Surprise Party (서프라이즈) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Presented by Cinema Service
A CINE2000 production
Starring Shin Ha-gyoon, Lee Yo-won,
and Kim Min-hee
Produced by Lee Choon-yeun
Directed by Kim Jun-sung
They' re like nail clippers
No, they' re exactly like ramen noodle soup
You two don 't know about men yet
Hey, men don 't always have to be around
Like nail clippers, you only need them sometimes
When you' re lonely or bored, that is
No, they' re like ramen noodle soup
Always making you decide whether to drink it or not
That's men for you
You guys are still clueless
Gotta meet a sexy gentleman like my Jung-woo
What? Does his chest pop out when he flexes it?
No, not that
When my Jung-woo drinks cola,
his adam's apple goes up and down
It drives me wild I can 't wait till tomorrow
You' re really hopeless
Hey, do you remember when Du-hyung
said your nails were pretty?
Why'd you have to bring him up? We' re through
That's what you think, but not him
Throw away everything he gave you
Or else you'll have bad luck forever
I already did
You two look cute together
Oh, it's nothing
- Hello - Hello
Don 't forget I 'm leaving early tomorrow morning
That's important, so hold on to it safely/ Yes, ma'am
- Ha-young - Yes?
- You've a customer downstairs - Really?
It's her third time today
Ha-young, what should I really wear tomorrow?
Lucky wrench
They' re all nice, so throw on anything
How can I just put on anything?
Tomorrow is more important than an engagement party
I better go, too I can 't waste any time
I see it's your third time
- What don 't you like now? - Well…
I don 't think this really suits me
Fix it to match my style and not yours
Is that so hard to do? Do it again
Give me the drape
I 'm so sorry, ma'am
Everything okay? Just wait a little longer
How is it?
Do you like it?
Hey, did you take the manager's shopping bag?
I must've taken everything by mistake
Should I bring it over?
I guess we'll have a slumber party
- See you soon, Ha-young - Bye
Mi-ryoung, this picture…
Who's the foreigner with Jung-woo in this picture?
Ha-young, I 'd like it if you'd bring my bag to the airport
You can, right?
Then see you at the lobby at 8: 30 in the morning
Wanna drink just one beer?
No, my face will get bloated tomorrow
Forget it! You' re unfair
What should I really wear tomorrow? / Don 't know
What would you wear if you were me?
Am I you?
Nothing extravagant
What you wore when you first met him or kissed him
It's more special that way
It's coming to me…
But all I remember is down to my neck
- I don 't remember - Give me a break
Ha-young, it's such a mystery to me
How a selfish person like me can meet an awesome guy
He's a gift from heaven to make you into a person
- When I first… - Ha-young,
it's a bad omen
It's just a thread Don 't worry
Why do you always believe in superstitions?
You know,
doing his own thing, nice, fun, tall,
with a small butt, never wastes his time,
and knows how to wait until the girl wants a kiss
If I had that kind of guy, I 'd fall right for him
Then why don 't you ask a factory
- to make you one - Hey!
Think that kind of guy just falls from the sky?
While going out, you have to change him
Does Jung-woo speak Korean well?
Yeah, he went to elementary school here,
and he came to Korea often because of work
Jung-woo's arriving in the morning, not at night
- Is the party all ready? - Yeah, the rest is up
Then bring me to the airport early tomorrow morning
You can pick up Jung-woo, and spend the day with him
Great idea!
Let's hurry and go to bed
I need to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow
Just meeting him over dinner is enough
But who cares about a stupid party
It's not just a party, it's a surprise party
What kind of nonsense is that?
She may look like an adult,
but she needs to grow up She acts like a 17 year old
We did well at sending her abroad
He has a doctorate from MIT, and he's successful
Is it so hard to play into her hands just for once?
Must've been hard to raise a kid alone
- in a foreign land - In a foreign land?
Jung-woo's mom is a Hawaiian native
So Jung-woo is…
a half-breed?
Mom? What is it?
What? What did dad say?
Really? This isn 't happening
Dad said everything is off
This isn 't happening
I can 't give both of them up
Neither Jung-woo, nor his birthday party
- Ha-young - Yeah?
You' re all that I can count on,
you know Be careful with the car
I 'm sorry it's so early
Well until I convince my dad, you have to stick with him
Remember what he looks like? Hurry and get in
I remembered everything You'll miss both of them
If I miss the manager, I 'm dead
Wang Ha-young, this is unforgivable
You can 't get a single thing right
When I get back, we need to talk
What time is it?
- Hello? - It's me, Cha Du-hyung
Don 't hang up
Make sure you don 't scratch my car
- It's only a month old - Hey!
He has Jang Dong-gun 's eyes, Cha Tae-hyun 's lips, and his
throat is sexy
- How do you expect me - to find him like that?
His height is average, and he'll wear a yellow jacket
I told him to wear it when he meets my parents
- I 'm sorry - Well…
- Ohiogosaimas - Oh, hi
- Hello? - Find him?
Not yet
He'll have a Louis Vuitton suitcase I bought him
There'll also be a yellow bear attached to it
You can 't miss it
What should I do?
- Oh no! - How foolish of me
I 'm so sorry
I spoiled your clothes
How could I be so clumsy
This is the second time
I was in a rush looking for someone earlier
I 'm really sorry about before
Your clothes are ruined
It looks expensive, and I 've stained it
I 'm so sorry,
- How foolish of me - Guess it needs a wash
Right! The cleaners!
Hurry and take it off, okay? I 'll get it cleaned for you
I 'm so clumsy
Don 't worry, it'll be done soon
Plus, the new machines work really fast lately
Mister, how long would it take to wash this?
About thirty minutes
- Thirty? - Yes
That's fast
- Then please hurry up - lt'll be quick
- Mister, thirty minutes is all? - Pardon?
Mister, …
wash this jacket last
- You' re probably backed up - Why?
This jacket
He left his pocketbook
It's my boyfriend 's
We just fought and he's upset
If he leaves with that jacket, we' re through
What should we do? It'll take two hours to wash
Can 't you do it a little faster, mister?
Just give it to me
- Give it - It's already in the wash
Thank you
How is he?
Is he as cool as Mi-ryoung said?
Is his adam's apple that big?
He's not cool
And I don 't have time to look at his throat
Think it's easy to hold on to a guy I met for the first time?
You' re really working hard
If that's how you worked here,
you'd have your own salon by now
If it's anything for a friend,
you'd practically give up your organs
I gotta go
This also would look good on you
- What are you doing here? - What?
Just that I 'm really sorry
Because of me your clothes got ruined
If you' re that sorry, then buy me another
Tell me what you think
It's nice
But that color
would look better on a taller guy
Thanks for helping me pick one out
Although I couldn 't pay for the jacket,
can I take you to Seoul at least?
- I 'm headed there anyway - That's okay
I 'll give you a ride!
Just that I 'm so sorry about before
Anyway, weren 't you looking for someone?
Pardon? Right
I found him
Please let go
Wang Ha-yeo?
Wang Ha-young It's my name
Ah, the event organizers are coming at ten
- Okay - Let's go mom
- Mi-ryoung wait - Hurry
- My goodness
- Hello? - What happened?
Everything is fine, ma'am
Ha-young, he must be next to you
Thank you Thanks so much, Ha-young
- Words won 't be enough - Isn 't my Jung-woo great?
You must be nervous to have such a great guy with you
Well they say love blinds people
I 'm telling you, you don 't know how to see men
Where are you now?
Right, I 'm on my way to Seoul
Already? No!
I 'm on my way to see my dad He can 't go to my house yet
You' re right/ Whatever you do, hold him back till seven
Keep him away from my house
Hurry and take a detour I 'll take responsibility for everything
I understand
I 'm turning off my phone, so call my mom if it's urgent
- I 'll send you the number - Okay
Oh, I 'm so sorry
No matter what, my answer's no
A Hawaiian native is out of the question/ Honey!
Honey, try to reconsider
- Let's go, Mr. Choi - Honey
- What did dad say? - It's no use
Your dad 's right
Forget Jung-woo, and find someone else
I 'll help you find someone
Is this the right way to Seoul?
I think so
Huh? What's this?
- Ha-young - Yes?
It's wonderful!
Why are we here?
To sightsee for a bit
Can 't see a beach like this in Seoul
Look at those fishermen! It looks so fun!
Been to a place like this?
- No - Well, there you go
Wow, it's so great! So is the air
It's so wonderful!
Let's go
Where are you going now?
To the restroom I 'll be right back
What are you doing there?
What took you so long?
Wow What kind of boat is this?
Looks like you can go on top of it
Let's go
After I look at it a bit It's mysterious
Wow, it's so cool
- I don 't have much time - All right
I 'll give you a ride no matter what
Don 't worry about it Huh? What's this?
What could this be?
Ha-young Aren 't we going?
We are
Big trouble I dropped something
What should I do?
What did you drop?
- The car keys - What?
Can you get it for me?
If we don 't have the key, we can 't go to Seoul
Be careful
Ouch! It hurts!
- Ha-young, Ha-young - I got a splinter in my finger!
- Open The door! - It hurts bad
- That's not - Do something!
It seems to be broken Damn it!
It's not budging at all
But we' re in such a rush Right?
Ha-young! Ha-young!
Excuse me
You' re supposed to hold it for me
It opens with no problem
But it didn 't budge at all before
- What is it? - Pardon?
On your face
There's some here, too
Let's go
That's too bad
You should 've been careful
Anything in the car to wipe it off?
I can 't believe this My clothes are ruined
Here Change into this
But it's not mine
Thank you very much, sir
- Have some - Thank you
Huh? It's warm
I warmed them up on the radiator
It's not that dirty Put this on, too
Oh no
What should I do?
I 'm sorry, but I have to go back to the airport
I think I left my pocketbook in my jacket
Sure thing then
Give me your approval
Put it down
Caramel jacket, Asiana 720, 8: 00am, New York
Seron Data System, Co
- It's not done yet? - No
Mister, I think I left something in my jacket
But I didn 't find anything
If it's that important,
how about looking for it slowly from the entrance?
If you look in every nook and cranny,
you'll find it for sure Even if it takes all day
If she goes this far, you should forgive her
- Are you a man or what? - Pardon?
- Bye - I 'll give you a ride
No thanks
I 'd take you to Seoul Let's go to the parking lot
Well, I shouldn 't keep riding with a person I don 't know
Riding with a person you don 't know?
If you just ride with me, I 'll take you there this time
This time?
Please don 't go, and ride with me
Sure then
But Ha-young,
are you a fast runner by any chance?
Wait! Hey, where are you going?
Wait! Where are you going?
Stop! Stop!
- Is this the bus? - Yes, sir!
Sorry folks for this sudden interruption
Miss, where is he?
Something terrible could 've happened
Right after you left, I found it at the airport
It's very important, right?
Excuse me, sirs
Sorry, I really have to hold on him
I 'll take you all the way to Seoul
No, it's okay Please hurry
Hop in
- Can I ask you something? - Yes?
Why do you keep doing this?
Because I feel so sorry
Is that really all?
Yes, that's all
By any chance, is it because you' re interested in me?
You' re right Satisfied?
Why does that car keep following us?
What's happening?
She seems to be hurt bad Don 't just look at her
Carry her
- Miss, where's the nearest - hospital?
- That way - That way?
The hospital 's that way Hurry and go over there
She's heavier than she looks
Hello? Is this the Renaissance Hotel?
Okay, I 'll see you soon
Do I really have to do this?
Ha-young, please help me
This is absolutely crazy He thinks I 'm a total lunatic
It's okay, he'll understand everything later on
Why? Is something wrong?
I sort of know where he's going
But still
I feel so bad for being this awful
To someone I don 't know
Plus, I feel a bit sorry for him
It's okay If it's okay with me, it'll be okay with him
He'll probably be more thankful to you later
Hurry and grab on to him for me, okay?
I give up
Okay, you bad girl
Just finish up,and come help me at the hotel
I 'm exhausted for running around since this morning
You always catch me at the wrong time
I have a very important customer coming
Bye, sorry
- Come on, help me - I 'm Du-hyung I 'll be right there
I 'm going crazy
I won 't make you crazy, give me one more chance
No way I 've already got a boyfriend
You' re the cutest when you lie
Where are you? I 'm coming
- Here? Hotel - Hotel?
- A love Hotel - A love Hotel?
I 've heard a lot about you
- Have you read the contract? - Y es
- Daddy! - No way
You can 't over my dead body
- I 'll kill myself! - Go ahead
Better to die than sending you to him
- Jung-woo! - No!
You aborigine!
Get out of here! If you don 't, I 'll kill you!
Daddy! Daddy!
Bastard, stop right there! Bastard!
What's wrong with you?
It's warm here Why?
Well, it's strange
how someone I never met tails me all day
Why do you keep doing this?
Want me to tell you why?
You knew?
How could I not, since you' re so obvious?
Someone asked you to do this
Thought you could 've fooled me till the end?
Wang Ha-young
I don 't know what Seron said,
but no means no
I 've already made a deal
with Hicore Data
Is that so?
I should 've told you earlier
Now stop wearing yourself out,
and go report this to your company
Excuse me
Aren 't you finished yet?
Because of you, I 've broken the worst record here
- How could you do this to me? - I 'm sorry
What happened here today, I 'll let it pass
But there's no damn party, got it?
- Daddy - Please give up!
Go home
And that Jung-woo better not come
Also, bring a decent guy to me instead
I can 't give him up! I 'm already Jung-woo's woman
And Jung-woo is a decent man
- What? - I 'm serious
Then you' re not my daughter
Honey, either you have no daughter,
or you live alone without a husband
Honey, how could I live without you?
What? You' re coming to the hotel? Okay
Where's Ha-young?
Why would a loser like you look for Ha-young?
It's obvious, you idiot She's the woman I love
Love my ass Move
Hey, hey
This is love not friendship We've met for two years
What use is two years if there was never a spark?
It wasn 't about a spark
You know we were going to ignite it, but…
Ignite it?
Hey, boy!
Do you ignite something for two years?
A spark to go off doesn 't even take a second, dummy
- Let me go, okay? - Hey! Hey!
- Damn it! - You' re go to see Ha-young?
She's going to show me her new boyfriend, so what?
Can I ask you something?
You have to tell me the truth
You haven 't reported to your company yet, right?
That I finished my A4type contract?
Well, because it's not just a simple matter
I thought this was all about the contract
Spilling coffee on me, and taking me to a beach
Honestly, it was fun
This never happened to me,
and meeting a person like you was a first
But now there's no use
I can 't stand when people try to make a fool of me
Wait! It's not what you think
It could 've happened, you know
Get lost, okay?
- Wait! - Do you ever stop?
There's a reason behind it all
And how could you just walk away like that?
Aren 't you being too cruel?
Then tell me why
Kim Jung-woo! Think I enjoy doing this?
I 'm going crazy, too
Think it's easy to chase after
someone else's boyfriend?
If I could 've told you, I would 've already
Why'd you have to come early and make my life hell?
But she put in so much time
into your birthday party
What happens now? I told you everything
Mi-ryoung is going to kill me
She'll never want to see me again
Sounds fun
It wasn 't fun for me up till now
But the party tonight will be a blast
Only if you pretend not to know
I 'd like to, but
No, you have no choice
You have to pretend Okay?
I have to go now
Ha-young, wait
I came in a rush, so I couldn 't buy a present
Can you help me pick something out?
Pardon? Well, I guess so
Excuse me
What the hell?
What's going on?
What's she doing here?
What's going on?
- Uh? - You have to know
Even if I wanted to give him up, I can 't
- What the? - I'm carrying his baby,
so how could I lose him?
- You what? - I'm pregnant with his baaby
Looks good on you
Are you crazy? Why would Ha-young be here in the day?
Are you that stupid to not know why?
Is she here? Really? Which room is she in?
They' re all dead meat
- Why'd you hit me? - Did it hurt?
Then it doesn 't?
Well then
I crazy
l, l…
- I 'll hold it for you - You' re lucky I 'm in a rush
Where are they? Where are they?
Isn 't that Ha-young?
Hey! You blind? That's not her
Who's that bastard?
Get out of here
What's wrong with you?
They' re headed for a room Wait Unbelievable!
Is something wrong?
It's nothing at all
So which room is yours?
Would you like some coffee?
No thanks, I 'm okay
- This is the right place, huh? - This is kid napping
She's wouldn 't come here herself
Sure I 'd love some
Know, that it took me 103 days to kiss her finally?
Where are they, damn it?
Move Hey, it all depends on who you meet
- Be quiet, damn it - I 'm talking about me
Hello? What?
Really? Okay, bye
The salon said I have a regular coming in
Stay there for 100 days and see if she'll show up?
Look where always cheating on girls gets you
Jung-woo, what do you like about Mi-ryoung?
Well Mi-ryoung said she was attracted to that
That it was very sexy
When you drink something,
that your adam's apple goes up and down
Yeah? What were they doing? I 'm extremely curious
Hey, she's really good at coaxing people
She's got guts How could she follow him into the hotel?
- What? - She has to do what it takes
Even if she has to go to the public bath with him
You and her aren 't just normal friends, you know
Wait, I forgot something I 'll call you later
Oh yeah, which hotel and floor did you say?
Ha-young, what kind of man do you like?
I 've known Mi-ryoung since high school freshman year
She's the nice step-sister, and I 'm the bad Cinderella
We' re a perfect match
I guess that means both of your tastes are similar
No! The food and clothes we like are different
But our taste in guys
is more different The guys I liked she hated,
and the guys she liked I didn 't like them all
- Is that so? - Yes
So what about this time?
Well, not too sure But being in love is all that matters
It's not important what I think
It does because we' re friends
You know, a friend 's friend is a friend, too
I have to go now
Leaving already?
Are you tired?
Just that I woke up so early today
I guess going to the airport exhausted me
Really? I have some drugs
I mean some good stuff, so do you want some?
What is it?
I brought it from America, and it works really well
Even a little gets you really up
I got addicted and got some treatment
It's okay if it's a little
Well, no one's around One sec
What kind of drug is this?
Know how painful it was for me at the dentist?
Sure thing Then have a lot of fun Bye!
Wow, your hair looks good like that
Here's what you asked for
Wow, that was fast
Thank you
Try them on
I thought you were going to repair them
Ever since this morning, you went through a lot for us
Also, I feel bad for getting mad at you
Anyway, thank you
Please, you don 't have to
No, I 'd like to take you
- Shall we? - Thanks
Wang Ha-young freeze!
Who is that guy?
Stop right there!
Why are you running?
What do I need to run for? I didn 't do anything wrong
- It's because I 'm sick of you - You know you ran
People run when they did something wrong
Is your eye an accessory?
She didn 't tell you, huh?
She's a hairstylest, a scissorhand
It hasn 't been that long either
She didn 't tell you, huh?
Make sure you take a good like at her Call this a woman?
Is this a woman 's body?
Take a good look
Both her back and front are flat Her head 's on backwards now
- Hey, look! - Asshole!
I met Ha-young when she cut my hair
Shit, while she cut your hair?
Well, now I 'm gonna break your skull
Wang Ha-young!
Where are you?
Bastards I 'm sure I saw them come in here
- Look here - Pardon?
See a skinny girl and
a weird-looking guy come in?
- I don 't think so - Where the hell did they go?
- Anyway, Do I know you? - Don 't bother me, lady!
Where the hell are you?
You' re dead if I catch you! Damn it!
Everyone please have a seat
We'll begin very soon
We' re trapped
That bastard What's up with him?
He must've mistaken you as my new boyfriend
How did you ever meet a guy like that?
This is fun
Well, I 'm not upset over what you said
But we must really seem that way to him
Ha-young with me…
By the way,
You weren 't Mi-ryoung 's friend or I didn 't know her,
what would 've happened?
- Well What's this? - Uh!
There's people here
My goodness, what are they doing there?
Have a nice day
Ha-young, stop right there!
You said you could marry me long time ago!
How could you steal someone else's girl?
What? Not this way
Wang Ha-young!
Well… Did you…
really talk about marriage with that guy?
Yes, just once
Last Valentine's Day I got flowers for the first time,
and I was drunk when I said it
But I took it back first thing the next morning
Wow, your hand
It's ugly, huh? The palms are worse
All my fingerprints are gone
Since I 've always touched chemicals at the salon
Not at all, they' re pretty
Hands that could be good at anything
We should go
- Hi, Mi-ryoung - Hi
Where have you been? Where's Jung-woo?
You should go now
Ha-young, wait There's something…
I mean there's something I need to tell you
Please, don 't
I don 't know what it is,
but it's better not to say it
Ha-young, could you do me one favor?
Hello Who will need a cut?
Well, you see An empty chair would
You' re good
I told you, so I told you you'd be good at anything
Looks great
Where's Jung-woo?
Probably on his way to your house
The car's at the Coex Mall parking lot
How come I couldn 't get a hold of you?
It's because I lost my cell phone
Why? What did I do wrong?
I had a really hard day because of you
Oh, I found this in the trunk
My clothes got ruined so I had no choice
The clothes isn 't the problem
- Then what's the problem? - How should I know?
You' re the one with Jung-woo all day
Think I wanted to be with him?
Yeah, I 'm the one who forced you into it
But I asked you just to be with him
I was just with him, like you said
But something 's not right
- I 'm something bad happened - Nothing bad happened
The party will go well
And Jung-woo will like it
I 'm sorry
I didn 't want to be suspicious of anything
But In-joo said
you went to Jung-woo's hotel room
I had no choice because of Du-hyung
Of course Nothing happened, right Ha-young?
I 'm sorry I shouldn 't have
I see you've bought new shoes
You had time for that?
- Just that my heels broke - Did you buy them?
- No - Who bought them?
Hello, Jung-woo?
Know, how much I worried about you?
Message? I didn 't hear it
Oh, the battery was dead
You did? No,
just my family will be there
I do, too See you soon
He said he'll be a little late
If I stand around like this, he might really run away
Do my hair and makeup for me
- Me? - Yes, you
Be responsible for me
I can 't be responsible
For making you faint after seeing how pretty you'll get
Isn 't my Jung-woo absolutely fantastic?
Not absolutely A little…
If it's that much, then isn 't he great?
Don 't over do it, honey
But it's never as much as replacing your best friend
It's so pretty Thank you, Ha-young
Jung-woo will be surprised
Better not test out Jung-woo to see what he's like
Did anyone ask to? Hurry and go
Come with me
No, I have to clean up first
Yeah? Then you better be there by eight
Want some?
Hi, Mi-ryoung
Gi-chan What's this?
Leave it to us to surprise Jung-woo out of his wits
We'll make it an awesome time
Why are you still there?
If you don 't come, I 'll really think something happened
When the hell is he coming?
Mom, better be nicer to Jung-woo than you' re to me
But what's taking so long?
He'll be here soon
Dad, he's on his way
He's here! Turn off the lights!
How could you do this to me?
I trusted you, so how could you?
What are you talking about?
Mi-ryoung, let me explain
Who are you?
Well, I was the one who was with her today
what's going on?
- Done - Thank you
That was fun
Must be nice to have someone waiting for you
That's not so I 'll be busy all day, so I 'll see her at night
The color is the same as mine
I couldn 't get mine cleaned, so I left it at home
I 'm sorry
How foolish of me I 'm so sorry
Weren 't you looking for someone?
Pardon? Yeah, I found him
Mi-ryoung, it's Jung-woo I just arrived at the hotel
How come I can 't reach you?
Yes, Pardon?
Mi-ryoung 's home?
But it'll take me till eight to finish work
Okay Then have a good time Bye
Isn 't this Wang Ha-young 's phone?
Did you know I 'd give in by you making her pregnant?
Are you very angry?
Ha-young, I 'm sorry
I was going to tell you, but the timing wasn 't
I said I 'm sorry
It's not like I was doing it for fun
You see, my feelings
Well, if I
had told you, then you'd just go, so
Hey, get lost!
I can 't stand when I 'm made a fool of, too
Why are you so down?
It's because of that fake Jung-woo, huh?
Anyway, yesterday was crazy Was it too fun, maybe?
Don 't laugh
Why? It's cute
He kept being with you because he liked you
That's enough
Come on, don 't be a tease
Keep this up, and you'll really regret it
Ha-young, you have a customer You' re being asked for
Ha-young, I 'm very sorry You'll forgive me, right?
Ha-young, cheer up now Let's have our own party, too
Blow them out
Go ahead
We' re friends, right?
But instead of friends, what do I need to do
to be your boyfriend?
It'll take quite a long time
How long?
Well, we'll have to talk a lot and get real close
For about a year
A year?
I can handle that
But didn 't we talk and spend a lot of time together?
- Jung-woo I mean In-hoo - Yes?
What if
What if?
What if l…
hadn 't mistaken you for my friend 's boyfriend?
Then I wouldn 't have met you
What if you were really
my friend 's boyfriend?
That's what happened yesterday
Although in the end it wasn 't
Things don 't seem to go
the way people really want
You' re right
From now on, I won 't leave my boyfriend with a friend
- Never! No way! - Me, too
To entrust or be entrusted
- Ha-young, thank you so much - For what?
I came to Korea quite often,
and no one came to see me at the airport
But you came yesterday
Thank you