2NE1_TV_Season 2_E08-1_Sleepless in Beverly Hills

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What up yo 2NE1 TV
We got superstars right here doing their work.
Wanna hear what we're working on?
No, no.
Dara, oh, Dara.
Gosh, it's been a long time. We got 4,5 songs already.
Five songs.
Cheers. Let's do our best there, too.
- Let's go girls. - A cheer.
Take it up break it up.
Incheon Airport 06. 20. 2010
CL, are you gonna go?
Minzy forgot her passport.
When they asked for our passports. She went Oh My God
and said she doesn't have it.
Gosh, what do I do. I must be crazy.
Minzy, what do we do.
If we miss the plane we have to go with Dara on Wed.
We can go with Dara.
Today, everyone except me leaves for the U.S.
I have to be in Tae Yang's music video
so I will go to the U.S. alone in 3 days.
It must be the first time doing the music video alone.
I hope she does well.
See you in a few days.
Manager came to get Minzy's passport in the speed of light.
- Oh, Thank you. - Is this yours?
Gong Minzy, you are a bad girl.
I hate this impression as a bad girl.
- Oh, Bom. - What's up with her.
This is a first.
People will believe you.
What's wrong with Minzy.
- Our CL. - Our CL.
What's wrong. What's she up to?
Departing for the U.S. for the final recording with Will.i.am
That hour, Dara working on Tae Yang's music video!
We begin at midnight.
I have to do well. Just keep cool.
Dara acts confident around Tae Yang but is actually uncomfortable
Today, with DJ AMMO I met last time
I am working with two people who sampled 'Fast car and caviar' last time.
The two worked with Kelis' '4th of July' song.
It's the title of Kelis's new album. They worked on it
Hi. Hello.
Members headed toward the studio for the recording
Where are we.
Arrives at a new studio not the one from last time!
- Been good? - Yes.
What's up How you doing? Will.i.am Singer
Did you have some kimchi?
I had some sushi like snack.
What's up.
Hi, camera. Jean Baptiste, Producer
Will.i.am and friends greeting 2NE1
What is it? Wait, chocolate.
Recording begins
WILL listening to 2NE1's last recording
It's good. You guys stacked it up.
It's the one everyone can scream on stage.
He listened to the song we recorded last time.
He really likes it. It feels good.
He complimented it.
I'll be right inside.
A short break time...
When's Dara coming?
I am at our empty home. Bom's probably eating right now.
I wish there's a lot to eat.
Bom picked up a muffin
No, it's not food.
Recording begins after a quick break
Jean Baptiste made us a melody.
Look at you (Minzy). Now the next one.
This is what I thought.
Show them myself as I am.
If I'm sad I cry and I shout if I'm angry.
I thought that was right. so I acted that way.
But what is amazing is when I started this team
I never saw anyone like Dara before.
No one like CL.
No one like Minzy.
They are all so different. It was amazing.
(I thought) because I'm rather spoiled
I can't endure hardship or make them look at me that way.
I tried to put up with anything.
I think they do to a certain extent.
I think leader, no matter what, puts up more.
Dara in Korea is doing her best to do the music video
What time is it that you're still up? Is it dayberak?
They probably ordered room service since it's early in the morning.
We tend to call room service when you go to the U.S.
Physical Trainer is next to me. Hwang-Sabu
2nd day of recording 06. 22. 2010
Today is the second day.
I text messaged with Dara. Since she began shooting the music video.
But I really felt Dara's absence.
She sure is a vitamin. A vitamin person.
When I'm having a hard time
I didn't know this but she gives me a lot of support.
I wish she gets here soon.
Sit down. You're giving me a headache.
I felt that Minzy is not a baby anymore.
She's sensitive. She knows me when we go into recording.
So she tries to cheer me up.
She knows. So she surprises me.
What's up, you?
Delicious eating time~
WILL and 2NE1 dining in a good mood
Incheon Airport 06. 22. 2010
Finally, arrive at the airport.
it's my third long trip.
You﹑ll probably find us all different when we went to the U.S. and London.
You﹑ll find us more secured.
And it﹑s 3 in the morning there.
But they text me.
When I get the ticket, it﹑s always next to Bom.
Do you like to sit next to Bom?
No, it﹑s rather scary.
Finally a trip by herself~
Members now feel comfortable with the recording
Your voice is rested so let﹑s kill it OK?
Did you do well?
I passed out for 8 hours and got up.
And we﹑re landing in 11 minutes.
We﹑re here.
They served a meal twice but I just slept through.
The flight attendant said that I was knocked out.
Arrives at the studio after a long trip
It﹑s a different place this time. It must not be (WILL﹑s) house.
Minzy so happy to see Dara
Dara getting ready for the recording right after her arrival
Ladies, you are amazing.
Since we worked on 2 songs for 2 days let﹑s do the 3rd tomorrow.
Jean Bapiste happy to finish the recording
2NE1 finished recording with Dara﹑s joining
Finish. See you tomorrow.
Dara and Bom﹑s fun recording day 10. 14. 2010
I slept.
It﹑ll come out alright, I guess.
No trembling. Don﹑t show me shaking.
Oh, my complexion is terrible.
The eye lash.
I will go out first...
And fall by mistake. Then you come out.
- No, not yet. - Yeah.
Here. Right here.
Come out here.
This is embarrassing me.
Just standing? I think we﹑re screwed.
No, I do this and will fall.
Then, are you ok? OK? and run to me.
And when the part comes out just dance like hell.
That﹑s what you thought yesterday,
when we dance don﹑t ever dance.
We have to be expressionless. That﹑ll be funny.
Sh! Don﹑t even react. I﹑ll do that part.
Still, it﹑ll be fun, fun.
Even then, they want to eat. Dara recharging her energy before the recording
Bom is doing well now.
Just said something mean. That Bom﹑s crazy.
Sometimes, I think Bom﹑s crazy. So funny.
- YG, we﹑ll do our best. - Dara complemented me.
Other times, Dara gets upset with me.
That I don﹑t do well.
Yes, you did well today?
Did well on the personal dance.
It﹑s great today. I think we got a lot done today.
We did our best.
We got to for the stage.
So, we got to eat beef.
Shall we eat now since it﹑ll be awhile before we go home?
Yup, since we worked hard today.
- yeah, then. - Yes, everyone, beef.
Arrives at their favorite restaurant
I got lashes on one side and the other side off.
Take the other one off.
Then it﹑ll be empty.
That﹑s fine.
The eye lashes fell off. It fell off.
Anyways, the program that makes us most nervous besides being on stage
how long did we film that?
Wow, 10 hours. I﹑m exhausted.
You are exhausted?
I﹑m just a bit hungry.
I was in the middle but I﹑m fine now.
Because we worked hard for 10 hours
the result is great.
We have to reward ourselves. With beef barbeque.
- Enjoy it. - Yeah, you, too.
Bom & Dara all excited with fullness
Dara was awesome today.
- No, she was on the roll. - No, not me.
I like this beef because it cooks fast.
It﹑s already done. The other side needs little cooking.
Done. Let﹑s eat.
It﹑s not good if you over cook it.
Dara & Bom eating their special reward
Mmm, It melts in your mouth.
Have one.
My favorite cold noodle. This place has the best one.
You wrap the noodle around the beef.
It﹑s fantastic.
You wrap it on the cold noodle like this.
Oh, it doesn﹑t wrap well.
Like this.
And it﹑s big like the cow﹑s eye.
No, not that.
- Oh, sad eye. - Sad eyes.
These twinkling eyes are cows.
I don﹑t think that﹑s good.
No, cows have beautiful eyes.
You did very well today. You must﹑ve really prepared.
I did better during the practice.
Good. Good. Good, Dara. You did well.
Good, you did.
No, we did well.
Going together helped.
Complementing each other~
We﹑re happy to have this wonderful dinner after a hard work.
That﹑s it.
This is formally the last show for 'Can﹑t nobody'.
Of the triple title Can﹑t nobody﹑s final show
I think it was a worth shot.
Good memory.
Final 'Can't nobody'.
And I will do my best.
But we﹑ll meet again.
It﹑s like a real snake.
It﹑s cute. Let﹑s place.
I﹑m sad it﹑s the last show.
We are at Seoul Station. We are going to Dong Daegu.
At Dong Daegu, we﹑ll go to Gumi by car.
- You are going to Busan? - What?
- No, not going to Busan? - Take the train to Busan.
Is this your first time on KTX?
Hurry up and sit down.
They even have a table.
We have to hold the table when the train takes off?
This isn't a plane. This is better than a plane.
And more comfortable.
- Bom... - Ugly woman.
Oh, ugly woman concept?
Look at her in ease. Her legs all stretched out.
- Enjoy your food. - Yes, thank you.
CL & Dara all into the train ride
We﹑ve arrived at Dong Daegu Station.
The train﹑s about to leave. But Minzy went to the bathroom.
We﹑re getting off.
What do I do with my feet. Like this...
Yeah, this and that way.
I'm confused right now.