath it and that's when we broke away for
before for on to begin to see much larger steam locomotives
but the for four was a great classic steam engine of the %uh the eighteen hundreds
before perot American type locomotive continue to be built until nineteen twenty eight
the earliest model started at fifty horsepower
pretty close to over five hundred horsepower
the latest with thirty two
and the heaviest over eighty seven times
over twenty six thousand were made
three basic types of fuel of power steam locomotives through the years
cole was used in regions where it was put in
bringing real roads and very secretive saw like in the school
a few in Pennsylvania used hard anthracite coal
which produced virtually no smoke but which required and larger whereabouts because it
burn more slowly
most really real
groups including many ways to go
trees were blown making to he believed Clinton
that's the nearby former for firewood
with birders had large time and she smokestacks
the metal plates and screws inside of them have to charge hotline numbers
he's a locomotive supreme court
as did many of the latest the mansions
one was easier to store and loan
it was more readily available
especially in Texas and other western states
birds without creating the three seats in the assembly to the west not
coal burning locomotives were converted to order by the real world to think just to save
time and money
and the development locomotives the idea was always to build a locomotive the two more
effectively and more powerfully home more stuff for greater distance
the mood screw inside just better track
tensions like reliable every
I loved literature in superior court
it was always have
the more voters
the black an ugly
well we get they get enormous in the latter part of the nineteenth century as trains and
had a cold got
much heavier
transcript and the most popular way to travel
and so I say the major change was simply in the gross income tax of the of the steam locomotives
which climax to recently in the nineteen twenties
a major locomotive innovation arrived with the twentieth century it was cold so pretty
lincoln's of steam to bring were added to a engine boilers to salute charged the steam
waiting to be the main cylinders
superheated to ran through the exhaust fumes
giving gases from the buyer one last night
pressure of the city
morris just being translated into
more power from the same way
another major innovation was called superpower
from ohio's my mom of the motive works
it's principally concept was to one margin locomotives fuel burning fire box
producer waiter who went to the houston faster
more steam and more power
it required that in addition their training wheels to the locomotive to support the extra
weight of the larger part of us
types of locomotives and
this nineteen twenty five did not watching
to wait a minute
he came into it
four six two percent
was now on
your thoughts
lori types
evolves into
railroads were Americans first big business
and it seemed like somebody was always coming up with a new technological innovation to
make we weren't simply safe
or just cheaper
wouldn't be such a pandora's was an African-American engineer named my job of course
sometimes said that
the a phrase the real mccoy came out from a device that he invented
all the rights that %uh
of what's needed amounts of implications of the critical parts of a locomotive
what recorded western
rule on existing designs
to make a much more effective
much more economical
it became much more reliable one
that %uh road crews prefer just type in began calling it the real mccoy
he later went on to become a recognized international expert
the professional every kind of industrial machinery
it was one of the many brilliant minds and
I had to drive to bring steam locomotion to the
for the first time
the city of Chicago Israel moving in America
that's repeated noted every corner of the city
three you know it's got its suburbs
fifty miles northwest of Chicago
much of the city's transportation past
it's preserved the Illinois really the issue
volunteers salvage and restore anything from a set way and trolley cars
it should be some short years
but when the public visits
people always want to write this feature
I've always loved train the group along side the Wall there sure and sprinkling
years of basic honesty about the machines
they're built for a specific purpose needed a purpose extremely well
my real world job
I'm a trial attorney in Chicago
at least one day a week and sometimes too
I come out here just my mental therapy
out here it's is working on the road
and she moves over three hundred and fifty historical pieces of equipment
how's the northridge doesn't shoot some hoops
they like to be able to restore every single piece
on restoring a not bring the government don't want your work
the effort to go into restoring this
the simple passenger cars
kantor fifteen years of work
a steam locomotive
it might take
decade or more