[SUBTITLES!] Apple Special Event January 2010 (iPad) PART 6

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It's amazing. Imagine an artist with a canvas this large that they can carry anywhere they
go, including art students, and it weighs only a pound and a half. No paints, no easel,
it's going to be incredible. Next up: Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts has been a major supporter
of the iPhone platform ever since we launched the App Store. With over 40 titles already.
EA is the number one worldwide publisher of mobile games. To show you what they're doing
for the iPad, I'd like to invite up Travis Boatman. Travis.
[APPLAUSE] -Thanks Scott.
Hey everybody. So when Apple invited us to come on site and work with them on the iPad,
we couldn't have been more excited. But as gamers, the first thing we wanted to check
out, is its performance. [NEED FOR SPEED INTRO SOUNDS]
And what better game than Need for Speed? And as you can see here, we've got a gorgeous
3D version of the BMW M3GT displayed on this huge display. What you're going to see next,
it takes a very short period of time do get up and running on the device. The reason why
that's important is that means we're going to be able to bring all of the other great
EA games from the App Store to this device in no time.
[STARTING VEHICLE] Now, we've made games for consoles and we've
made games for the iPhone, but building for the iPad is something completely different.
It's a little bit like holding a high definition television screen just inches from your face.
That field of view and this sensation of speed that you get is just incredible.
This thing is so light, that you can hold this thing in your hands, and uses the accelerometer
to steer our car like a steering wheel. Really cool. It's also fully touch-enabled. We had
a lot of fun with experimenting with different types of interfaces. For example, if John
wants to see inside the car, there's no button for that. Just tap right on the car. We also
started adding fun things like the shifter. Again really intuitive. The user just swipes
up or down with his finger to change gears. We also added mirrors. You simply tap on the
mirror to look behind you.
[CAR CRASHES] Well, yeah, you have to be careful where you're looking when you're driving... [LAUGHTER].
But other than just a large screen and it being completely touch-sensitive, again, for
us performance is really important. And a game like Need for Speed really pushes the
limits. So we want to show you how fast this device in this game really goes.
Yeehaw! That's great, John. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] So that's Need for Speed running on the iPad.
You can expect a lot more great stuff coming from EA soon. Thanks everybody. [APPLAUSE]
- Thanks Travis. And last up is MLB.com. MLB.com is the official website of particularly
baseball and the publisher of MLB.com At Bat. And that app has been downloaded over 2 million
times and it has streamed over 16 million videos, making it one of the most popular
sports apps in the App Store. To show you what they're doing with the iPad, I'd like
to invite up Chad Evans. Chad! - Thanks Scott. [APPLAUSE] 'Morning everybody. Joining me
is Tracy, our director at mobile engineering. We were extremely excited to build something
for the iPad, and we realized that we couldn't just take our existing iPhone application
and make it bigger. We really need to create a whole new experience to take advantage of
the big, gorgeous, interactive display. So let's take a loot at the demo.
So you're currently looking at our live game experience with data from last April. Across
the top, you have our lead scoreboard which allows you to navigate to any of the day's games.
On the field, you have our game date pitch tracker [?] which shows you the trajectory
of every pitch thrown. And you can tap on a pitch to bring up additionally details.
You can also tap any player to open his baseball card, so you can see all the stats relevant
to the current game situation. And now, with all this great screen space, we can actually
show you video highlights while all this is going on, so you can replay the game's best.
[BASEBALL GAME COMMENTARY] I love that. Across the bottom, you've got your game controls.
You can see the box score, the field, the summary, the batter-pitcher matchup, and scroll
through a line-up. And it looks like we've got a man on first now, so we can take a look
at all the action with MLB.tv where you can watch live with your choice of home or away
announcers. So the first thing you'll notice, is that baseball looks absolutely amazing
on this screen. And now, we can enhance it with great live data from MLB.com, like the
scoreboard, the field, the box score, and player cards, all while you watch. Let's take
a look. [ENTHUSIASTIC COMMENTARY] So, we really think this device with this big, interactive
display allows us to create a really rich, immersive, interactive experience who enjoy
the national pass-time. [?] Thank you. [APPLAUSE] - Now everyone knows that instead of carrying
a transistor radio to the backyard, to listen to baseball, I'll be taking my iPad and this
app. Now we really are incredibly excited about the opportunities for developers to
build amazing apps for the iPad, and we're providing a SDK today to let developers get
going on that. Now, while we wait for those apps to come out, we can all run all of our
existing iPhone apps unmodified, right on our iPad. And that is the App Store for the
iPad. Steve. [APPLAUSE] - That's great. Thank you, Scott! Isn't it awesome? And these guys
only had two and a half weeks to work on this stuff. So imagine what they're going to do
in the next few months. People are going to go crazy. So we've seen some really great
apps, let me show you another one of our apps that we're very excited about. Of course,
that's a ebook reading app. Now, Amazon has done a great job of pioneering this functionality
with their Kindle. We're going to stand on their shoulders and go a bit further. So this
is what a Kindle looks like, I'm sure many of you have used one. This is reading a book
on the new iPad. It's really nice, and our new app is called iBooks. Now, iBooks has
a bookshelf. It looks like this, where you've got all your books. If you want to read one
-- you just saw what it looks like, it's terrific, you can go into portrait to see
both pages if you'd like. And in addition to having your bookshelf and being able to
read books, there's a button in the upper left corner of the bookshelf, which is the
store. And we've created the new iBook Store. Fully integrated with the iBooks app, to allow
you to discover and purchase and download ebooks right on your iPad. So you can discover
books, we've got of course our top charts lists, the New York Times bestseller lists,
and we've got five of the largest publishers in the world that are supporting us in this
and we're going to have all their books on the store, and we're going to open up the
flood gates for the rest of the publishers in the world starting this afternoon. So we're
going to have a lot of books in the iBook Store. We're very excited about this. This
is a great app. [APPLAUSE]