ASUS Transformer Prime we Download then Edit and Tweet a Photo

Uploaded by RitchiesRoomTV on 30.11.2011

Okay so from AmorHelenae again sorry about the pronunciation but she’s asked to see
a photo being received from email editing it to change it and then posting it on Twitter
so let’s give that a go. So we go to gmail we can see that there is
an email to us, and that there is a photo attached so what we’re going to do is save
that photo okay and so it’s saved. What we’re going to do now is go into an app
called PhotoEffects so bring that up it will ask us where do we want to get the photo from
we’ll take it from the gallery choose it here you can see here there’s the photo
itself so we’re going to do a very simple change to it. We’re simply going to make
it into mono there you go. And then all we’re going to do is go into
the menu and send the image and we’re going to send it via Twitter now we have already
registered and signed in under Twitter already so this should simply go here. So what we’ll
do is write here here is the edited image. Of course you can find us on Twitter on
All we’ve got to do from here is press tweet. Okay so now all you’ve got to do is go to you’ll see the edited image up there and we’ll also upload
the original image as well so you can see the difference and also so you can see how
easy it was to actually upload the image from an email.