Running the Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows 8

Uploaded by HPPrinterSupport on 25.10.2012

This video shows you how to run the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 8. The Disk Cleanup utility
helps free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files from your computer.
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In this video we will use a mouse to select items. If you are using a touch-screen computer
you will tap the selection whenever the video says click.
From your computer, right-click the lower left corner of the computer screen
to open the menu.
Click Search.
Click Settings.
In the Search box, type Disk Cleanup.
From the search results list, click “Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files”.
From the dropdown, select the drive you want the utility to cleanup; this is generally
the C drive.
Click OK.
From under “Files to delete”, select Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files, and any other
files you would like removed from your computer.
Click OK.
When prompted, click on Delete Files to permanently delete the files.
The Disk Cleanup utility will delete the files and then close once it has completed.