St Lucia Holidays

Uploaded by kenwoodtravel on 26.04.2012

No destination quite encompasses the elements of a perfect holiday as the island of St Lucia.
Here in the emerald of the Caribbean crown, your every sense is bombarded.
As you approach this quintessential tropical island paradise, an unmistakeable landscape
unfolds. The island was formed from a volcanic bedrock,
giving rise to the signature Pitons piercing rock formations that tower majestically over
the landscape. It's simply awe-inspiring. Take a jeep tour through these undulating
lush green hills that make up St Lucia’s unique world heritage site. Experience a rich
and vibrant culture with locals that will always welcome you with beaming smiles and
insightful knowledge of the island. The island’s volcanic roots make it a simmering
geothermal cauldron. You can indulge in its naturally rejuvenating
hot mud pools, or gasp at billowing sulphur springs.
Swim through tiny coves with long waterfalls and babbling brooks, all the result of millions
of years of volcanic activity. The intrepid hiker can venture inland to explore
vast rain forests and incredible wildlife. And an adventurous mountain bike ride is a
unique way to take in the breathtaking surroundings. A thrilling horse ride awaits over St Lucia's
endless white beaches and stunning cliffs. Meanwhile, quad biking over the island's impressive
terrain is an off-road challenge for even the most audacious traveller.
If that wasn't enough, hold your breath as zip lines and cable cars take you through
the jungle. St Lucia is a yachtsman’s dream. Whether
you're experienced or just a beginner, there's a sailing experience for everyone. Sit back
and drift over the crystal blue waters. Or engage yourself in a spot of fishing - the
catch of the day is sure to be more than a quick nibble.
When the moment's right take a leap off the side of your boat and explore gorgeous coral
reefs. These underwater gardens are a thing of beauty and perfect for snorkelling or diving.
Dolphins and humpback whales are just some of the natural wonders that frequent the area.
St Lucia's reputation for romance precedes it, and the island is THE honeymoon destination
of the Caribbean. A number of exotic spa resorts nestle in its
untouched hillsides, perfect for couples. Villas feature your own private infinity pool
and are completely in tune with their natural surroundings.
Relax under silhouettes of palm trees. You'll be overlooking a stunning turquoise ocean
as the sun goes down. Just a nine hour flight from the UK, this
idyllic paradise awaits. Here at Kenwood Travel, we specialise in bringing our customers the
perfect holiday experience of adventure, calm and of course luxury. And nowhere does it
quite like St Lucia.
Home of an international jazz festival, and always heavy with local calypso, reggae and
dancehall inspired rhythms, St Lucia’s music scene bursts alive every night
4mins –Tropical rain forests are dotted with small towns , smiling locals, and picturesque
marinas of yacht masts and bobbing docks