My Australia: Episode 15 - Part 3

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Hi, how you going?
Just wondering what you think of barbecues, whether you like them.
I love barbecues.
I'm a massive fan of barbecues yeah. I have one at least once a week I'd say.
What would you say is the essential ingredient for a barbecue, for a successful barbecue?
Really good sausages.
Oh, snags, definitely, snags.
Snags being sausages.
My friend's a vegetarian so instead of having meat he's barbecued red peppers.
Actually no, barbecued bananas are good.
What's the strangest thing you've ever put on a barbecue?
I think I've heard of people barbecuing sort of like emu and crocodile and stuff like that
so that's pretty exotic.
Pop your steak on, have a few sips of beer.
Put the steaks on, bit of beer on the top of that ...
On the top of the steaks, just to lube it up a bit.
And then you flip 'em over and you're right to go. With a bit of a salad.
Beautiful. All right, that's great guys, thanks very much. Cheers.
No worries.
Have a good afternoon.
So people in Australia really love their barbecues.
Now let's join some of the guests from this series as they meet each other for the first
time and enjoy a barbie of their own.
I'm from China.
Today we gonna meet up all the guests from Adelaide and we going to have an Aussie's
barbecue and should be good
and, you know, get together and meet new people that you've never met before.
Are you, are you ...
Were you born in Bangkok?
Yeah, yeah. I'm only living here three months.
Okay, good.
I think it's gonna be pretty exciting because we will share our stories and our experience
that we have gone through this program.
Guys, who's going to cook?
I'm gonna cook.
A delicious style, okay.
I'll help.
Okay, you guys help.
So have you done much of barbecue?
Yeah, I love barbecue, even when I was in Indonesia I already like barbecue.
Maybe you guys can come here and fly the flies away.
You have to shoo away the flies. That's your task.
What do I have to do?
How are you going?
Like this?
Yes, keep doing it.
You know one thing in particular that I like about Australian food is that it doesn't require
a lot of effort.
You just basically put everything on the stove and put salt and pepper and that's it.
You eat with the barbecue sauce.
Unlike Chinese food. Not a lot of chopping.
Yeah, and the main thing about Australian cooking, barbecues, the men take charge of
the cooking.
It's interesting isn't it, like ...
It is very interesting.
It's like a standard that, you know, all the boys at the barbies drinking beer and all
the girls in the kitchen chopping salads and you know ...
But you know that's the tradition, that boys do the barbecue.
Just because they can drink beer.
Keep turning. Keep turning.
I think this piece is overcooked.
No, there's a bit of blood in it.
To make sure I need to poke this. Actually I like it a bit raw.
So tell me what did you experience with this program.
Ah hah. You know, just one time I've been to one of the small towns in Victoria state
called Ballarat
and it's a mining city actually in the 19th century,
and I have a chance to, you know, to hold gold which weighed about three kilograms.
Wow, that's pretty heavy.
It is heavy isn't it?
It was worth $200,000 and at the time I just want to run
My favourite's that I went to a cow racing, it's called Mt Compass.
Cow racing?
Yes, it was mental.
Oooh. Ouch.
I actually you know pushed a hay barrel and running and ...
What's a hay barrel?
You know when you go to the country and that big grass thing.
Yes, so you have to push that and, you know, do a marathon.
And as I running around people throwing mud at me and water and it felt awful.
It was good fun but it was crazy. But yes, it's one thing that I won't forget.
It's still a bit raw though, like you can sort of see the blood.
Yeah, but lamb.
It's fine.
If you have it too dry it's not good.
So guys, I have a surprise for you. You'll be surprised yes.
I made some beer.
Well, it's very unfamiliar to me.
I've never seen, I've never seen a brewing kit before.
Shall we try some?
All right. If you want to.
Okay guys, Who wants to try the beer?
It's really good.
Okay so, cheers.
It tastes all right.
It's light but it does not have sort of, some flavour, I don't know.
Do you drink beer?
Yeah but.
Do you like it?
Not this one.
It's good try though.
So Weiping, I believe you went crabbing. How do you like it?
I went crabbing with a few other guys and we spend whole afternoon looking for crabs.
Man, it's hard.
And believe it or not eventually we got twenty like crabs.
Oh, well done.
And it was my first time raking for crabs, so it was a totally new experience for me.
I got one here.
And the most exciting part was I got to eat all the crabs afterwards.
Did you get bitten?
No, I came back with ten toes.
Ow, look.
So, so, tell us, how do you like your horses?
Oh, you mean my Adelaide Cup experience?
Yes, horse racing.
Your horses.
It was great, it was great.
Like I've never been to any horse race in my life and that was the first time.
And it was quite shocking in the first place because when you imagine horse race you just
imagine like lots of horses and they basically do a race.
Uh huh.
But instead the first thing that I saw was a bunch of well-dressed, well-groomed people.
Like they look like British aristocrats.
Did you dress up?
What were you wearing?
A t-shirt and a pair of shorts maybe?
I dressed up, yeah. I dressed up as well.
Did you bet?
I bet and actually for the first time in my life I bet and I won.
Congrats. How much?
I think around $11.
So Michelle, what is your experience with this program?
My experience? I got to learn swimming.
Just going to move out a little bit further in front.
My dad was saying is very useful skill for people to have. It's a surviving skill.
To me the biggest obstacle was to overcome my scare, my fear, yes.
Once that's done it's all fine.
Ah, beautiful. Fantastic.
I did it.
And you swim now?
I can, yes I can.
Not to really good standard but yes.
Hello everyone.
My name is Preeti and I know I'm late and I hope I haven't missed my food.
It's not good.
Oh don't worry.
Have a seat. Have a seat. Come on.
So what you have done for the program?
Ah. I've done a lot of things.
My husband will kill you if anything happened to me I'm sure.
Did you really jump out from the plane?
Yes I did.
Oh my god.
That's scary.
That is.
I would never do that.
When you get to the door and it's like you actually have to step out.
How do you do it?
I didn't step out. This man who was tied with me ...
You were pushed.
I was pushed.
I was doing only one thing.
I was screaming and screaming and screaming.
I think it was really great to meet some of the cast today.
I heard a lot of random stories like jumping off the plane to do skydiving and I'm pretty
jealous about it
and I just think it's really amazing that people who come to Australia get to do so
many different and fun things, you know.
Anyway guys, it's been a great day.
Can I propose a cheers?
Yes. Cheers.
Cheers for a great day.
So, good food and some beer seem to be the essential ingredients for a successful barbecue.
And it doesn't hurt to have interesting people with great stories to tell either.
Well, we've come to the end of our first season of My Australia.
Hope you've enjoyed it. Thanks for watching.