Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Adobe Photoshop History Brush Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.09.2008

Now we're going to go over your art history brush. If we look at our screen here, you
can see that I have totally destroyed this picture, trying to modify this little girl
that's sitting in this boat. Well, there's many things I could do to back it up, but
there's also another way in which I could bring this all back, just by the portions
I want to brush in. So if I come over here and grab my art history bush brush, then you
can see that it has the shortcut key of Y, and I'll come down here, and I have increased
it a little bit, and it's on a feathered eighty pixel size brush. And if I brush in here,
you can see that I can bring her back completely. Any changes that I have made can be readjusted.
Let's say I just want to bring her back and not the ocean. Well, this is a good way to
do it. And I'll come in here and lighten her up a bit, and these were all; this is the
way the picture originally looked before I started making the changes. But if I want
to, there's many things I can do over here. Bring the ocean back the way it was supposed
to look, and actually, just take it all back, every last bit of it; all the mistakes that
I made. Bring it all back. Of course, you wouldn't want to do this. You there's an easier
way to do this if you want to, you know, recorrect your problems. But as you can see, if you
want to recorrect just a little bit just by using your brush tool, this is the very very
thing that you want to do is use your art history brush tool, so have fun, play around
with it, and enjoy.