Esbit Pocket Stove

Uploaded by LastManStandingInc on 18.10.2012

hey guys last man standing
today i'm going to show you this neat little stove here i picked up recently
it is the esbit
pocket stove
first a little history about this stove
this stove was design
back in world war two for the german military
esbit has been around since nineteen thirty six this stove is very small
about the size
of a deck of cards
this would be great if your backpacking or on the trail
and you have a limited amount of space
and you can't afford any more weight to your backpack this would be a great addition
uh... with this stove
you can uh... burn tablets these are
the fuel tablets that comes with it
it comes with six tablets
these tablets burn at fourteen hundred degrees
uh... for twelve to fifteen minutes long
you may have seen me use this before
in the video
Hobo Coffee How To
if you haven't uh... please check it out after watching this video
uh... so you take your tablet
and you set it right down here
in the center
now down here is a little indentation so
the tablet doesn't move around
uh... with these tablets
uh... they don't leave an ash but they do leave a little bit of a residue
you can see right there
these tablets do not melt
uh... they do stay solid
and so that's a plus if you want to blow these out to leave some for later you can
this stove opens up in two positions. This is the wide position.
uh... if you have like a cup
you know that's too small for that
you can just
take it down a notch
and work like so
the construction on this unit is made out of galvanized steel
that has rivets for hinges
both sides
the size on this is 4x3x3/4 inches deep

and only weighs 3.25 oz
you can get this stove just about anywhere REI
or amazon that's where I got this I paid about 10 bucks for this
it came with six tablets
uh... with these tablets you can store up to four tables inside here which makes it
uh... there's a great alternative
to your uh...
propane stoves
nice and compact
uh... with these tablets
uh... they're not really cheap
uh... the cost about $.50 a piece

even though this is compact you pay more to use it
so there you have it the Esbit Pocket Stove
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